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Thread: How do You feel right now?

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    I feel appreciation and love
    I feel calmness
    I feel balance
    I feel blessed

    I feel
    I appreciate my dearest ones and adore them beyond any words!

    I thank our lovely kitty for she is our co-creator and
    gives us so many joy and laughter she is such a cute
    and funny cat, we love her so much!

    OMS... I thank Law of Attraction for always being consistent
    and always giving me the feedback of what I have going on!
    I thank me for being aware that I have it going on.
    I thank me for being able to focus!
    I thank me for being a feeling individual!
    I thank me for knowing the difference between feeling good
    and not feeling good!
    I thank me when I am into the Vortex and when I am out
    I so thank me for awareness this!

    I thank everyone who is a cooperative component in the game
    that called my physical experience!
    I appreciate the fabulous Universe the part of which I am
    I thank a huge diversity from which I can choose what I like!
    I thank me for my new fantastic desires!

    I thank me for the feeling of my uniqueness and
    awareness of uniqueness of each being who I meet for our co-creation!
    I thank me for I feel appreciation where I am now
    and I eagerly wait what the best the Universe will bring me today!

    I feel nice and
    I thank me for being Me!

    ''Step Five is not blaming yourself for not maintaining
    because contrast matters.
    That's like blaming the dark - the sun comes up
    and you get up every morning and you just curse the night
    "Oh, it was so dark without you, it was so dark without you."
    That's just silly!''

    Alaskan Cruise, July 2016

    A huge thanks, dearest Universe for all the fabulous things in my life
    that I don't yet know about!

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    I feel loved
    I feel blessed
    I feel a huge appreciation!
    I love my wonderful physical experience
    I love to be aware I am Creator of literally everything
    that shows up in my life and anything that surrounds me!

    Awareness of I really create everything
    wherever I focus my attention just captures me!

    I like to watch like each puzzle about which I think the most of all,
    then manifest in the big whole picture.

    I love an intoxicating delicious taste of my life
    I adore my fabulous gorgeous beloved one!
    I adore my incredible son and don't stop admire his talent!
    Besides, he is becoming such a handsome young man he is just a real prince!
    We had a fantastic party in honor of his birthday!

    I adore my magically adorable daughter

    she is very gentle and kind and tries to help me in everything!
    Oh, she tries to behave like a real lady

    Michael laughs and says that she tries to imitate me in everything!
    I so love my dearest ones and appreciate them beyond words!
    I adore to spend time all together!
    I love and thank our cutest crazy kitty
    oh... this furry grey-blue ball often just is exactly a reflection what we all feel!
    I am so grateful to me for I follow my Inner Guidance!

    I appreciate the beginning of spring
    I just
    adore this time of year!
    I thank everything I have and where I am now
    and eagerly looking for stunning things waiting for me ahead!
    I am rested
    I am connected
    My life is a dream come true!

    Here's the rule of thumb that we would apply
    if we were standing in your physical shoes:

    when we're feeling good,
    we would talk in greater detail
    about whatever it is we're feeling good about,
    and any time we're not feeling good,
    we would stop the talk and go general.

    When you don't feel good don't be specific
    because that speeds things up,
    and you don't want to speed yourself up
    in the opposition to what you want.

    So just talk more if it feels good and talk less if it doesn't.
    That really is the simple and very powerful tool.

    Do you understand that when you stand in any moment
    in time that the Nonphysical part of you
    that we are calling your Inner Being is focused
    upon exactly what you're focused on at exactly that same time,
    and has a very strong perspective,
    or you might even say opinion about what you're focused upon?

    So if when you focus on it, it feels really good to you,
    that means you're so in sync with your Inner Being
    that your thriving is heightened.
    But if you feel negative emotion,
    that means the very thoughts you're thinking are
    in absolute opposition to what your Inner Being knows.

    So when you're being hard on yourself,
    or when you're regretting something,
    or when you're remembering some put down
    that someone applied to you,
    or some put down that you applied to someone else,
    it's really vivid.

    In fact, we want to put it to you in such a strong way:
    If your Inner Being didn't have such love and respect
    and understanding of your value,
    you could never feel the negative emotion that you feel,
    because the negative emotion that you feel is relational
    to the way your Inner Being feels.

    Doesn't that make sense?

    When you're mad at yourself or down on yourself,
    that's proof of how your Inner Being feels.

    The more you hate something,
    the more proof there is of the love that is there
    that you're denying in that moment.

