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Thread: I love loving you... the best feeling ever!!!

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    Osiris Awakening

    Air and earth are my horizons. What lies between is what I am.
    O infinite form of being: beast and stone and vegetable; the way a man may stand in his garden or dance by the river while wakes of small boats rock the reeds.
    The cities and the people in them, gods who walk in white linen, like women under the blue stone of heaven. I am the priest in a hidden house, guide to inner worlds. I am the idea of myself in my mother's belly, a bright trembling star in the memory of morning, a grain of sand blown east. I am the husband of Isis: woman, and widow, and witch. To embrace her is to dream of ripening wheat. To sleep in her arms is to dream of honey.
    With a word she drives the snakes from the river. The boats sail far to its mouth.

    Air is what I breathe. Earth is where I stand. I have given my face to Amenta. It is white with heat. The world is bright as bronze.
    The dead rise up to see me, breathe the air and look into my face, a yellow disk on the eastern horizon.

    "Egypt Book of Dead"

    My love... I love loving you
    it is the best feeling ever my sweet love
    what mysterious force guides us?
    like a rythm of tides

    we are on the golden wave
    life is so full of mystery
    we are connected so deep as the deepest sea

    twin souls we are
    twin flame is the infinite flame in ourself
    our inner core of source energy

    the tide of love is bringing us more and more love
    a stream of golden light and infinite love
    a stream of grace and joy
    a stream of bliss

    Where are we my love?
    we are HERE in our HEARTS
    we are thriving through magic lands
    floating over the Nile

    were the time is standing still

    we are diving deep in ancient times
    knowing that all is happening now
    all is multidimensional
    all on the same disc
    all on the same screen
    thriving through the dimensions

    Abydoss and Dendera
    the Flower of Life
    and Astronomical Ceiling at the Hathor Temple

    I love you my lover
    my eternal lover
    how does it feel to be here?
    it is a dream who is coming true?
    or it is like coming home?

    I know that there is enoughness
    all this must first be felt inside ourselves
    before it will reflect outside
    it is so magic
    gosh how much I am in love with all
    how much love is inside myself
    it is never ending
    it is like a river of eternity
    even more than the Nile
    even more than the Milky Way

    we are flying on the wings of angels
    angels who are taking care of us

    we are in absolute peace
    feeling so safe

    floating over the world
    we see the distant shores of the ocean
    we see mountains
    rivers and temples

    you are holding my hands
    how beautiful these millions of stars in the darkness
    and music
    holy music
    what a night my love
    this must be real love
    you see

    I love... I love you in thousand colors

    “Is it reality
    or is it not reality?

    All things are reality.
    Even if only one is imagining it
    it is a reality in that the thought has been offered
    and someone
    who has the ability to translate that vibration
    will perceive it.
    It must be fair to say

    that anything that can be perceived

    must be reality.


    as creators
    your reality depends upon what you are
    willing to imagine and allow.”


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    We want you to consider how is it that thoughts do turn to things?
    There are no pipelines from other universes or galaxies
    trucking in resources to your planet.
    It is your thoughts that are turning to things!
    It's your mind expansion that is causing your reality to expand.

    Abraham, 05-11-2016, TX

    My love... the word love takes care of everything
    we are in a beautiful dream of love my lover

    in love dreams miracles are happening
    that's an universal law
    Bashar would say:
    "That's physic."

    the frequency of love
    who is bringing all to us

    we are shifting
    we are shifting so fast
    and in ways that it buggle the mind

    what shall I say more?
    that I imagine and allow?
    that I give in?
    yes I give in

    to this great great love
    on our journey from eternity to eternity

    "So now go back to the word Love
    go back to the word Love
    because that takes care of everything."


    this great great love
    on our journey from eternity to eternity
    on the golden wave we are sailing

    I love Egypt so much
    I wanna stick this emotions
    I wanna take a bath in this emotions of

    holyness of places
    vibrations of power
    love through ages

    I wanna stick this time
    when the sun is setting
    silence surrounding us
    colors of golden
    orange and maguenta
    soft golden

    and I wanna stick this time
    when we go to sleep on soft pillows
    when you kiss me
    and the night comes
    with billions of stars

    as it was allways
    eternal dance of the universe

    I love you my love
    I kiss you
    you are so sweet

    You are the vibrational writers of the script of your life
    and EVERYONE else in the Universe is playing
    the part that you have assigned to them.


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    "They sabotage their dreams by not focusing on them
    They sabotage their dreams
    by focusing upon the reality that is different from the dream.

