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Thread: The new and improved Go-General, INCLUDING Grid-Setting

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    Quote Originally Posted by paradise-on-earth View Post
    I want to stick in that the way MariaMaria did this step, is really exactly in alignment as Abe have tought it when they highlighted this process.
    They tought us to make very short (and just a few) emotional descriptions about how the negative specifics FEEL, to SLOW DOWN the specific negatives.
    The goal is to stall out the overwhelming unwanted momentum, and get into a "neutral zone".

    Doing it in this way serves us to look in another much more detached way at the old unwanted story:
    -Make MUCH lesser words, stop the drama, be much more general, leave out all the manifested stuff and relax into just embracing how it FEELS.
    I'm really not sure why you feel I'm suggesting anything different from what Abraham teach. I spent a bit of time describing why I made the suggestions I made to our friend. Perhaps you had simply read my reply without your reading glasses on?

    I might agree with your post if MM had started with Specific Negative statements. She really used General Negative statements in her Specific Negative segment. As a result, the statements she posted in her General Negative were pretty much a repetition of what she had put under the Specific Negative heading.

    I pointed that out, not because I'm grading her “work” (There are no Vibration Police and I certainly wouldn't be one, if there were.) but because in her repetition of essentially the same vibration from segment to segment, she did not feel much of a shift (by her own report). The reason she didn't feel much of a shift wasn't that the SN/GN/GP/SP Process doesn't work (It does.) or that Abraham lied to our friend (They didn't.). Perhaps if our friend had started with Specific Negative statements and then used the statements they had posted in their General Negative, they might have felt the slowing of their momentum in a more meaningful way.

    The LoA doesn't count our words. The number of words is only important if we use our fewer and softer words to slow our momentum. Yes, it can be a helpful trick to express ourselves in fewer words but those fewer words only matter if we slow our momentum. We know our momentum is slowing by how we feel.

    Quote Originally Posted by paradise-on-earth View Post
    Imo, MM had done very good work here,...
    I never said she hadn't.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MariaMaria View Post
    Thanks for the tips/feedback!
    Sometimes when I go general negative I think more about the laws in general, for example: I have just been practicing a resistant vibration etc, is that good too?
    I do that often myself.

    One thing that I've found which helps me is when I do that is to include myself and my feelings when I think about the laws in general. Otherwise, it's really easy for me to get “academic” and forget to use my emotional guidance. An example of what I mean for me might be:
    “I have a Vortex” or “Abraham tell me I have a Vortex”--There's not a lot of emotion in either of those.

    So, I might next write “I like knowing that I have a Vortex” or “Abraham tell me that I have a Vortex and that idea comforts me.”--I'm putting my focus back on my emotional guidance so I can guide myself towards feeling better.

    Now with your example (and this is merely one suggestion), “I have just been practicing a resistant vibration” I might feel a little blameful (or something else) when I write that. So, whilst that statement might be true for me, I might find relief in follow-on thoughts like:
    “I'm paying attention to my guidance” Or
    I have been practicing-- I'm the only one, which means that I can (I may not know how right now but I have the ability) do something different. And noticing that I want to do something different is my first step in that”--IOW, I would take your statement and move out “the unwanted thing that I had been doing” place into a place of more power or towards “the wanted thing I look forward to doing” place, if that makes sense.

    Quote Originally Posted by MariaMaria View Post
    Also when I do the specific negative part I feel like I shouldn´t be doing it because I don´t want to perpetuate the negative momentum?
    That's so common, I know. But the thing is you already are doing it. You're not “harming” yourself by putting that under the appropriate segment. The reason you're starting there is to shift what you're already doing. (This is different from just simply continuing to do that unproductive thing that you're used to doing. If that's the case, one of us will climb your tree, as you may have seen me do from time to time here in this thread.)

    When you're in Phoenix and you want to be in San Diego, you can't start your journey in Brenda (look it up on a map) simply because you don't want to be in Phoenix. You have to start where you are. So, change your story about Specific Negative: you're not practicing your unwanted momentum, that's the first step in your shifting of your unwanted momentum. Then you're golden!

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    Quote Originally Posted by WellBeing View Post
    I never said she hadn't.
    I never said you did say she hadn´t.

    WB, I so appreciate your work here. It´s impressive to see how much time, love and wisdom you spend to help and explain the teachings.
    While I don´t see a point in comments as that:

    Perhaps you had simply read my reply without your reading glasses on?
    -Can´t we look at a thing in different ways?
    Or be of different opinion- doing things "right" in different ways,
    and let it all be about how it FEELS in the end to us? There are different ways, and they can all be good.
    THAT is what I wanted to "stick in" in my post above.

    I absolutely see the point you make in there not being a big difference between the GN and the SN in MM´s work, while *I* am of different opinion than you (-I think, there was a very feelable relief in what she wrote)- about this 1 very short passus that I highlighted from your post,
    no further strings attached to anything other you said.

