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Thread: Romance

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    First of all I already have a wonderful marriage to an absolutely amazing man. Loving, kind generous, my best friend. We travel and do fun stuff together. But sometimes I still think "is that all there is". I mean I see other marriages and we are the happiest I know by far. But sometimes it all just seems a bit blah.
    Well it just seems that every day I kind of pick something to work on and yesterday was looking up Abraham stuff on romance.
    One thing I picked up on was feeling the essence of romance. I spent time writing down what I was looking for. The excitement, the thrill, the newness, the passion and just let myself feel all those things.
    Then I heard something that made me think, if source could provide such a beautiful wonderful magical beginning to our relationship, why wouldn't I expect more? Why wouldn't it just get better and better? I realized it was just a deep belief that relationships got dull over time. So I spent time just enjoying feeling how I did at the beginning of our relationship. How magical our kisses were, the butterflies in my tummy, things like that.
    Then I thought about the best most passionate times in our relationship and how wonderful that felt. There was one time in perticular that was really hot that I spent time thinking of.
    We had a date night last night and I just carried those feelings with me during the date and as I kissed him. My DH really picked up on it. He was telling me how beautiful I was, how fortunate he is to have me. He does do this often, but this was more passionate and just MORE! Lets just say, our date was SO hot. This morning he's acting so infatuated with me. I'm loving it. I love this stuff.

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    AAaaaw hot stuff!

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    You got it going on girl. Keep up with the feelings, and aligning with yourself, and watch the magic continue to unfold.


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    HOT STUFF, Maiya!
    Ooooh... how passionate, how fiery, how exciting, how sexy!

    And how awesome knowing that YOU created all that!

    LOVE, Fukami

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    Thank you for posting...good reminder!

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    That is a great story. People concentrate in attracting the perfect partner and then forget about keeping it.
    Your story will be a reminder for me to keep the passion and love going!

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    It's funny because I tried that one day, but then it was like enough. Knowing I can get ourselves back in that new in love mood when I want I don't need to feel it every minute. Anyway as long as he wants it too, but that's likely as he's very infatuated with me. But without any more effort it just seems to keep rolling in and in and in. More gifts, more confidences, more hugs or even making moves on me when I'm in the kitchen, more telling me I'm beautiful. More fulfilling fantasies I've never told him about. That's SO hot. I love my life.

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    My congratulation, dear Maiya!
    What's beautiful story! especially when you know that you are yourself Creator such wonderful and delicious things!

    You're doing really-super-extremely well!


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    I love that my lover brings me flowers.
    I love that he takes me out for dinner at least once a week.
    I love that he gets so excited about our travel plans he takes over and does the leg work for me.
    I love that he wants a wonderful life with me.
    I love that we fell so deeply in love it feels like we have no choice but to be together.
    I love cuddling in bed with him on a cold night.
    I love sexy warm evenings.
    I love when he brings me flowers, or chocolates.
    I love sharing a glass of wine in front of the fireplace.
    I love when he holds my face in his hands or strokes my hair.
    I love when he tells me I'm so beautiful.
    I love how he takes such good care of our little children.
    I love dancing with him.
    I love that feeling when we're on an airplane and look at each other all excited that we're on our way.
    I love stepping off the airplane and laughing together like little children.
    I love cuddly family nights where we all cuddle up in front of the TV.
    I love days where I want to go out and just get ready and he'll come home and say I look to good to stay home and take me out.
    I love days wondering around villages together.
    I love that if there's an item I desire he'll look for it to get it for me.
    I love that if I have a dream he works to make it happen.
    I love evenings soaking in a tub together.
    I love it when he suprises me with gifts.
    I love how I feel when we're together. I love how I smile when I hear his car coming home.
    I love it when he calls and tells me he's on his way home.
    I love it when he dresses up and looks sexy for me.
    I love it that we hold hands when we go out together.
    I love that at a party we still hang out with each other.
    I love US!

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    I love the way he rushes ahead to opens doors for me.
    I love the way he's planning on taking me for an overnight date next week.
    I love the way he washes my back when we're in the tub.
    I love the way he has a hard time keeping his eyes off me when driving.
    I love his beautiful blue gray eyes.
    I loved the way he'd get up early to spend time with my mom when she was in the hospital.
    I love the way he made my family his own.
    I love that he gets up early and makes the kids special breakfasts on the weekends.
    I love all the coffees and teas he brings me.
    I love that I'm so spoilt I hardly remember how to make my own coffee.
    I love when we have company he takes over with serving so I can visit with our guests.
    I love kissing his muscular back and love the perfection of his body.
    I love the way he helps me look for sea glass on the beach.
    I love when ever we get in the car he takes me out for a coffee.
    I love that even when I'm planning a date he still brings home wine and dessert without me asking.
    I love that I'm a spoilt rotten babe.
    I love his beautiful smile.
    I love that we have childcare and we're going to have a wonderful time tonight.

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