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Thread: I love my life so much... I love the beauty in all of it!

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    Venus, I love coming here and sharing the love and fun together.
    I love how t
    hings are popping.
    I love all the calls, texts and e-mails with good news and ideas.
    Technology is a beautiful thing.
    Networking is so magical.
    Feels so good to feel neutral and lively
    I love the shine from the gentle rain on my deck.
    I love feeling the joy of my spirit
    I love massaging Ava and watching her purr with happiness

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    I love my life.
    I enjoy being free.
    I enjoy being at ease.
    I enjoy relaxation.
    I enjoy naps.
    I enjoy sleep.
    I enjoy little more sleep.
    I enjoy myself.
    I enjoy my company.
    I enjoy other people company.
    I enjoy being myself.
    I enjoy having life experiences.
    I enjoy my mind slowing down.
    I enjoy my body take things easy.
    I enjoy my psyche being balanced.
    I enjoy my well being in restoration.
    I enjoy the wonderfulness of things.
    I enjoy the optimistic news.
    I enjoy the happy experiences.
    I enjoy the good life.
    I enjoy being able to look after myself.
    I enjoy loving myself.
    I enjoy appreciating myself.
    I enjoy forgiving myself.
    I enjoy taking up opportunities when I want to.
    I enjoy leaving opportunities when I want to.
    I enjoy my sense of freedom.
    This photo represent my world,,,
    Welcome to my World!

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    Allowing it to happen Vibrationally
    I love my life so much. I love how everything is unfolding in perfect harmony. I love to see rockets of desire turn into fireworks of joy and fun and ease for me {and others too }

    Venus for your beautiful thread and your wonderful inspiration in my life

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    My wonderful life
    my amazing friends
    yes lemon
    we breath life in and out
    hugs to all my friends
    Tree and practicebyignoring

    based on our definitions and beliefs
    we are travelling throug the universe in the speed of light
    I allow myself to see what my reflections will mean to me

    in the fractal patterns as they play out for me
    I allow the unconditional love to radiate out of me

    I allow myself to see the choices

    reallity does not happen to me
    reallity happen through me

    I am the prism the crystall prism
    that takes the white unbroken light of my higher mind
    and breakes him down in all the colors
    that represent the reflections of my choices

    I am myself
    I am transparent and clear
    it is beautiful
    it is

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    Hello Venus and lemon-up and treelotus (and anyone else reading)! I'm loving your rampages. Lemon-up, nice pictures! practicebyignoring, I love all the things you are enjoying. What a vibrant, colorful city! Venus, I wanna get in on some of those cherries, haha! Treelotus, joyful inspiration is the best! May you write many songs! (Is that not just the best when music overtakes you?)

    I love my life and am grateful for many a thing! I am grateful for this bed right now. It is a comfy place to sit. I am enjoying this fan keeping me cool. I am grateful that my friend gave me nuts to eat today when I was at work. I am grateful for amazing music that I heard at work today. That my friend returned after the nuts and gave me half of his healthy drink! That I had a super-chill bike ride to and from work today. That my friend returned a third time to give me some popcorn! Haha! I am grateful for the yummy veggie burrito I ate for lunch, and that I have the means to buy one whenever I want. (Mm!) What a perfect marriage of beans, rice, and veggies. I am grateful for all burritos (lol!). I am grateful for vegetables, that taste sooo good when roasted or grilled. I am grateful for them in all their variety and pretty color. I am grateful for yams, eggplants, bell peppers, onions, broccoli, cucumber, and kale! So good! I am grateful for fruits that are sweet! Bananas, apples, grapes! Let's thrown avocados in here, too! (Avocados!). And tomatoes, whatever they be classified as (still not sure on that one, haha)! I am grateful that the book I am reading right now is AWESOME and interesting and fun! I am grateful for fiction, so that we may explore ideas and things that are different from us. I am grateful for fiction in that I can go other places and experience other worlds! I am grateful for things that can set my imagination aflame! I am grateful for other languages, that are fun to learn and speak in. I love all the diversity of languages we have developed throughout the ages. I am grateful for the food that nourished me today, and all the stores and restaurants that were there for me to provide that (there are really so many of them!). I am grateful I saw the ocean today (!), and received good ideas for things at work. I am grateful that I connected with a co-worker about a movie we both love. I am grateful that I can was contacted today by many friends and they made laugh and smile. I am grateful that there have been generations of artists before me so that I can experience the fruits of their alignment with their Source! Music, writings, paintings, films! Thank you! Truly, my heart does sing.

    I am grateful all these good things were in my experience and in my thoughts today. I am grateful for this computer I'm typing on, and the technology that allows me to talk to you all. And this forum! And lastly, I am grateful for this cozy comforter that'll help me slip into the realm of dreams!

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    BFH..that was an awesome rampage!
    I love my life. I love my friends. I love my family. I love my home. I love my country. I love the world. I love creating and playing. I love listening to all the lively thinkers sharing their thoughts with love and respect. I love all my good feelings and taking good care of them and watching myself thrive. I love seeing my friends and family thrive. I love seeing all the positive intentions taking form!


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