    Because you can't activate two things at the same time

    You're either focused on what you want,
    or you're NOT'
    and if you're focused upon the absence of what you want, you are sabotaging your dream in that moment

    Sabotage is a strong word, but if you keep it up, and keep it up and keep it up..
    IOW, your dream wants to be revealed to you, but you've got to prepare yourself to see it.

    If you can feel your dream, you're not sabotaging it" -


    FEEL your dreams today, y'all!

    thank you Bev - Ilovejazz

    My love... I love loving you
    and it seems that I have loved you in numberless times
    in life after life and in age after age forever

    we are travelling through on the golden wave of infinity
    floating gently over deserts and temples
    we are taking rest over soft pillows somewhere beyond the horizon
    we are dreaming about the pyramids until
    the sun appears in the golden morning dust
    we are moving ahead to the North
    together with the river Nile
    stars on the azure dome over us twinkle to us

    My love.... I love loving you
    we are now in this journey together
    our home is in our heart
    and it is the language of love that guides us
    over the distance and through the mysteries

    we are made of dust of stars
    and we are stars
    we are the fire of the Universe...
    in a river of infinity

    we are Source
    dancing light in a physical body
    pure spirit of LOVE

    there are stories woven
    and fortunes are told
    about the Blue Nile
    about the field of the Blue Nile
    about Sirius
    star codes
    the Melchisedeck Order
    Annunakis who build the pyramids
    who digged rivers in Sumer and Egypt

    That there is a hidden connection between the Nile and the Tigris-Euphrates
    is initially hinted by the latitudinal position of the latter’s mouth.
    It is at 30°N exactly - the very latitude

    The epoch marked by the Blue Nile/Khartoum (c. 4000 BC)

    approximately coincides with the rise of Sumer in Mesopotamia,
    the land of the Tigris-Euphrates.

    the Halls of Amenti
    the enigmatic Sphinx
    a clockwork for the Precession Cycle
    the Great flood
    the Nile as the river of time

    the truth is measured by the weight of our gold
    magic lies scattered
    on rugs on the ground
    faith is conjured in the night market's sound...
    the heart will be weighed and should be as light as a feather

    in a land where cats are a Goddesses
    and Anubis the jackal is the supreme judge

    where do we come from my love?
    definitly from the Gods

    on a mythical journey
    an initiation
    that will peak in the sarcophague of rose granit
    in the kings chamber of the Cheops pyramid

    you allready told me about my love
    my wonderful lover
    the Knight Templers did know about
    the frequency of 117 Herz
    the Arc of Convenant
    Monoatomic gold
    a superconducter
    oh my goddess

    what an experience my love
    do you can IMA-GENE how does it feel?
    chanting the OM
    in the Kings Chamber of the Cheops?
    to finally be in the sarcophage for some minutes
    minutes that will bridge to eternity

    memories are awaken
    unlocking the unknown
    holy crab that's exciting

    a brilliant light will shot through the head
    the third eye immediatly will open in an explosion
    an interdimensional portal to the stars?

    stories are woven
    and fortunes are told
    the stars are our guidence
    our Inner Being
    our HEART feels

    Goddess Basted

    "Go for the higest vibration you can
    Strive for that
    Reach for the furtherest expansion of yourself.

    "The way you feel is your choice
    your choice
    your choice

    Focus by thinking and feeling
    thinking and feeling
    thinking and feeling. "


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    In the field with my cattle, my shadow sinks into black earth and rises. The smell of things growing. The horizon parts like waking lovers and like a child, the sun rises from their sleep. The world watches its steps, old man, old child, old king. Sun passing in the sky, light of all that can be said, shadow of hidden things. Every face watches, every eye turns; resplendent dawn and evening. Such passion is existence. Every day the sun king rides his boat, glory dripping like water from an oar. Every day the streets fill with people, every face, turning. Such power can not be measured. Such love can not be told. Unspeakable grace in the fields and cities.
    I dip my bread in milk and eat.

    The Egyptian Book of the Dead

    My love... love is fascinating
    it feels deeply touching my heart
    what do you FEEL?

    love is real
    love is imortal
    love remains
    love is healing
    love is pure bliss
    love is joy
    love is reaching the stars
    love is dancing in heaven
    love remains allways

    love is life... if you miss love... you miss life
    we are so blessed with this love

    did you felt the love wave this night my love?
    a huge wave of love
    it was so much fullfilling
    how can I explain so much love?

    how can I messure love?
    unmessurable love
    undivided and infinite...

