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Thread: I love loving you... the best feeling ever!!!

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    "My undivided attention
    as I PURR myself into ALIGNMENT."


    My love.... I love loving you
    this is my song

    I love loving you
    through the ages and the infinite time
    theese are my feelings
    deep feelings in my heart

    it is my love song that I beginn to sing in the early morning
    together with the birds starts chirping

    just being happy and
    feeling the joy of the coming day
    feeling the joy of the coming times

    all is in the flow of the Universe

    my love my wonderful lover
    my beloved man
    we have feelings and visions

    we are fullfilled now
    living in the now


    we trust
    we are embracing all

    our visions are deep and powerful
    knowing my lover
    knowing about the laws of the universe
    knowing about fullfillement
    it's all inside us

    Oh my sweet the fountains becoming a river
    and the rivers flowing toward the ocean
    the winds of heaven mix for ever with sweet emotion

    this is the feeling of our hearts
    the language of the heart

    Our trip to the tropical island in paradise was a dream
    first of all our airplane was flying during three hours
    over endless sand dunes of Sahara Desert

    so in a sense even the dream about Marrocco
    and the sand dunes was coming to an fullfillment
    flying in 11.000 meters over the Sahara was awsome

    I coninue to dream my love
    I keep going on to dream
    about love our love...

    we are allways loving
    our world is loving
    the earth is dancing with the moon is loving
    and the earth is dancing arround the sun and is loving
    together with all the planets
    and the galaxies dancing arround a greater galaxie and so on
    and all are loving it's a symphony of love in our Universe
    maybee Universes dancing arround greater Universes...
    Universes loving Universes
    a dance of LOVE
    it's a cosmic dance
    it's a holy dance
    the dance of LOVE

    Sao Tome was feeling so good
    good people with such a joy
    that Abraham would be happy about
    allways with a smile

    allways in love
    people of Sao Tome starts sining in the morning
    as I do and this is the the secret
    just being happy

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    Heart Center
    Venus, thank you for sharing your most beauteous rampage and photo!
    I love loving You!

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    thank you so much Tree...

    I appreciate so much your co creation

    love Venus

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    "You Can't go off of your Path"


    My love.... I love loving you
    we are here together in this space time reallity
    we are here on the edge of the evolution
    we are here for expansion and to love our path

    we take te expansion
    and the path of least resistance
    I love to be here
    I love the purpose to be on planet earth
    I love the joy and that feeling
    of eternal consciousness

    I am sure that soon we take again the balloon
    I am in love with adventure
    at this moment I am so much inside myself
    I am so much in my inner worlds
    I am so much in a state of paradise

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    "The Magic"

    We can´t even find words. Esther calls it "the magic".
    It´s where exhilaration is so strong, and the feeling of appreciation is unspeakable.

    And the POWER, the demonstratable power of that kind of alignment moves mountains. Moves oceans. Moves movements. Moves people, CHANGES power.

    And we know- we can feel by visiting with you, you can feel the difference! Love feels like satisfaction. But there is way more than satisfaction, in THIS exhilaration of life, from time to time.

    San Diego Ca Workshop August 2017

    The Eye of the Sahara

    The Richat Structure, also known as the Eye of the Sahara and Guelb er Richat, is a huge circular formation in the Sahara desert of west–central Mauritania near Ouadane. This structure is a deeply eroded, slightly elliptical, 50-km in diameter, dome. This prominent circular feature in the Sahara desert has attracted attention since the earliest space missions because it looks like a gigantic bull’s-eye. The sedimentary rock exposed in this dome range in age from Late Proterozoic (2.5 billion years) within the center of the dome to Ordovician (480 million years) sandstone around its edges.

    My love... my lover
    I love loving you
    tonight it is a night of union for the stars
    the Orion belt so bright
    our home place

    anyway this happend when we returned from Afrika
    never I saw the Orion constellation so clear
    never I have seen it in my life so nitid
    it was as if I could touch the stars

    that's magic my love

    we are dancing together with the Orion
    we are dancing to music of stars
    we are dancing and singing songs of love and joy

    two fools in love
    you see

    but now I have to appreciate deeply my flight over the Sahara
    my awsome desert adventure
    flying at 39.000 feet and looking to the sand dunes of Sahara
    infinite sand dunes even looking from such altitude
    to see sharp and clear
    the Eye of Shara in Mauretania we saw
    the astronauts descovered in the Gemini mission
    cause the Eye of Afrika can not be seen on the ground
    only from space
    well and 12.000 m is like from space

