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Thread: Romance

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    So In Love
    I want to rampage on my man a bit ..... We had a very contrast New Years .... We both ended up sick in bed all day yesterday but here we go ......

    i love how he has to touch me
    even when we are sleeping
    i love how he called me his girl this morning
    pick love how he whispers things to me in my sleep
    i know he loves me
    we are the perfect couple for each other
    I love how he says hi to me
    i love how he loves waking up next to me in the mornings
    i love how he calls me his angel
    i love how he kisses me
    i love how we both take care of each other
    i love that he was so worried about me this morning he called me
    pick feel like he can't live without me
    i can't live without him lol
    i love how we hold hands
    i love how we can be in a room together all day long not talk to each other n still be perfectly ok
    i love how he misses me
    i love how he thinks about me
    like love his ssmilie
    i love how he takes showers n is so smooth n warm after
    i love how we are so aalike
    I love how we laugh together
    I love how he doesn't snore n neither do I n we both just love it
    yes yes yes the first night when I spent the night he said oh god I missed you ...... I missed him too but it was so super special to hear it from him! He loves me he loves me he loves me

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    I'm looking forward to that Starryeyed.

    That's so sweet Danigirl!

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    I love that he booked us a hotel room for tomorrow night. I love he's planning on taking me out for a really nice dinner. I love that he booked childcare. I love that though we love our children I'm still such a priority to him, and him to me. I love that we're going to have special time alone.

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    in my vortex!
    I love this thread too, reading you girls sends me to that place awwwwwww I feel my stomach flutter lol makes me want to find that special man.
    it's weird how I often wonder how things can go wrong when we are in love but I'll find that out when I meet him.

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    I love that he treats me like I'm SO worth it.
    I love that he planned a little getaway all by himself, from arranging childcare, restaraunt info, taxi's etc.
    I had so much fun going for coffee, looking for books in the book store. I love the new calendar he bought me!
    I enjoyed checking into our room, and even better when he went and upgraded it to a nicer room.
    I loved sitting in the lounge having a drink looking across the table at him.
    I loved laying on the bed with him reading or just cuddling or watching TV.
    I loved hopping a taxi and going to the restaurant.
    I loved kissing while waiting for them to seat us.
    I loved sitting sipping wine and chatting while enjoying the romantic atmosphere before dinner.
    I loved necking in the hottub and dipping our toes in the too cold pool.
    I loved sharing the jacuzzi in our room.
    I loved sharing the dessert we brought home.
    I loved waking up and reaching for him to cuddle.
    I love the way he went and got us coffee's before I got us up.
    I loved going for breakfast before we came home.
    I loved my lovely getaway with my lover.

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    Even though I've never really had a goofy sense of humor I love that his is wearing off on me. I love how much fun just going shopping with him can be. I feel sometimes we're like little children, free from our parents. I love I can call him nasty names and he'll laugh at me, and vice versa. I don't often swear, but will swear just to shock him and make him laugh. I love that we aren't the same day after day. That we can be romantic one day, goofy another, sizzling sexy, or just comfy cozy reading books in our PJ's.

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    I loved that we finally finished playing the video game that we started together. It only took us 2 years. I love how when we're playing I kind of secretly think of us as the main characters.

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    I woke up in the middle of the night and just enjoyed thinking of our relationship.
    On our first date when we went to a park and just played and had magic kisses.
    How he dressed so nice to come see me, and how good he smelled. I still love that cologne, and want to snuggle and kiss his neck if he's wearing it.
    I loved that he was so much fun!
    I love that he spoiled me rotten.
    I love that even though he was a city boy he'd hike all through the bushes and along my river with me, or just walk and walk and walk.
    That when I backed his car over an old log and wrecked the transmission he was fine with it and just hiked out of there with me to get home.
    That he's sit and visit with my mom and spend time with the rest of my family.
    That he'd smile so big when he would see me and it would be impossible not to smile back.
    When he moved away and all I could think about was being near him again. Even though I was willing to move with him, he wanted us to do things in a way that my parents could be happy about so we decided to get married first. I love that he spent thousands of dollars calling me every night.
    I love that he wanted to pay for most of the wedding himself even though my parents were willing to. I love that he flew back to town to help with the wedding plans.
    The wedding was simple but lovely. I had fun planning it but all I wanted to do was to be with him. On our wedding day he came to our hotel room to see me before the wedding. My sister tried to keep him out, but he was pretty persistant.
    I love that he planned our honeymoon himself. I loved our room by the ocean with the fireplace in it. When I was craving a salad, he went to a store and bought some sad veggies and cut them up for me with a plastic knife. Sweet!
    Sitting outside on the restaurant patio eating our meals, talking and sharing some wine.
    It wasn't the first time we'd shared a bed at night, but so nice to know we'd be sharing the same bed for most of our nights from then on.
    Being free to make love as much as we wanted.
    Taking a side trip to one of my favorite islands on earth. Him buying me pretty lingerie.