    we are HERE in Egypt on the shore of the Nile
    my wonderful lover
    it's all about the journey
    to allow
    to let go
    to trust in the journey
    to let the river flow

    the beautiful discoveries we make
    and that you my lover are here
    you are the greatest gift
    to be on my side
    to share all the beauty
    Temple of Isis
    Temple of Osiris
    Temple of Horus
    like a pearl necklage
    all this prescious tempels on the shore of the Nile

    five thousand years of written history
    on papyrus and on stones of temples and in tombs

    we are stunning before all this beauty
    and we are aware
    that we can catch only a glympse of all this brilliance
    brilliance of ancient times
    and to share
    to share feelings of love

    my wonderful lover
    we don’t have to WAIT for things
    we allways find us just THINKING of something and there it is
    And then thinking of something else and there it IS
    Wondering about SOMEONE and there they are
    Wanting SOMETHING and it presents itself to you

    Isn't it wonderful when we begin to feel this INVINCIBILITY?
    the creative GENIUS that we really ARE?

    together with our LOVE
    things are moving FORWARD into the new space
    And into the new space
    My love.... we are constantly in love
    the ROOT of the ETERNAL being we are
    It’s the NEW SPACE that we ALL are reaching for
    it is as paradise this new space
    this new love who is eternal

    we are thriving
    we are expanding
    we are thriving so fast
    together with the fast motion of the Universe

    sometimes I would love to hold
    to stay on a place

    my life teached me something really different
    life teached me
    that my HEART is my home

    and life teached me
    that the balloon of love is waiting for us

    to take us on our infinite journey
    on a cosmic dance
    full of grace and joy

    "We want you to consider how is it that thoughts do turn to things?

    There are no pipelines from other universes or galaxies
    trucking in resources to your planet.
    It is your thoughts that are turning to things!
    It's your mind expansion that is causing your reality to expand."

    Abraham, 05-11-2016, TX

    thank you POE

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    "You are a LOVER, and if you're not loving
    something's gone terribly wrong.
    And it is not the subject of your love that's gone wrong, it's your focus.

    You are one who knows your worthiness
    And when you feel inferior,
    resentful or disrespected, it's not that someone else has the power to do
    that to you, it's your focus. You've focused in a screwy way, you see.
    You've focused out of sync with who you are.


    And we say, "That feeling of powerlessness will bring you right to your
    knees because you can't control them, nor should you be able to, you see.
    But you CAN control your focus..."

    You can draw back to something general or focus in more specifically. And
    the key to keeping yourself in alignment is really that power of how to use
    your focus."


    - I greet you Osiris, son of Nout, for whom Atoum created prestige in the hearts of men, of gods, of the blessed, and to whom has been given the scepter of Heliopolis and many transformations.
    You are the possessor of great renown in the divine palace at Abydos, striking fear throughout the earth. Prince of the gods of the Douat, governor of the living, king of the dead, whom thousands (of souls) glorify at Kher-aha. Your sisters Ises and Nephthys come to you to fill your heart.
    With love for you they will enclose everything in their arms and reunite for you all the gods and the kas. They will adore you eternally...

    – Egyptian Book of The Dead

    My lover... I love loving you
    I am asking where we are?
    are we dancing in the endless space of the universe?
    are we running through the snowy mountains of Montana in America?
    or in the Arctis of Alaska?
    are we in the arid nature of New Mexico?
    on Mount Sinai?
    Silk Road?

    we are still in Egypt
    and our time in the land of the pharaos is coming to an end

    what is the meaning of an end?
    allways a new beginning

    we are riding the golden wave
    so many places
    the whole world is here for us
    and in real we both have seen them

    why Egipt for the second time?
    my heart knows
    my soul recognise the music
    the frequency

    my love... in the vortex we are
    moving in high and fast energy
    in alignement with who we really are

    I love to make the scripts of the movie of my life
    I love this creative power of freedom
    I love the play
    not knowing the outcome
    just being in the flow
    just being in the wild

    I love when we fall a sleep on soft pillows
    this time in Mena House Cairo
    and we look to the pyramids from our window
    pillows of silk
    just being soft as velvet
    our dreams being smooth
    our storys are woven
    will never end
    the balloon of love is waiting to take us back to Al-Gharb
    the meaning of Algarve in arab
    it means far west

    we fly my love
    we fly up in the sky
    over the clouds and the rainbow

    I love you... I love loving you
    my sweet love

    I kiss you

    Life should just be
    a series of WONDERFUL moments!
    Confirming the perfection, and the worthines,
    and the love-
    and that, which is YOU.
    That´s the way it´s supposed to be.

    And these are not fairytales.


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    "The path of least resistance
    and most allowance
    are the same thing."