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    I just kept a resistant undertone in the general statement since I wanted to make a general negative statement!
    So if I am already being specific negative then what´s the point in doing it a little more? Maybe there is a relief factor in just allowing yourself to write out the negative specifics "until you feel empty and exhausted".

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    Quote Originally Posted by MariaMaria View Post
    I just kept a resistant undertone in the general statement since I wanted to make a general negative statement!
    So if I am already being specific negative then what´s the point in doing it a little more?
    The point I am making is that what you called Specific Negative statements were really very General in nature (rather than Specific, as the Process asked).

    A Specific Negative statement might look like:

    I don't have enough money and I'm afraid that I'll lose my home at the end of the month.

    There are lots of details about what's going on (both in reality and vibrationally) and, as we focus on those details, we give ourselves all those reasons to feel the way we’re feeling. It's all right that we feel the way we're feeling, but the purpose of any process is to help us feel better.

    Now, a General Negative statement from that Specific Negative statement in our example might be:

    I feel afraid.*

    Now that might seem like you're saying the same thing but in removing all those details from our focus, we're not keeping so much of the cause of our emotions active in that moment. So, our fear lessens.

    Think about it this way: when you're thinking that Specific Negative statement, you're thoughts are like that car barreling down that San Francisco hill that Abraham tell us about. (Have you heard?) You're thinking about next week and then the end if the money and then being kicked out of the house and then where will you live, where will you shower, how can you eat and will you be too far (or too stinky or too weak from hunger) for your job… That's fearful thought on top of fearful thought on top of fearful thought, each one compounding the previous emotions and adding to your momentum. Our General Negative statement shifts our focus away from those fearful thoughts onto the emotion itself and brings us back into this present moment, giving us fewer reasons for that momentum. That's why the shift from Specific Negative to General Negative feels better.

    When we shift our focus from Specific Negative to General Negative and ditch some of the reasons for creating our emotion, we are also giving ourselves more wiggle room in terms of vibration as well as in terms of thoughts. When we're all twirled up in the details of Specific Negative, we're sort of bound by all those details, needing a solution to all those details before we will allow is to feel better. When we shift our focus away from those details in General Negative, we can release our need for those solutions (to some extent). We come up with ways to shift our General Negative statement some more.

    For example, I might next write

    I've been afraid before and I know that eventually I stop being afraid.

    I might find relief in knowing that my own experience has shown me that I'm not going to be afraid forever. You might even say that I found a “solution” for my fear problem. I'd agree with your saying that. And isn't that my intention in doing my Process? I want to feel better and the shifts that we're talking about here have shifted my focus from my unwanted towards what I do want (feeling better than my current fear).

    Quote Originally Posted by MariaMaria View Post
    Maybe there is a relief factor in just allowing yourself to write out the negative specifics "until you feel empty and exhausted".
    I know it's common to think of “emptying ourselves out,” but that's not what really happens in those situations. The LoA makes sure there is no “emptying.” The LoA ensures that there is a never-ending supply of whatever you're calling to yourself with your focus. This is why Abraham recommend we never try to get to the bottom of any issue, because the LoA ensures there is no “bottom.”

    You hit on what actually is going on vibrationally when you talk about “exhausted.” Our resistance exhausts us, physically and mentally. So, it makes sense that, if we practice our resistance enough, we will exhaust ourselves. Those physical and mental exhaustions are physical manifestations of our resistant thought. We can make ourselves so exhausted that we just “have to”** shift our focus. That's an appropriate Abraham approach (known as Distraction or Pet the Cat or even Take a Nap).

    But that exhaustion approach sort of backfires on us because we exhaust ourselves before we can shift our vibration. So, this approach can derail our own “work” if we're exhausting ourselves before we shift our vibration. And this is what often happens to many if our friends who come to see this “work” as WORK. They're often exhausting themselves (usually in a misunderstanding of what Abraham or we are asking of them) with their own momentum rather than using the “work” to feel better.

    When we do our “work” with the intention to feel better (as Abraham teach and we talk about here), our exhaustion--better said, our fatigue on our way to exhaustion--is guidance that we're not fulfilling our intention in doing our “work.” Because relief--our intended result of every step of our “work”--is refreshing, the antidote to “exhaustion.”

    Hope that helps.

    *We could also call “I don't have enough money” a General Negative statement. But I prefer, when I do my “work,” to use statements which are focused on the emotions I'm feeling. As I mentioned in my earlier reply, this rule of thumb helps me stay focused every step of the way on my emotional guidance, which is key for telling any of us if we're shifting our vibration and in which direction.

    **We always have the ability to shift our focus and our thoughts but sometimes (often? usually? almost always?) we won't permit ourselves to shift our focus, thoughts and vibrations (all the same thing) until we paint ourselves into a corner of "have to."

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    I think we misunderstood each other a little.