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    So In Love

    Ooo la la

    I really sat there one day n thought n felt what sex would be like with josh n boy all last weekend I LOA did not fail! Ha
    I love the way he bites his lips when he's nervous a ill
    i love the way he coughs after he smokes
    i love how he calls me gorgeous
    i love how he claims that I'm his girl
    i love ow he sleeps on his back
    i love how peaceful he looks when he sleeps
    i love how he is getting more n more comfortable with me
    I love ow we laugh n make each other laugh
    pick love how ill be telling him a story n he will laugh til he almost cries
    i love how he gets exited about telling me his stories
    I love ow he loves coffee
    i love how he just knows what I need with out asking me
    I so love how he touches me n caresses me n it's always at the right time or perfect moment or perfect place
    I love how he's so gentle with me but fun n playful
    I love how he rolls over I. The middle of the night thinking I can't hear him n he tells me he loves me
    ooooooooo he loves me he loves me he loves me he loves me
    i love how he has to come check in with me like for example for my birthday he was making me dinner I kept asking him if he needed my help he scolded me n told me to get out of the kitchen but then he would come over every 15 minutes n kiss me
    like he can never get enough
    he can't get dough of me
    i love ow he is more inviting n wants me around more n more
    I love how he calls just to hear my voice
    like love how he tells me he misses me
    I love how he reaches to hold me hand always
    like love how he kisses me
    i love how he slows down n enjoys me caresses me kisses me is so passionate with me
    i love how sweaty we get lol
    i love how he invites me everywhere he goes with his friends n ow he always wants me there with him
    i love how he saves me
    I love how he is my hero
    i love how he adores me
    pick love how we read each other minds
    i love how in sync we are with each other
    i love how it feels soooooo good to be its him
    pick love who I am all the time every time when I am with him
    i love how he believes in me
    i love ow he gives me strength
    i love how he listens to me
    like love how spontaneous we are n how we have the 'out fun ever possible all the time together no matter what we are doing
    i love that we are oth fearless
    i ove that we are oth strong
    i love that we both ad,ire each other
    i love how perfect we are for each other
    i love his bed
    oooooo I so love so love so so so so love sleeping next to him
    i love waking up to him n I KNOW he feels the same
    i love the way he smells
    i love to lay on his chest hear his heart beat but also hear him breath oooo there is something so magical about it
    pick love to feel his incredibly soft skin
    i love it when he is up at the crack of dawn takes a shower n comes n to kiss me good morning oooooo he smells incredible n he is so se y n handsome
    pick love how he takes care of me
    i love how he loves to pay for everything we do
    i love how he feels so manly when he is with me (giggles)
    i love how he asks me what are you thinking
    I love when he is romantic
    i love when he hugs me
    i love when he grabs my foot n just starts rubbing it
    i love that I consistent,y remind him to do whatever he wants to do oooo that brings out some real magic between us
    i love how he asks me if I'm having fun n I ask him the same n we giggle n never answer each other
    i love how alllllllll his friends love me n are so happy for both of us
    i love how me was man enough to admit he was wrong n scared n needs me now in his life I so love how he came crawling back to me n what's even better is that I was so gentle on his ego that he will never let me go
    i love ow he brags that he is not ever loosing me he is keeping hold on me forever
    like love how he is talking kids n family (cause I'm in no hurry but that ball is in his court) I love how I'm not pushy
    I love how he can't go longer then 12 hours without some sort oF communication with me

    i love how no matter what I wear he loves it
    like love how no matter what Ido or say he loves it n embraces it he never judges I love how magical he is we are talking dead on manifestations oth him n I are TITITO when we are together oms totally astounding n sooooo magical I love that so much he surprises me n it's so exhilarating
    i love how the u speaks through him
    he is such a goooooood listener
    awww he's my number one n I Am so in love with him he is so i love with me we love each other so much we are the perfect couple we so love n deserve each other so much

    i am so happy to be spending the weekend with him again I am happy where I am and eager for more !!!!!!! He is so magical I love it we have a super fun weekend of watching football coming up awesome!!!! Xoxoxoxo and more of course wink wink

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    Dani, that is SO beautiful! I love it!

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