    And what is the rush? Everything is coming to you.
    Don’t put an end date to anything. Let the universe yield to you. Because if the path is a fun path, you don’t care how long it takes, because you only want this to be a short path, because you are not having fun, living at home.
    That is really worth thinking about.

    But if it is a fun path then you don’t care how long you meander in all this fun corners and experiences and all the data that you are collecting.
    You see where we getting at?


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    “Is it re
    or is it not reality?
    All things are reality.
    Even if only one is imagining it
    it is a reality in that the thought has been offered
    and someone
    who has the ability to translate that vibration
    will perceive it.
    It must be fair to say
    that anything that can be perceived
    must be reality.
    as creators
    your reality depends upon what you are
    willing to imagine and allow.”


    My love...I love loving you
    today is a special day

    I feel the wild
    I feel the fire
    I wanna dance and I wanna sing
    I hear the drums
    I hear the songs

    do you want to dance with me my love?
    feeling the heat of the fire
    feeling the heat of our bodies
    in the dark of the night...

    swirrling in circles
    that knowing of power
    all that power
    that feeling of freedom

    we can travel in other worlds
    we can travel inside ourself
    we can reach the highest mountains
    and find the god in us

    My love... what a night
    swirrling dancers under the stars
    that feeling of love
    the earth's whisper
    after the stars fade
    and the winds of dawn blow
    the birth of the day...

    I love loving you
    when the bright morning star arrises in the east
    memories that time can not kill
    the well-loved song
    happy and absurd...

    the unheard music...
    we carry in our hearts

    do you feel this imensity of space my lover?

    do you see the wave that balances
    the sea of sand?

    the silence that shakes
    and seems to fill the space
    without time
    of a bird song
    wants to remain within...

    "Love what you know
    because now you know too much
    to ever go back

    and know that you are never alone
    your Inner Being is always right there
    to guide you
    and enjoy the ride with you"


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    "Nothing brings something that’s in your Vortex, and ready to pop, to you faster - than

    to the knowledge that it’s there and ready to pop AND – doesn’t require your effort.
    That’s the true definition of SURRENDER!!!
    Surrendering to what you’ve created.
    And sometimes people think that surrendering means giving up.

    It means – letting go of resistance and ALLOWING the Universe to yield to you what you want!!!

    Abraham-Hicks, from the Panama Cruise, 2011

    thank you Qizy

    My love... my sweet love
    I love loving you
    we are again riding the balloon
    we are going where the wind of challenges will bring us
    we are trusting in faith
    we believe in love
    we proclaimed to the universe
    that love is our religion
    trusting in the winds
    trusting in the tides
    trusting in the rythm of the earth
    trusting in her breath and her heartbeat
    trusting in the universe

    My lover of my heart
    my lover of my soul
    we allready know to create with light
    light patterns and light frequencies
    we know to apply sound and color and geometric shapes
    consciously we interact with the Creator and all the Beings of Light

    I love you my lover.... I love loving you
    and loving you is loving myself

    Source wants to say to us
    that the love that we hold for ourself in any moment is enough

    so let our love bee as the waves of the infinite ocean
    rolling between our hearts

    I love that feeling of waves coming in
    flowing to you
    coming back
    I feel the atoms dancing
    I feel the monoatoms
    the unification
    the field of Meissner

    I feel the stillness in the storm
    I hear the sound of silence
    can you hear it my love

    it's the whisper of the universe

    we are in that plane of orbiting light
    we know the Star Fire

    I am an Annunaki princess
    well thats a joke
    but... you never knows

    My love to you is
    like singing to the stars
    singing to the moon and the sun
    feeling all this love
    radiating to the whole world

    it is YOU
    it is the power of the twin flame
    the blessing from the flame
    the sacred union
    but it is me me me me
    I am this LOVE
    I am YOU
    thank you for all this love I am feeling
    thank you for this mirror

    This is now new, this is the "Plane of Sharon".
    This, "Plane of Sharon", which so many people have thought to be a field or something, for 100’s of years.
    Turns out to be, the "Plane of the Orbit of the Light".
    It is the "Plane of Knowing".
    A dimension, which we can actually exist in, and those with higher pineal activity will exist more in that dimension,
    and this is why these people where fed the "Star Fire"

    Sir Laurance Gardner

    “I am in the perfect place
    relative to everything.... even relative to SELF LOVE”.

    Abraham - thank you Shiningsalsa

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    "When you´r in the receiving-mode
    what they have
    access to is your INSPIRED GIVING
    for which they are inspired to receive.

    And that is this most delicious
    BEST EXPERIENCE of a lifetime!

    -To rendezvous with someone
    who is ready to be ready
    while you´r ready to be ready.

    You see what we´r getting at?"

