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Thread: I love loving you... the best feeling ever!!!

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    thank you Tree...
    I love and enjoy the mild Algarve
    walking outdoor in the sunshine
    I told my lifepartner joking that now we are
    in the land of Venus
    no more granit stones and darkness of winter

    Who wants to go beyond Cape Bojador,
    Must go beyond sufferance.
    God gave the sea peril and abyss,
    Yet upon it He also mirrored the sky.

    Fernando Pessoa

    love Venus

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    My love
    a shooting star lightning up on the sky
    and we know about fortunes
    fortunes are our inner kingdoms
    our castles we build
    on safe ground
    with that elusive lightness of being

    in other words
    being in the flow
    letting go
    letting flow

    I love my outside mirroring
    that's my compass
    thats the knowing about the tides of evolution
    the knowing of the forces inside us

    our balloon is taking flight to the west
    or is it the east?
    what does it matter?
    we allways reach Hawaii
    Paradise is right here

    I love you my love

    would you like my mask?

    would you like my mirror?

    you can look at yourself
    you can look at each other
    or you can look at the face of your god

    the stories are woven
    and fortunes are told
    the truth is measured by the weight of your gold
    the magic lies scattered
    on rugs on the ground
    love is the music
    love is the sound

    a new day is arrising
    the sun illuminating a new shore
    radiance in all collors of the rainbow

    we arrive

    two fools in love
    no safe rules
    no safe behaviours

    all is in flux

    I love it

    what a crazy dance

    "You live as the full recipients of a hurricane of grace that is flowing towards you
    at all times in answer to all that you ve been asking for. "


    My love... I love loving you
    it is the best feeling ever
    what mysterious force guides us my love?
    like a rythm of tides...

    the nights are so full of mystery
    we are connected so deep as the deepest sea

    twin flame is the infinite flame in ourself
    our inner core of source energy

    the tide of love is bringing us more and more love
    a stream of diamond light and infinite love
    when the Pulse of the Galactic Center will catch us

    than we are definitly in Heaven on Earth
    I love you my lover
    my eternal lover
    and I know that there is enoughness

    we are flying on the wings of angels
    angels who are taking care of us

    we are in absolute peace
    feeling so safe

    floating over the world
    we see the distant shores of the ocean
    we see mountains
    even the highest mountains seem so small

    we are flying over the earth
    you are holding my hands
    how beautiful these millions of lights in the darkness
    over us billions of stars
    and music
    holy music
    what a night my love
    this must be real love
    you see

    I love... I love you in thousand collors

    "When you are really in Alignment with who you really are

    another person is in Alignment with who they really are
    that Law of Attraction brings you together.

    In other words, when two people are in their Vortex and the Vortex arranges the rendezvous,
    that is a good time to use the label of Soul mate because you are in Alignment with that which is your Soul, and the other is in Alignment with that which is their Soul,
    and under those conditions the Law of Attraction must bring these Cooperative Components together, but then when you look at reality of world as it s manifested so far and you acknowledge that there are other things that are already happening in terms of the relationship the other has with another person. Now, that attention to that detail cannot abide in the same vibration as that soul mate vibration.
    In other words, you just can t there from there. We cannot pronounce to you that this soul mate connection that you have sometimes is the one for you to, to move to in terms of physical manifestation. We could not say to you that, that the, the bringing a part of that relationship and the bringing of the two of you together then is exactly the right thing to do but we can say to you that as you stay in vibrational harmony with what it is your Vortex and through the clarity of your example the other does too, that
    if you are vibrationally aligned with who you really are for a period of time then the Law of Attraction will orchestrate circumstances and events to bring you together,
    and as you are able to do that, as you are able to do that, which means you keep yourself in that neutral place where you re not feeling unhappiness about the current reality as it exists, as you are able to do that then things can move easily in, in giving you what you ultimately want but the most important thing is,
    every step along the way is a joyful step for you.
    You have no pain in the interim before the relationship develops."

    Abraham- Australian Cruise: CD No. 12

    "Love is the name of our pursuit of wholeness
    for our desire to be complete."

    Plato The Symposium

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    ďFeeling good is feeling good
    Feeling good is somehow, someway feeling good
    The ultimate feeling good is feeling like the Source within you feels right now about the same thing that youíre thinking about, because in every moment Source is thinking about what youíre thinking about right now while youíre thinking about it and feeling good is thinking about it like Source is thinking about it.