    What I meant with my question about the specific negatives was why there is any point in writing them down in this exercise. Writing down specific negative thoughts will never be downstream - it will just make them more. I can perhaps see how it could be useful in the way that it shows you exactly where you are what you have to work with. I, however, just feel like it´s harmful to make these ideas more by writing them down.

    The reason (maybe you understood what I referred to) I wrote "empty and exhausted" because the instruction says:
    Specifically negative

    - .
    (list here each negativity you can think of, regarding your intended goal. State them until you feel empty and exhausted)

    Why not just go downstream right away by doing the general negatives instead of hanging around in the negative specifics even longer by writing them down?

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    Just want to clarify that I understood what you, Wellbeing, wrote about being willing to acknowledge that you are in Phoenix and not Brenda. It´s just the instruction about doing it until you feel "empty and exhausted" that made me hmmmm. Especially since you said that there is no emptying.

    I´m just going to state the SN´s briefly and then move on.

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    Red face

    I'm eager about the unfolding of the rest of my day.

    Specific Negative
    I'm eager about the unfolding of the rest of my day.
    I have a light phobia of driving in bad weather conditions and its been snowing since I arrived at work so I'm a little nervous about the drive home. In general I've also just been... Not really into the hobby I'm usually into. I have a close friend and we practice the elements of it quite a bit but beyond that I haven't been interested in keeping up with everyone else even though I feel like I still have wants about it. (I still 'want' to finish all the projects i have related to it.) Actually I feel like I can drop a lot of it. There's also a game I've been playing that I want to play more of. I'd like to align with being better at it. What I'm trying to say is that I don't really have the same wants for what I do in my daily time and that makes me feel sorta empty. Like I'm nervous about the road and if I soothe myself on that I feel like there's not anything to look forward to today or this week. I have big dreams but they feel far away.

    General Negative
    I'm eager about the unfolding of the rest of my day.
    Well, I actually got chills as I typed that out. I felt some release in typing it.

    I have an awareness that in this space is the possibility of focusing more on those big wanted things. I can imagine this space as being a blessing.

    As far as how the road goes it looks like its gotten warm enough outside that the roads are just looking instead of having snow sticking on them. And when I looked at the rader map just a bit ago it looked like the clouds were gonna be mostly gone from now until I leave. It does look clearer outside.

    And when I left today it was a great drive. There was no new snow. So it's like the universe set up a great drive over and maybe it's already clearing the way for a fine one back.

    And my cat had an appointment early tomorrow and I was a little nervous about the snow but didnt want to reschedule because I've already done that three times. But then my mom texted and suggested I cancel it which felt like a good idea - often my mom is more the 'push through' type but today she was a voice of giving myself a break. And that's something to celebrate because I'm getting different signals from my mom.

    And in general I've been more interested in aligning so. Maybe this is all going together.

    I don't have to figure it all out right now.

    I'm kinda of drifting and spinning and circling around but it feels like I'm aligning with good things as I am. I'm in a bubble of good weather planned out just for me. I had a lot of fun playing my game with my friend yesterday. It feels good to connect with him. Maybe it's time to focus on something else.M

    Maybe I can find wanted things within the game the reflect bigger things.

    General Positive
    I'm eager about the unfolding of the rest of my day.
    It feels funny to think of aligning with a video game. That sounds like fun.

    I feel like it could be a great experiment. I feel like it could be a great example to myself. To play around with something so 'silly'. To enjoy aligning there and practice good thoughts there and see what that's like.

    I'd like to just see what happens.

    I'd like to just see what happens.

    I'd like to feel good and just see what happens.


    Specific Positive
    I'm eager about the unfolding of the rest of my day.
    I really like this game. I like the thought of aligning with it.

    I love to play with my friend. I love how we sometimes play when we're drunk. I love how we don't take it seriously.

    I love seeing them get the play feature thing. I like it when I get it sometimes. I love when we share our experiences. I love that we have the same sort of play style. I love the fun of that.

    I love that we both like playing the random set up. I love how we learn so much as we do. I love how this last time I survived as characters longer. I love how I'm getting a feel for them. I love how I finally checked out the animations. I love thinking about how there's more stories to learn. I'm excited about the storytelling.

    I love that games can be so beautiful and inspiring. I love how they can be so fun. I love interacting with people who love them too. I love connecting with others who play them.

    I love incredible characters.

    I'd love to be creating something that added to people's fun like that. I'd love to be doing it in an easy way. I'd mostly love ease. I'd love to live an easy life. I'd love to tap into a charmed life. I'd love to be more obsessed with that. I'd love to be really obsessed with a charmed life. I'd love to move into places of more and more ease. I'd love the path of ease. I'd like to find myself along the path of more and more ease.

    I like thinking of how easy the drive was this morning. I like thinking of how it was completely clear. I'd love to have it clear again just for when I go home.

    I gonna do more of my focusing on my own. I feel good now so I'm just gonna flow with that in whatever way it goes.

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