Do you believe the desire you hold is a signal?
Do you believe the Universe is responding to that signal?
Feel the freshness and purity of that!

Its just ME and MY SIGNAL!"


thank you Poe

My love.... I love loving you
I am calling on you my heart
I am calling on you my sweetest lover
cause you are the ignition
you are the warm breath
to my life giving heart

I keep going on to be with source
I keep going on to stay in alignment
I keep going on to feel good
I keep going on to love
I keep going on to open my heart
I am an allower
I am deeply in love with myself

I love myself
I know all my vallues
I am so confident about the present
and the future
I love source
I am deeply in love with source
I am deeply in love with myself
I am deeply in love with you my lover

Never give up on your dream

the dream must be big enough to sustain you!

I live my dreams!!!
I love my dreams
I love my desires
I love to surf my life
I love the wave
I love to surf a wave at it's best
I love the dance over the water
the dance of feelings
the emotions
keeping ballance
ups and downs
riding up
riding down
taking the barrel of the wave
embracing LIFE

"You are supposed to have this powerful backup.
This powerful support, powerful leverage, this powerful energy.
This powerful concentration! This powerful, unconditional focus!
This powerful love.

This powerful assistance is supposed to flow through you, you see!

And the more you do it, the less magic it will feel to you ().
But the more magic it will appear to others.
Because most of the world are not even begin to dabble,
in the power that they possess.


"It's not your work to make anything happen.
It's your work to DREAM it and let it happen."


Because it's done!