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    Wink Howdy!

    Hi All!

    What a wonderful medium the internet can be for discussing and sharing knowledge and experiences about the teachings. I was introduced to Abraham a few years ago, by my mom's friend and we've been attached ever since. Being relatively new to this forum I'm thrilled to read all your threads and comments -- there is so much information on here and I'm eager to learn more and more..! Just what I was looking for.
    On a daily basis I listen to Esther whenever I can, and seem to get the energy flowing almost automatically - however I do tend to struggle sometimes. Maybe because of all the information given at once, or maybe because English is not my mother tongue so I sometimes don't fully understand what it's all about .. ;-)
    It's so great to see how you all are sharing your experiences through this forum and it helps a lot to read what other people's experiences are. Furthermore; I can also read on my own pace .. ;-)
    I'm a 20 year old photographer from Amsterdam and as this economic crisis is hitting everybody in the head, I'm ready to not allow any of that and Abraham has been SOOO good to guide me towards a wonderful future. I believe in source!
    (b.t.w. my nickname "TheCreator" was just something I picked to constantly keep reminding me of that I'm the creator of my own experience, whenever I look at it the right vibration turns ON!)

    Love to all!

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    and Howdy!

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    Hello Creator! I love your name! Looking forward to hearing more from you in the future!

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