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Thread: Relief game: What does relief feel like?

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    Relief game: What does relief feel like?

    Weeks ago I was chatting with my dear friend, Vecona, and we were both rather OoTV. Often we can play with things a bit and find relief with ease but this day we were both feeling pretty stuck. I suggested that all we really needed to do was chill and find relief and it was Vecona who said, "Well, what does relief feel like?" and then she put a few ideas out there. It was BRILLIANT and worked like a charm. Maybe it's been done before, I don't know, but it was the first time I've found relief in quite that way and I imagine it would work with any emotion one feels but since all we really need is relief that's the emotion I'm going to play with. If you feel like joining in please feel free to use any emotion within your reach...

    What does relief feel like? Well, relief feels like...

    • Coming home exhausted and grumpy after a long hard day at work, only to find out that your spouse has dinner ready and is just pouring the wine!
    • Speeding down the highway and having a cop turn his lights on behind you, only to have him whip right passed you and keep on going!
    • Showing up late, in a panic, for an important meeting, only to find out that your boss hasn't arrived yet.
    • Walking into your classroom for a big test you didn't have time to study for, only to find out that your teacher is sick and the test has been canceled!
    • Reaching into your right pocket and discovering your phone missing, only to find it in your left.
    • Digging around in your purse for your missing keys when you're seconds from being late, only to look up and see them on the table!
    • Driving around a busy, full parking lot for fifteen minutes, only to have someone pull out of a space right in front of you AND near the entrance to 'your' store!
    • Giving up all hope after you haven't heard from that really cute guy you had a great date with last Friday, thinking he must not like you or is the type that likes to play games (like that stupid 3 day rule) only to have him call and say he's been out of town and can't wait to see you again!
    • Breaking something important of your spouses and awaiting the fight as you tell them, only to find out they forgive you and were thinking about getting a new one of those anyway!
    • Standing at the grocery checkout after the clerk has run your cartful of items through, you're out of cash and the darn strip on your credit card WON'T WORK and there's a long line behind you...only to have the clerk smile and do that trick with the paper and have the charge go through just fine!
    • Getting a call from your friend that she just saw your boyfriend out with his arm around some other girl, only to find out that it's his cousin from out of town!

    Thanks Vecona for this wonderful game! I've played it in my head many times and found instant relief when I needed it.

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    Hi Joan!

    Relief is waking up to get ready for work and realizing it's SATURDAY!!! Sweet. Then going back to bed for an hour.
    Relief is going for an extra long run in the morning sun and then coming home hot and sweating for a loooooong sudsy shower.
    Relief is getting a wink from that super hot guy over there...okay that might not be relief but it's still cool.
    Relief is eating cinnamon raisin toast, fresh fruit and yogurt, and your favorite hot tea to fill your grumbling belly.
    Relief is looking around and seeing that you're house is already tidy, you have no plans, and can spend the rest of your morning writing.

    Relief is when you segment intend to actually do that and you DO!!!


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    Relief feels like a breath of fresh air
    relief feels like something clean
    relief feels like a cool mint color

    I found relief last night by coloring myself in with a cool mint green colored crayon. I just got up, grabbed that crayon and started coloring with it. At first just random lines, then circles and then as I gained more focus I started writing with it. Really helped me.

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    Relief is stretching out in bed after working all week
    Relief is tasting a fantastic flavored recipe you thought you ruined
    Relief is an amazing first kiss you worried about screwing up
    Relief is hearing no one was hurt after a wreck
    Relief is having someone to hold you when you wake with bad dreams
    Relief is seeing your favorite player get back up after a sack
    Relief is accidently running a redlight and no one noticing
    Relief is deleting your dating profile after two dates cause you know you found him.
    Relief is finding a place to rent on your first try
    Relief is realizing your math is wrong in your favor
    Relief is realizing you create your own life!
    Cheers yo us winners,

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