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Thread: How do You feel right now?

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    I feel liberated because I can think my own thoughts. Im free.����������������������������������

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    I now just want to feel better
    Of course, I can think that
    this is a completely different country and culture...
    or it is not even the culture but environment where man grown up.
    My mom always said, that all depends on what
    in which family grown up man.
    I think, it really is so, but it does not concern me at all.
    Because now I know,
    if in my experience I meet similar situations -
    it's only my point of attraction!
    And it's all about my Vibration!
    It is really good to be aware of where I am now
    In this situation there is something very beneficial
    that I can take for myself and when I realize it,
    I begin to feel good!

    Michael says, that I don't need to pay attention to such situations
    because in fact, it is very rare thing for us...
    Exactly right!

    Honestly, we meet only good and cultured people
    wherever we move and
    I always feel gratitude to all people who we meet!
    And this too says about my point of attraction!

    I fully agree with my beloved because
    I know wherever I direct my focus
    this gets bigger in my experience, it's the LoA!
    I thank to diversity in which I am now
    It is gift to me from Me so I will be much better aware of that
    I am really creator of my reality!

    In fact, it is exciting to explore and know better self!

    "You see, here's what you're feeling,
    and you're really going to like this
    because this is the piece that you're looking for,
    this is what you're looking for.

    Creation is a wonderful thing and
    we really like to see you turn your Vortex into reality.
    We really like it when the car is in your garage
    and the lover is in your bed and the money is your bank.
    We like it when you've figured out how to get it out of the Vibrational place
    and into the physical equivalent; we love watching you do that.
    But the part that you came for, the mastery that you came for,
    is not just the turning that thought to that thing and
    that thought to that thing and that thought to that thing
    and that thought to that thing -
    the mastery that you came for is for this dance
    that you do as the vibrational frequency
    that is you dovetails with the vibrational frequency of others
    and Law of Attraction will never make a mistake,
    and you get to collectively create something
    that is exponentially more magnificent.

    It's the ideas that flow to you, it's your place in the idea -
    it's not you receiving the only good idea that ever happened,
    it's you being a component of the idea.
    It's the collective consciousness that this is all about.
    This is the time of cooperation.
    Law of Attraction has always demanded that it be that,
    and you are consciously aware of it, you see.
    And so we're going to say it to you again,
    but we're going to say it in a way
    that you will hear it even more clearly:

    Thought to thing yes, of course,
    thought to thing - we want all of that -
    but it is the conscious awareness of you holding the steady Vibration
    that holds you in the place where you receive an idea
    and you know it,
    and you stand in that fertile place waiting for the next to come,
    and then you watch the timing bring you someone else and someone else.
    And then you hear the conversation cause an evolution into a new idea,
    and you know that you are co-creatively moving thought.
    This is what you came for.
    This is co-creation at its best.
    It doesn't get any better than this,
    but it gets steadier than this.
    That's the mastery,
    where you're having an idea and you're flowing with it.

    Chicago, June 4, 2016

    Thanks to my Inner Guidance
    I didn't even notice how quickly I started to feel good
    while I was writing this post

    Thank you, my loved one for You ARE
    I love you beyond any the most beautiful words!
    Thank you, my dearest ones for You ARE!
    I love you all to the moon and back!
    Thank you, my dearest Nonphysical family
    for you never take your eyes off me,
    for you always support me, wherever I go or do!
    Thank you, our loved kitty for you brings so much joy us!
    Thanks to our cozy apartment where we are now!
    I appreciate all abundance that surrounds us now!
    Thank me for I am here on the leading edge!
    Thank you, dearest Universe, more please!

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    I feel more confident
    I feel more clarity
    I feel adored and blessed!
    I feel a hugest support
    and a hugest love of all my Nonphysical family
    and the whole Universe!

    I can see many physical proofs of
    how much I am loved and
    how much I am abundant!

    I can physically see as of all my reality is a reflection of
    how I feel myself of each moment of my now
    and where I direct my focus
    I love my now and
    feel a huge appreciation to my Source,
    my Inner Being,
    who constantly helps me to recognize the depth of
    who I really am and leading me to that I want
    and where I want to be!

    Now I do realize more than ever
    that our whole so called physical reality
    that I ever wanted,
    is made up of cutest nicest little things
    that we call a real life!

