Hi all,

Just out of curiosity has any one ever gone from really disliking someone (who you've never even spoke to, but see around quite a lot) to then become almost the opposite and start finding them attractive in a way unlike ever before? I mean physically they are really not my type but this attraction seems to have sprung out of no where and replaced the previous dislike I felt.

Maybe I'm just building a love, joy, acceptance grid and it's starting to fill in or maybe I've just started to see more things/people through the eyes of source. Or maybe the object of my attention isn't that important just use whatever you can to feel good. Any ideas?

Anyway it's probably just a bit of a distraction when I've got far more important things to be focusing on like created a grid of peace, abundance and security so I can receive the perfect job.

Also other unusual things have been happening like my light flickering and things showing up fast pretty much as I think of them (just unimportant things) like last night I was pondering over what it would be like to meet a man who had a motorbike etc which would never have attracted me before anyway just musing and then forgot about it and then today this really flashy motorbike and man drove literally right in front of me pausing to look my way and then zoomed off. Just thought it was quite amusing, I mean I might be reading too much into it. It's just quite unusual for bikes as expensive looking as that to show up around where I live.

I suppose that's the LOA in action, I just want to think about the security of having lots of money and watch that show up fast! But I know Abe would say build the grid or enjoy the feeling rather than the end result.