    ....Source knows the perfection of where you stand and unless you know that then you donít feel so good.

    You just have to keep talking yourself into alignment. Thatís the work. Thatís the allowing."


    My love... did you hear that?
    talking into alignement
    that's the work
    singing into alignement
    how does it feel to open the heart?
    is it it like a blossom of a flower opends?

    we are here together in a land of love

    where the skies have more stars
    the valleys have more flowers
    the forrests have more life
    the lands have more beauties

    I sing songs of love for you
    I play the harp of wonders
    melodies of love so sweet that it melts our hearts

    I tell you again and again how much I love you
    that I love you my Rainbowlover
    that my heart belongs to you
    that I open my heart to you
    I tell you
    that my soul belongs to the universe
    and moves with all this beauty

    my soul moves with the breeze of the ocean
    with the salt in the air... filling my lungs
    with the beauty of the wide open ocean
    my soul is in love with the sea

    my soul is in love with life
    my soul is in love with that place on the beach

    blowing in this space without yesterday
    and without tomorow
    which expands to eternity
    to the infinite
    when the sun is announcing the night
    warm and mysterious
    full of passion
    and soft as velvet

    we fall a sleep on soft pillows
    where the palms are dancing in the wind coming from the reef
    a kiss and the dreams are calling us
    into dreams of love and sweetness

    I love loving you.... the best feeling ever

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    "You are a LOVER, and if you're not loving
    something's gone terribly wrong.
    And it is not the subject of your love that's gone wrong

    You are one who knows your worthiness.
    And when you feel inferior
    resentful or disrespected
    it's not that someone else has the power to do
    that to you
    it's your focus.
    You've focused in a screwy way, you see.
    You've focused out of sync with who you are.


    And we say
    "That feeling of powerlessness will bring you right to your
    knees because you can't control them, nor should you be able to
    you see.
    But you CAN control you focus..."

    You can draw back to something general
    or focus in more specifically.
    And the key to keeping yourself in alignment
    is really that power of how to use
    your focus."


    I love loving you
    so simple and true

    it gives me such a good feeling
    it gives me such a good feeling

    love is in the air
    right here right now
    I love it when we are sitting on our bank
    just overlooking the garden... your hand is still in mine...
    it feels so peaceful
    it feels like the clearness of this morning
    it feels promising that it will be a good day

    the day is the beginning
    like springtime is the beginning of the year
    but you know my lover
    I love all the times of the year
    I love the beginning untill the end

    so I love you when you are young
    but I still love you when you are old
    with every wrinkle in your face
    every wrinkle tells me a story about you

    like rivers flowing through the land
    great and small rivers
    on their way to the ocean
    their way to eternety

    I love you young and old in one
    cause you are eternal... you are light and spirit
    you are everything to me

    love to you... so much love to you
    you deserve all love in the world
    because you are such a wonderful being

    I profess the religion of love
    wherever its caravan turns along the way
    that is the belief
    the faith I keep

    I love you... I love love love you allways

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    "You're not looking for ease
    you're looking for stimulation.

    You only think you're looking for ease
    when you're overwhelmed.
    That's true of all of you.

    You're not looking for ease
    you're looking for something to be excited about

    and if you're not excited about it,
    it's not the right path.

    If it doesn't knock you over
    if it doesn't knock your socks off
    if it doesn't wow you

    if it doesn't make you wake up in the morning thinking about it then you're on the wrong path."


    My love... here we are

    living on earth and loving
    did we allready arrived in the promised land?
    not at all
    we never get it done
    so let's face the challenges of adventure

    flying with our balloon to the distant shores

    arising together with the sun

    we hear the earth's whisper
    when the winds of dawn blows
    bringing the birth of the day

    we love the waves that balances
    the sea
    we love the waves of our destiny
    our storys are woven by ourselves
    our scripts we made
    molding into place

    I feel deep appreciation to all my memories
    that time can not estinguish
    I love this loved song
    happy and sad and magic

    happy and sad and magic
    I love weird stuff
    and you too my lover
    goats in bizzarre behavior

    I love the magic of our world
    the charme of our earth
    I love her smell
    air mixed with salt and herbs
    the smell of rainforrests

    I love the music of the earth
    the voices coming from deep within

    My love... we are floating over the seven seas
    we are discovering new lands
    we are making choices
    and we go with the flow
    the winds of the Pacific Ocean blowing strong

    we trust on our destiny
    the stars allways guiding us
    do you love the silence of the night my love?
    the misterious night
    over us the Milky Way

    in this moments I feel the melodys of my heart
    in this moments I feel the great spirit of Abraham
    that's when the wise owl comes flying by
    winged silence of our souls

    and we appreciate
    we are in a ecstacy
    pure joy
    blissfull moment beyond time and space

    Love is God in fullness
    the infinite extent

    of the gifts that come
    with the sun and the rain
    and the treasure...

    at the end of the rainbow...