    Los Angeles January 28 2017

    thank you POE

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    "I am understanding that I'm not the only one who put desire in my vortex there are hundreds of thousands and millions and billions of people who put desire in their vortex-- that I am helping as I find and own this vibrational place of allowing source energy to do what source energy knows how to do.
    I'm in the right place at the right time doing the right thing

    and I'm loving my exposure to this life and what it provides for me."


    My love.... I love loving you
    you know it
    but I want to tell it to you as much as I can

    I want to sing songs of love to you
    my songs will wind it's music around you with so much love and care
    my songs will touch your heart so deep

    my songs that I am singing to you
    are like a pair of wings to your dreams

    it will bring your heart to the verge of the unknown
    it will be like the faithful star overhead when dark night is coming

    it is the music of our soul connection
    and the wise owl comes bye and take us to the distant shores
    to the most beautiful places on earth and in the universe

    in a sense we are still in Egypt
    and there is much much more to come
    when the dream in the dream comes to us

    there is much to say
    there are deep feelings of passion for this life
    for the earth
    and humanity

    we are here with our living hearts
    let's keep our heart open
    and singing and praising


    "Doesn´t the Good that comes to some come through others?
    (...) Often God (...) utilizes your open valve to give to others, through.
    Doesn´t that make sense? Haven´t you been inspired to your giving?

    Haven´t you been at the right place, in the right time-
    and hasn´t it felt so wonderful,
    that you can´t even begin to explain, how the good it
    feels- because, when you are tapped in to the resources, and they are
    flowing through you to some object of attention that you have,
    and that person is also in the receiving-mode, they they are RECEIVING
    through you, and you´r RECEIVING, too!

    Iow, no wonder that this feels good!
    That´s how it all fits together!

    But what if that felt good, and then you started to read books,
    about how inappropriate it is for others to make demands through you.
    You say, "But wait, it felt really good until I thought about it from that
    perspective! And now... yeah, he is pretty bossy, and he is pretty
    demanding and pretty entitled, and that is pretty sexist..."
    -and then you get into a place where you are NOT in the receivingmode.

    But your culture is still saying: "Well, this things should be performed
    by you!" And we wanna say to you:
    ANYONE who is giving to ANYONE, in any other personal state than
    the receiving-mode, is gonna get depleted and resentful.

    Because it´s not how the laws of the Universe work!
    But it also is wrongheaded, it is not accurate with the laws of the
    Universe when you say "I shouldn´t be giving to others! I should only
    be receiving for myself!"

    Do you know who is the BIGGEST RECIPIANT
    of what you give to someone else?


    Because, as it went through you, you benefitted by it!
    Iow, that satisfaction-factore is THERE!
    So you might wanna ask yourself, "Am I a giver, or a taker?" -That´s
    the way humans lay it out. "Am I a giver or a taker?" -Well, if you are
    human, you are some of all of that. And sometimes, you are on the
    receiving-end, and sometimes you are on the giving-end.

    But if you have practiced understanding what the art of allowing is,
    if you´ve practiced being in the receiving-mode so, that you are
    PREDOMINANTLY in the receiving-mode, then the Universe will
    utilize you in all kinds of different ways, in order to be in the right
    place, in the right time, to assist someone else in this or that or the

    And then, it doesn´t feel like a giver, or a receiver. It feels like
    COCREATORS, who have RENDEZVOUSED. It feels like cocreation at
    it´s best. Because, you can´t be joyful in your gifted giving- which,
    at the core of you, is there- if you´r not giving! (...)

    (when you feel full of love, on the high flying disc)
    the feeling of GIVING and flowing is so strong within you.
    But then, you begin to analyze!
    Because you are wise in this deliberate creation!
    You really want them to understand THEIR receiving-mode!

    And so you become a wise parent, who doesn´t meet their demands.
    You meet them, when they are in the RECEIVING-MODE!
    You let YOUR inspiration to rendezvous with them and THEIR
    inspiration to rendezvous with you be the basis of that.
    And you don´t gather around you "demanding anybodies"!

    Demanding children, demanding employees, demanding employers,
    demanding boyfriends, -you don´t gather around you anybody,
    who´s making DEMANDS- because you are in the RECEIVING-mode!
    And they don´t have access to you.

    When you´r in the receiving-mode, what they have
    access to is your INSPIRED GIVING,
    for which they are inspired to receive.

    And that is this most delicious, orgasmic, BEST EXPERIENCE of a
    lifetime! -To rendezvous with someone who is ready to be ready,
    while you´r ready to be ready. You see what we´r getting at?

    from North Los Angeles January 28 2017

    thank you POE

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