    Ibn Arabis poetry about an ocean without shore're
    is coming in my mind
    and a shore without an ocean
    coming the morning light without darkness

    and a sphere without locality
    the raised azur dome over the earth
    and no specific location
    the secret concealed

    love is in the air
    love is here

    My love... flying during three hours over the desert
    all my wishes become fullfilled

    I am again on this place in the Sahara
    the place where I opened definitly my heart to you
    in a small oasis called Nefta
    sitting on the great dunes and letting the sand
    trickle away through my fingers
    observing the impermanence of matter
    the impamanence of everything but never of LOVE

    the Eye of Afrika is 2.5 Billion years old...

    an ocean of sand
    an ocean of water
    an ocean of emotion

    I love like an wide ocean
    it feels infinite
    it feels like imensity
    it feels so tender
    I love the portuguese word of tender
    ternura it feels like ternura
    it feels so wide and infinite...

    “Hut-hut” Ahmed shouted as he led our camel cavalcade
    of adventurers across the sands of the arid Sahara desert
    I scanned the stark horizon looking for the shimmering palms of our destination
    the tall trees signaled the riparian area of the nearest oasis
    as the camel lumbered...
    I realized that the Oasis Nefta in South Tunisia
    was going to be a very special experience

    and the flight with an Airbus 320 also was...

    I love you and I will carry you deep in my heart
    deep deep deep
    crossing the desert
    flying to the Paradise Sao Tome
    it happends in my manifestation just for fun

    so many things I recived as a gift of the universe
    also the huge infinity pool of the hotel
    I was swimming every day

    yes Hawaii is everywhere cause it's in ourselfes

    Gosh it feels so good to love

    "So you opened yourself to this very high powered, very fast, very high leveraged, very high frequency energy.
    And when you do, it´s prudent to be in alignment with it
    OR you have a rough ride, sometimes.
    But as you step back... you just have to ask yourself continually this question,
    "Would I rather go slow?"

    -Would you?
    Do you think Esther can ever drive a normal car, again?
    -We don´t.
    We don´t see why she ever would want a "normal" car again.
    And you not ever want to be a "normal" person again, either.



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    ...But if you are a visionary, you thrive in all times.

    Because as a visionary, you have learned to hold your vibration in the place that matches your desire.

    Basically you have one function that breaks down into two activities.
    The two activities are: Line up your Energy.
    And realign it if it gets out of alignment.

    That’s really all there is to it!

    It isn’t until you deliberately hold a thought and then see the Universal response to it that you really begin to understand what’s going on.
    Play these games of visualization for a few days. It will be such fun for you, and if you will do it, it will give you two very important things.

    First, it will show you that you can hold a thought for 17 seconds. That’s a “biggee”, bigger than you know. And the other is, it will show you that the Universe will absolutely,
    every time, respond to the purity of your thought.


    My love... I am true to myself

    and when I am true to myself
    than I really really love you
    than I am in vibrational harmony with who I am
    When I am true to yourself I am joyful and follow my bliss
    When I am true to myself I am adventurous.
    When I'm true to myself
    I am you happy and exhilarated
    I am vital my love
    I am enthusiastic and passionate
    When I am true to myself
    I am loving and appreciative

    I love to be myself
    and I know that this is when I am empowered
    when I am in contact with source energy
    when energy is flowing through me

    when I am in the right place
    and the right time
    of the hurricane of grace

    raising our frequency only means to open our hearts
    the island of Happyness Sao Tome
    was showing me so clearly
    how happyness works
    how contagious happyness is

    yesterday my daughter came along to see us
    what a feast of joy
    she came out of the blue?
    she came because of our alignement
    she came cause here in our home it is sweet as honey
    sweetness of life

    I love our world with passion and love
    I love this whole life
    this promise of grace
    and bliss

    thank you Sao Tome
    what a great gift we recieved from the universe

    Sao Tome
    people say it on the Cocoa Island
    and the meaning of leve-leve is light-light

    "What we really wanna say is
    we wanna get way down the road to Step 12
    so that you are consistently in sync
    with who you really are,

    and then allow yourself to be the receiver of what
    you are calling imagination,
    which we are calling:
    translating vibration into the presteps
    of what you later will experience as reality.

    I'm creating fertile ground for my imagination."

    Abraham-Sacramento 2016

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    that you can accomplish."


    My love... I love loving you
    we returned from Afrika one week ago
    and boom.... Amsterdam

    how many times I was in that beautiful city
    how many times I have enjoyed the charme
    the canals with old merchant's houses
    our hotel is on the Amstel channel

    I really don't know what's going on with us
    in april we go for sure
    expectation is the most powerfull condition
    we are coming my love
    the city of lovers is us awaiting

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