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    "What Source wants to say to you is that
    the love that you hold for yourself in any moment is enough!
    In fact, itís the perfect love under the conditions in which you are living.

    It is enough!
    Itís just right!
    Where you are on your path is just exactly right.
    Itís exactly where you should be on your path.

    If you can acknowledge that:
    ďWhere I am is just right
    and given the circumstances of my life
    Iím right on track.

    And Iím reaching for a fuller
    more encompassing sensation of love.
    And Source is over there patiently
    never for a moment impatient, always loving meĒ.

    Do you know, hereís a good thing to say to yourself:
    ďEven though, for whatever reason
    I donít like myself very much right now
    I know that I have not caused Source to deviate in Sourceís appreciation of me at all.
    I have not convinced Source not to like me.
    Source will never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever do that.Ē

    Source maintains its absolute appreciation of you.
    And as you know that
    maybe it will help you give yourself a little more of a break.
    Maybe it will help you to acknowledge:

    ďI am in the perfect place relative to everything.... even relative to self loveĒ.

    Abraham -

    "We want you to consider how is it that thoughts do turn to things?
    There are no pipelines from other universes or galaxies
    trucking in resources to your planet.
    It is your thoughts that are turning to things!

    It's your mind expansion that is causing your reality to expand.

    Abraham, 05-11-2016

    thank yoy POE

    My love and my wonderful lover

    we are sometime walking over the clouds of Haleakala in Maui
    I love you without conditions
    I love you who you really are
    I focus only on the goodies
    on the lovely and charming man you are
    on your generous art of being
    on your dreams about Hawaii

    let's walk together over the clouds
    where the sun is shining in it's full brilliance

    I know that we are an enlighted couple
    and I know how important it is to stay in alignement
    even when a cloud is coming over us
    it is only a cloud and the sun is still shining

    I keep going on to be with source
    I keep going on to stay in aligment
    I keep going on to feel good
    I keep going on to love
    I keep going on to open my heart
    I am an allower
    I am deeply in love with myself

    I love myself
    I know all my vallues
    I am so confident about the present
    and the future
    I love source

    My in my meditation
    an insight was coming to me:

    I have to reunite vibrationally with my twinflame
    a kind of POWER IGNITION

    I am not so much anymore with that topic of twinflame in my mind

    for me
    there is a huge part of myself who MUST LOVE

    it has nothing more to do with romantic love
    I am now allowing this GIANT LOVE
    to come in

    whatever it is
    I am allowing

    whereever it come from
    I am allowing

    I love YOU my lover

    I seem to have loved you in numberless forms, numberless times...

    In life after life, in age after age, forever.

    Rabindranath Tagore

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    Unending Love

    I seem to have loved you in numberless forms, numberless times...
    In life after life, in age after age, forever.

    My spellbound heart has made and remade the necklace of songs,
    That you take as a gift, wear round your neck in your many forms,

    In life after life, in age after age, forever.
    Whenever I hear old chronicles of love, it's age old pain,

    It's ancient tale of being apart or together.
    As I stare on and on into the past, in the end you emerge,
    Clad in the light of a pole-star, piercing the darkness of time.

    You become an image of what is remembered forever.
    You and I have floated here on the stream that brings from the fount.
    At the heart of time, love of one for another.

    We have played along side millions of lovers,
    Shared in the same shy sweetness of meeting,
    the distressful tears of farewell,
    Old love but in shapes that renew and renew forever.

    Today it is heaped at your feet, it has found its end in you
    The love of all man's days both past and forever:
    Universal joy, universal sorrow, universal life.

    The memories of all loves merging with this one love of ours -
    And the songs of every poet past and forever.

    ~Rabindranath Tagore

    "When you feel love, clarity, and appreciation,
    the WHOLE of you is present in this moment."

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    Allowing your feeling of well-being before the evidence

    99.99% of your creation is complete before you see ANY physical evidence of it.
    When you desire with belief, itís happening.
    When you desire with hope, itís happening slower.
    When you desire with doubt, itís so slow, you might as well think about something else.

