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Thread: How to overcome prejudices?

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    So many wonderful replies here. Thank you!!!

    @lemon: I can identify with most of what you wrote. I feel that I am more the entertainer than a helper to some people. Most of the times, I'm quite a nice, humorous person just for the fun of getting along with people and having a good time with them. No hidden thoughts. Seems to me that my company is a comfort to them. It doesn't flatter me, I hate it to please other people, even if it happens accidentally. I hate this "give me more" in their face.

    Now that I'm writing this response, a relieving thought pops up in my mind

    I have nothing to offer you.

    Don't know why I find relief in that sentence but it feels good.

    I'll respond to the other posts later on.

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    i totally feel that statement Gajol
    I have nothing to offer you.
    i love the opportunity to change my life, and my future since knowing abe's teachings and this forum.

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