    I feel enormous gratitude to each of them
    and I very treasure them all!

    Because every, even the tiniest thing of my joy
    is an integral and very important part of
    the most something wonderful for me...

    what I call feel really happy!

    "You are such realists,
    and you care about what other people are saying.
    You care about how other people are approaching you.
    You care about what their opinion of you is.

    And we care only about you harmonizing
    with the opinion of the Source within YOU,
    Who knows You ARE MAGIC!
    Who knows You ARE WORTHY!
    Who KNOWS that You CAN Be or Do or Have ANYTHING!!!
    Who knows that you can establish a Point of Attraction,
    and everything else will fill in!

    In other words -
    it will look like magic
    to those who are watching you,
    when you find Alignment
    with the Fullness of Who You Are,
    and practice the Vibration of it Frequently enough
    that you know the Power of Your BEING!

    Everything that you have ever wished
    or dreamed or hoped for,
    must become a specifically manifested reality enough
    that everyone who is looking at you
    from whatever vantage point they are,
    will have to admit
    that you have got some sort of magic going on!
    Because you'll be living entirely differently
    than almost everybody else."
    Washington DC, WS, September 24, 2011

    I love to bathing in abundance which flows unceasing stream for me
    (because abundance always is available for every of us),
    I love to feel aligned with my IB, with my Source!

    A huge thanks dearest Universe for abundance that is mine

    more please!

    My dearest Michael, I adore you!!!
    Thank you for You ARE!

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    Right now, it is night. I feel confortable and just feel like talking about these amazing things I have noticed in my life recently.

    I appreciate so much the Christmas lights filling all the city with more light and color and beauty. I love travelling by car and seeing all shapes and designs of Christmas lights. It makes me cheer up thinking that there are amazing people who chose those lights, who had those ideas to put it that way. It is in the trees, buildings, offices, houses, roads, everywhere. People like me who like beautiful lights and spetacular feelings of enchantment. Beautiful reality.

    I love that this person I am selling my extra-smartphone is someone very kind and polite. He is always this way. I feel this well being and like it.

    I feel lucky, truth is I appreciate very much that I won the double amount in a scratch card to that I paid for. I also received extra money for a trip, just for me, the money was there. I feel really, really, really like it. I love receiving money, winning money, getting money.

    I love drinking warm tea. I love the softness of my socks. I love sleeping well and good and waking up feeling good.
    I look forward to feel better and better and appreciate things more for the mere sake of feeling good.

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    I so appreciate how passed this day!

    I'm so glad for today all day it's snowing
    because today is Orthodox Christmas Eve
    and I so love white Christmas!

    I love to look at silvery sparkling snow
    I love to watch and feel as white fluffy snowflakes
    slowly are falling at my palms!

    They are so awesome and so different in their beauty,
    just no words!
    I always think, how much wonderful Nature is
    and how much abundant we all really are!
    Each year in this day I always recall my childhood
    when I lived with my dearest granny and great-grandmother

    I very good remember our cozy warm farmhouse,
    the aroma of fresh baking
    and very caring loving vibrations of my grannies...

    My Michael and our kids love such a Christmas too!

    Today I cooked chicken with rice
    and baked tasty cookies by the old secret recipe of my granny

    I so appreciate and love you my dearest grannies!

    We lit the Christmas candles
    and had quiet nice evening meal in our loving family circle

    During dinner my dearest ones were saying
    "oh, how delicious! You are just a magical chef!"
    and I felt in seventh heaven of happiness!

    Now our kids sleep sweet
    I finish to write and we are too going to bed

    Thank you dear Universe,
    I feel so happy and blessed,
    more please!!!

    Happy Christmas!

    Thank you my dearest Michael for you are
    I adore you!

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    I love this frosty winter morning
    I love to see the white sparkling snow
    through the window of our bedroom

    I love to wake up and be in love with my life
    I love to feel warm and tenderness of my Michael

    I love to feel how much I am adored and blessed
    I love the feeling of vivacity and freshness
    I love to know everything is always working out for me
    I really love this knowledge!
    I love our sweet cozy home
    but most of all I love my dearest ones
    who live in this home!

    I love to focus on what I want and
    feel the loving energy of my Source
    I love to focus on my the most main job - feel good
    I love who I am and where I am now
    I love and appreciate everything I have and eagerly expect
    something incredibly wonderful is going to happen!