    Once you get that in your consciousness,
    then that sense of worthiness and that sense of right place,
    right time comes forward.

    Seattle, July 09, 2016

    Thank you in advance,
    dearest Universe for all the magnificent things in my life
    that I don't yet know about!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MikeLene View Post

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    I feel loved
    I feel blessed


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    we everyday feel like in honeymoon!

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    I feel great!
    I feel lightness
    I feel inspiration!
    I can do anything
    I feel free!
    I feel exciting
    I feel playful
    I know I am beautiful and
    It feels wonderful
    I feel worthy!!!

    I adore Italy
    It is the most romantic country in the Earth!

    I am proud of I have Italian roots
    It feels so cozy and so warm!

    I adore walking with my stunning hubby
    through the streets of the magical Italian сity
    where I spent half of my childhood!
    I adore how my Michael holds my hand

    I adore how he looks at me

    I adore how he gentle touches to me

    I adore how he hugs and kisses me!!!

    I so love to feel adored
    I adore to feel desired!

    I adore my amazing loved one and
    I appreciate who he really are!

    Each moment I appreciate and bless our love!!!
    I love the feeling of my success!
    I adore to feel satisfaction in the all aspect of my physical life!
    I love me and my state of being!

    I love where I am NOW!

    I am happy!

    I am grateful!

    I am refreshed!

    ''Talk about enhancing your sense of worthiness!

    No one else can pronounce you worthy
    because nobody else can pinch you off
    from the abundance that you seek.
    It's only you that can pinch yourself off,
    so it's only you that can open up to it.
    So you have to demonstrate to yourself what your vibrational acuity is,
    and then just practice it.

    And then watch others stand in astonishment as they see you say it
    and mean it and get it over and over and over again.

    Teach through the clarity of your example.
    "I don't talk about what I don't want.
    And I don't listen to others talking about what I don't want.
    If I'm at a dinner table or at a party, and they're talking about lack
    or sickness or things that I don't want,
    I get up and I go find something else to do.

    And I come back later, and if they're still talking about it,
    I get up and I come back, and if they're still talking about it,
    I get up and if I come back and they're still talking about it, I get up."

    Do not endure conversations coming out of your mouth
    or anybody else's mouth about yours or anybody else's deficiency.

    And don't walk away in anger - you're not running away
    from what you don't want, you never can -
    if you run away from it,
    it just comes right along with you like the toilet paper
    that you have stuck in your shoe.

    Go to where you want to go, and look back smiling at them,
    "Love you guys!
    Talk to you when you start talking right."

    Seattle, July 09, 2016

    Thank you in advance dearest Universe for all the fabulous things
    that unfolding for me!

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    I feel nice
    I feel contentment
    I feel adored and blessed
    and the most main thing is -
    I feel clarity
    I feel harmony with myself!
    I appreciate me for allow myself
    step by step to do what so long was into my Vortex!!!

    I am very happy about it!
    I feel a deep appreciation for who I am,
    where I am and with

    I appreciate my dear ones for their support
    for they are my wonderful family for who they are!

    I love them beyond any words!

    ''Don't keep long lists of things
    that you think you're going to get to.

    You are powerful in your now.
    Your path is unfolding now.
    Don't write it down, tend to it now.
    The path is coming to you.
    It's not a path that you're trying to discover,
    the path is at your feet!

    The question is,
    are you in the right Vibrational vicinity

    so that you can see the path?
    Are you getting the impulse?
    How do these manifestations occur?
    The first manifestation that indicates
    your point of attraction
    is your emotion!

    What could be a bigger manifestation
    than the way you feel?
    Really, when you think about it –
    is there any bigger manifestation than the way you feel?

    And it's instantaneous,
    it's right here right now letting you know
    how this thought fits with who you really are.
    And if you feel anything less than wonderful,
    this thought right here and now does not fit at all!

    What's the next manifestational evidence?
    Ideas start to occur to you.
    Ideas, thoughts -
    you start getting thoughts,
    you start getting our thoughts,
    you start getting thoughts -
    you translate into the thought that you can perceive.

    You're translating into the thoughts of least resistance.
    You let your good in to the degree that you can believe it,
    and so the path of least resistance is the path of belief,
    through which you allow yourself to receive what you want.''
    Westchester, NY, October 18, 2014

    Thank you in advance,
    dearest Universe for all the fantastical things that unfolding for me!

    We send special appreciation to Abraham-Jerry-Esther and Bashar-Darryl Anka

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