    When you want something and you donít believe it, itís as good as not coming! When you want something and hope, itís coming ó but you gotta be patient.
    When you want something and you know itís coming, patience isnít a factor because itís coming quickly enough that evidence is showing up all over the place. So your optimism is easy to feel when you see evidence.

    This workshop is called the art of allowing and what it really is is the art of allowing
    your feeling of well-being before the evidence.
    The art of allowing your connection to what it is you want before everybody else agrees that itís a sure thing.


    "Don't you LOVE the power to love?
    That's what this is all about.
    This isn't about creating stuff
    this is about purposefully creating a vibrational stance
    so that you're in alignment
    not just with the things you want that are lined up in your Vortex but with the Source Energy
    that is posed and flowing through you at all moments."


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    And that is our strongest message to you.
    Life is suppose to be good for you. You live, whether you know it or not
    you live as the full recipients of a hurricane of grace that is flowing towards you
    at all times in answer to all that you ve been asking for.
    Not one of you has been separated out as one who should not be the receiver of it.
    All of you are in the full flow of this hurricane of well being.

    And as you understand that
    you begin to stand up with an attitude of willingness
    to receive the benefit of this well being and worthiness that is flowing to you at all times.

    As you get a whiff of that
    and the best way to get a whiff of that is to stand where you are right now
    and do your best to find the best of the positive aspects that surround you.

    Look for things to appreciate even if there aren t that many
    look for things to feel good about even though there are more to feel bad about.

    Give your attention the best way you can to the best things that are going on in your experience
    with the determination to train yourself
    into the BEST feeling vibration you can find right here and right now.

    Abraham Vortex Book CD Set

    My love.... my wonderful lover
    I love loving you and it is indeed the best feeling ever
    that feeling to love you who you really are

    I allready know it deep inside
    that I am you
    the mirror is becoming translucent

    I love to stay in alignement
    I love to stay connected to SOURCE
    I love to stay in alignement to my guidance and source

    that is the hurricane of grace
    I love the allowance of that huge stream of love

    and I know now definitly
    that the more I love the more I recieve love
    the more space I give to that that stream of grace

    I allow more and more to be with me
    and here comes the twin flame tale again on surface
    it is so simple cause I have to love
    twinflame is my inner core
    I love all the parts of myself
    I love myself
    I must love to feel good
    it doesn't matter what I love
    I keep shining my love
    I keep going on
    I keep loving

    Do you love the ride my love?
    the ride of the river of live
    how exciting
    how adventurous

    I love it weird
    I love it exciting
    I love the challenges
    I love it romantic

    but romantic means romantic
    never more attachements
    never again missing piece
    cause I am in contact with source
    with my core
    with my heart
    I am feeling the eternalness of who I am

    I am you
    you are me
    all is a mirror
    I love the mirror

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    "If you could understand that this is just energy movement
    and that the manifestation will take care of itself,
    it would take the difficulty out of real life."


    cause it's done!

    My love... today I am in my dreams
    today there is a rainbow portal opening in the sky
    you see all this clouds my Rainbowlover?
    I had a dream about the Rainbow Portal

    there are people who are telling about polar stratospheric clouds
    but I am dreaming
    I am dreaming about portals to other worlds
    about the most beautiful islands on our earth: Hawaii

    this double rainbow of Makawao in Maui
    I dream about our home in Makawao
    our plantation home
    our Haiku in Makawao
    I am dreaming about Ho'okipa beach...

    sunsets in unbelieveble collors
    collors of which dreams are made

    Go on with your life Venus
    Your path is one of peace and love dear sweet Venus
    Your life is such a wonder Venus
    Is a beautiful song of love joyfull Venus
    Open your arms and sing the songs of JOY
    keep dreaming your life
    and it will allways be full of wonders and miracles

    and there are rainbows in the skies
    and rainbow clouds
    and portals to other dimensions

    There is a place on earth
    on the South Pacific
    with so much beauty that you can call it Paradise!

    Every human being have inside a hidden paradise
    and so we are looking arround and walking on our path of life
    searching for this paradise for love and joy

    we take the journey to reach this paradise
    it is the journey
    the journey is Paradise

    "Be the brilliant, GENIUS magical, creative person
    that youíre born to be.

    And donīt try to conform to the mediocre standards of the world,
    which mostly operates from OOTV."


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