    "Happiness happens unless you're doing something
    that keeps it from happening!"

    Thank you, dearest Universe for all the stunning fabulous things in my life
    that I don't yet know about!

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    I want to feel more clarity
    I do want not simply to know,
    but even more clearer to be aware of
    how powerful creator I am!

    I want to feel all my power of creator
    I want to feel unconditional belief in what I want to believe.
    I thank myself for that for me now
    the most important manifestations are
    not any things or circumstances,
    but the way how I feel!
    And I know, if I feel not so good as I want it means only thing,
    I think about something that a larger part of me doesn't think so.
    To me it's the most important knowledge that I mastered!

    I appreciate everything I have now

    I appreciate my dearest magical kids
    I love to feel to be mom
    I appreciate my stunning health
    I appreciate my wonderful young body
    I so love my dearest ones and I so appreciate them!

    I appreciate our love, our attentiveness and care for each other!!!

    Our family for each other is a true blessing!

    THANK YOU!!!

    I appreciate our cozy warm home
    I appreciate delicious food we have
    I appreciate comfy clothes we wear
    I appreciate joyful time we spend all together!

    I appreciate our cute kitty
    who also is our family's member and
    our favorite co-creator

    and our a great teacher of alignment

    we love her so much!

    Now I feel sooo many love in my heart!
    I feel appreciation where I am
    because I know
    NOW is my best new beginning and
    I know, to be happy, healthy,
    abundant and prosperous is my birthright!

    "There are hundreds of backups for every missed opportunity.
    As you are navigating to one place...
    if you find yourself off track it doesn't mean you can't get to the place -
    you just make a new decision from where you are.

    And the Universe is always regrouping on your behalf."


    Thank you in advance, dearest Universe
    for all the magical stunning things in my life
    that I don't yet know about!

    I love you Michael!
    Thank you for being YOU!

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    I love how I feel now!
    I feel clarity!
    I feel calmness and a light joy!
    I feel I am on my way!
    I love feeling of my adventures,
    I like every thing that I meet on my path!
    I adore to see synchronicities at each step
    I love to feel my Inner growth
    I love to feel my Inner shift
    I love to feel my deliberate choice
    whatever I want!
    I love to aware of that I'm aware now
    because It feels really good!
    Now, whether I feel excitement
    or I feel calmness,
    any emotion that feels good,
    it always is good!
    I'm just aware of that this is not necessarily all the time
    jump to the ceiling from joy so to be ITV!
    Any time when I feel positive emotions,
    any time when I feel harmony with myself,
    I know I am into my Vortex!
    But most of all I like
    if I begin to start to feel OOTV
    it doesn't bother me as earlier!
    I just know, it's a message to me from me
    about what I would not like going to somewhere...
    ie my IB says me that
    I began to think about something

    that doesn't match to my intentions in that moment!
    I'm so happy to recognize and feel that now
    I can much easier redirect my focus

    to wherever I choose!
    And I fully agree with Abraham,
    no matter how good I feel,
    I want to feel better!
    I so appreciate my favorite teachers,
    my guides and whole Universe!
    I thank abundance and everything wonderful
    that permanently unfolds to me
    comes into my experience!
    It feels really like a magic!

    I appreciate all my emotions!
    I love my happy life
    I adore my dearest ones

    and I love myself!

    ''We're not kidding you -
    whatever you ask for has come,
    you just have to figure out how to let it in.
    And with that feeling of fear or that feeling of concern
    or that feeling of worry or that feeling of overwhelmment
    or that feeling of injustice or that feeling of being in a box -
    that feeling of being in a box
    or that feeling of paying too big of a price
    for the abundance that comes -
    you have to keep that poop to value in balance;
    you do.
    You have to keep your desires and
    your beliefs in balance in order for you
    to receive all that you have accomplished Vibrationally.''

    Portland, OR, June 18, 2016

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    Originally Posted by chillinjoan

    feeling FUNKYYYY

    I feel I love you girls!

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    Quote Originally Posted by LOTB View Post
    I feel I love you girls!
    I'm glad to meet you in this thread and I hope to see you here more than once!

    ''If you can begin to orient your thoughts by steadily looking for things
    that cause you to feel good, you will begin to develop patterns of thoughts,
    or beliefs, that will help you create magnificent good feeling lives.''


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