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Thread: I love loving you... the best feeling ever!!!

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    "It is an expanding Universe
    it must expand
    and you cant't ask for it not to
    when you ask for expansion
    and you don’t keep up with the EXPANSION
    than you write books of doom
    but when you ask for EXPANSION and keep up
    with the E X P A N S I O N
    you write books of GLORY"


    My love... we are living in an expanding universe
    now I am beginning to understand WHY I love the universe so much
    cause the Universe is a living being
    our earth is a living being
    for all that reasons I have becoming more and more aware
    aware of loving our planet and all the living beings

    I can feel the expansion my love
    I have to love all beings
    I love all the parts of myself
    all my soulmates
    my twinflame

    is ist possible?
    unconditional yes it is!

    this night was a night of pure love
    I felt so much love
    I felt the love as light beams coming from space
    waves of love coming through myself

    this is expansion
    this is when all comes to us
    when we are in that field of enlightment
    that place of total alignement
    there is no more outside
    or inside

    only source
    feeling home
    feeling guided
    floating on wings of the angels

    do you feel the expansion my love?
    do you feel the fast move?
    wow this is huge
    and we have to keep up with the expansion
    we are like in a dance
    a cosmic dance that we have to keep up with the speed

    I love that speed and high frequency
    I feel it through my body
    the light waves
    the love waves

    what an Ocean of SPEED
    an OCEAN of LOVE

    When the sun here in Europe is setting
    he is arising in Hawaii
    the sun arising over the Mount Haleakala
    the polynesians call Haleakala
    The House of the Sun
    that's my heart wish
    climbing the Haleakala and testemoning the sun rising over the clouds

    "E hele mai ana au."
    I am coming


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    “The thing that will feel magical, it isn’t, it’s just law,
    but the thing that will feel magical

    is the way in which all of those things that are important to you
    begin to dance together.”

    San Diego, Febr. 2014

    My love... how does it feel to love you?
    shall I tell you my secrets?
    can I even express such magic?

    it feels to be in absolute peace
    it feels like driving fast and enjoying the ride
    it feels like driving faster and faster
    it feels like riding a rocket flying to the moon

    My love.... sometimes it feels like sitting on a calm lake
    no movement no waves
    infinite awareness
    infinite beauty

    today I was asking myself
    what will I write you?
    closing the gap between my wonderfull home
    and Maui
    isn't it a gap?
    or is it to take just one small step from one high flying disc
    to an other?

    today I am in a state of mind
    deeper as the deepest see
    maybe so deep as our universe is in it's extension
    where we are sailing?

    infinite travellers we are
    dreamers and seekers of new lands

    the story of your heart is on my tongue and we are arriving
    who knows where we will reach?
    travelers of love have allways arrived
    going with the flow to the limits set by their hearts

    and with you at my side my lover... we will reach the sky
    we ride the rockets to the moon
    we take flight to the infinite
    I love you my love
    together we fly higher and high
    we fly to Hawaii

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    You came for the BIG DEAL.
    You came for the co-creative experience.

    You came for the blending. You came for the continuity.
    You came for the continuation.
    You didn't come to fix things that are broken;

    you came to live the joyous life
    that you have the potential for living in every moment."


    My's deliscious to come here
    and now I know
    that how more I ask the more is orchestrated to me

    My wonderful lover
    my love...listen to me
    we are the chooser of thought that allowed everything to us or not
    you get it?
    so when you knok on heavens door to meet me
    it's your and my choice
    and it's getting again really hot
    and I loooooooove it

    everyone exist for gratification and you are really my great love of my life
    cause I am the one that gets to perceive it
    the catalyst for my greatest expansion and I'll hold no ill will
    when you cause me to expand
    and I don't keep up with my expansion
    my sweetest lover of the whole world
    you bring clarity to me
    and I can allow the clarity and satisfaction from it

    when I wake up in the morning
    I have a whole choice of fast moving disks to jump on
    fast moving disks of sweetness
    thinking at you
    feeling you
    feeling the sacred fire
    feeling the double flame
    melting we both together

    it's deliscious
    do you feel it?
    of course you feel it
    wherever I go
    wherever I live
    I love you...allways

    LOVE is the language of the UNIVERSE

    I know my lover
    I can allow even more love
    beyond my imagination
    streaming in love
    opening and allowing love
    more and more

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    -You WANT to go fast! You really do!
    But you want to go fast- IN CONTROL.
    You want to be in synch with the leverage of this energy!

    So you opened yourself to this very high powered, very fast, very high leveraged, very high frequency energy.
    And when you do, it´s prudent to be in alignment with it-
    OR you have a rough ride, sometimes.
    But as you step back... you just have to ask yourself continually this question,
    "Would I rather go slow?"

    -Would you?
    Do you think Esther can ever drive a normal car, again?
    -We don´t.
    We don´t see why she ever would want a "normal" car again.
    And you not ever want to be a "normal" person again, either.

    Just sit down. Sit down. When you bump into something,
    just sit down and regroup.
    And that really is the message that we´r offering, these days.
    Because, when you´r bumping into things and then responding to the things that yo´r bumping into,
    it´s better to just get as general as you can in your statements.

    Which means-
    really go back to an emotional statement of what you where looking for."


    thank you POE

    My love... I love loving you
    today you came and brought me a flower
    really small
    a wild flower from the cliffs
    blue five star pettals

    do you can imagine how much I love you for that?
    I love to feel free like this flower

    I love to be wild and beautiful

    I am borne to be wild
    I am loud from time to time
    when I am expressing my fire

    I am aligned with the high leveraged frequency energy
    I can feel it
    I lined up with the next stage of an energy field
    is it the allowing of the twin flame?
    I don't know
    I only know now
    that I get it
    how powerful

    with my integrity I can handle it
    it knocks me out of my socks
    but it don't knocks me over

    I know my love that you are with me
    for me you are like Merlin
    endless love

    I keep going
    I keep going on
    I keep dancing
    I keep speeding up
    gosh I love it
    speeding up like in a space ship

    we are having all this crazy conversations
    about my dreams being a spaceship commander
    travelling in light speed to the stars
    I love dreams
    and you understand me my lover

    you understand my crazyness
    I am nuts
    and you understand it
    together we reach the stars
    a God and a Goddess

    My wonderful lover
    Integrity is a result of self love.
    the Divine Feminine is the Keeper of Love
    She is the Master of Self Love

    What is it about me that's so hard to grasp?
    I dance the universal energy
    always moving
    always active
    You can never see me
    as I am veiled
    and that veil is a by-product
    of what I do
    who I am
    Go deeper
    Don't get caught in the magnificence of my creativity
    My creation is the illusion
    behind which lies the knowlegde that
    all matter is energy
    and all energy is one

    Maya- Goddess of Illusion

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    "You’re not here to bring light into the world, you are here to BE light.
    There’s a difference.
    Because when you decide you’re going to bring light, you’re looking around in dark corners.
    When you decide you are going to BE light, you just be light and everywhere you be, it’s brighter.
    There’s a big difference."

    "Just be the light,
    regardless of what it is that you are looking at.
    Find a way to feel the best as
    you can feel. So it's just a self-conversation, isn't it?"

    ~Abraham-Hicks, Phoenix, AZ, 12/1/12

    My love... I LOOOOOOVE loving you
    and you know that it feels easy to be with you

    it is easy to feel good
    it is easy to be who I am
    it is easy to be in a relationship
    it feels confortable to be with you

    it feels secure
    it feels sure
    it feels certain and secure it feels real
    it feels true

    why I am telling it to you my love?
    cause I love to love and appreciate
    I love to praise
    I love to count my blessings

    it feels good
    it feels to be home
    it feels worthy
    it feels in peace

    it feels so peaceful like the owl by sunrising
    the spirit of the wise owl
    the spirit of Abraham

    coming from deep inside
    coming from my deepest core

    my lover of my heart
    my lover of my soul...
    we are locking for reasons to love
    we are looking for this reasons
    and there is a buffet of reasons to love and to fall in love

    it feels honest and deep
    it feels core
    it feels basic and true
    it feels so real
    it feels good

    it feels like taking flight
    our souls are taking flight
    crossing the waters and flying to Maui

    why Maui?
    Maui is our Paradise on Earth

    easy easy
    it feels soft and gentle and sure

    it feels like love
    it feels like beeing loved
    it feels like knowing

    it feels like being
    it feels like me
    it feels open
    it feels deliscious
    it feels fun
    it feels exciting

    it feels like an exciting journey
    it feels as a dream coming true
    it feels like to be here... right here right NOW

    it feels like NOW

    it feels like me
    like me
    like me

    it feels so good and deliscious
    it feels as antecipation of good things
    are flowing to me

    it feels sure and true
    it fells like loving
    it feels like loving so intense

    it feels really really good

    I trust my love
    I do not experience
    I trust
    I trust in myself
    I love myself
    I love my Inner Being
    I am on the right way... going downstream

    I have not to figure it out
    it comes to me by law of attraction

    I feel confident and sure
    I FEEL safe... yes I am
    we are arriving at the shores of Hawaii
    right here right now

    "There is a stream of well-being
    which you are allowing or not.

    And so the art of allowing is about
    paying attention to the way you feel
    so you can tell in any moment whether you are,
    in this moment -- where all of your feeling,
    where all of your power is --
    in this moment you hold the vibrational leverage
    to allow the well-being
    that you want and deserve or not.

    No one else that you have ever known,
    whether it is government or that which you call God,
    certainly not your family or peers,
    no one has the ability to pinch off the well-being that flows to you -– only you."

    Abraham- San Antonio-Texas

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