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Thread: Substances that bring you into the vortex

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    Substances that bring you into the vortex

    Hey community.
    I have a moral issue with certain "techniques" that bring me into the vortex. Basicially getting into the vortex happens by allowing happiness. Positive emotions can be blocked by too much going on in your mind. Negative selftalk when the ego interups with the right hemisphere of the brain.

    SO now my question! In my case chemicals that enhance brainchemistry and bring neurotransmitters to a higher level and therefore shut down the thoughtdensity and let one into postive emotions/vortex can be called cheating?!

    I am talking about legal herbal substances. Guarana, Coffein, Ginseng, Ginkgo(!!). This stuff shuts down my rather low vibe which comes from to much stress and helps me to have a good mood even though stress occurs.

    Do you guys have similar experiences? Do you or would you have a moral concern with this way of getting into the vortex as it is not "real" because one altered his/her subconcious/concious not enough?

    Do you get my point? Let me know what you think or how you deal with that!

    Greetings Rising

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rising View Post
    This stuff shuts down my rather low vibe which comes from to much stress and helps me to have a good mood even though stress occurs.
    Then I'd say these things are really benefitting you! But it's like sleep--it may put you into the Vortex while you're "on" it, but it does nothing to permanently affect your pattern of vibration.

    I occasionally take 5HTP for good mood and healthy sleep. It actually does some of the mood-lifting that an anti-depressant would. When I first tried it I REALLY noticed the boost, and it was very useful because my emotional set point was quite low at that point in my life. I was ALSO making a huge effort to raise my vibe and be in the vortex as often as possible. I'd say the 5HTP assisted the process here and there when I took it, but I do not attribute it to raising my emotional set point. What raised my set point was listening to how I was feeling and being disciplined enough to use self-talk, though-interruptors, prayer, hot showers, distraction, music, affirmations or whatever I could to gradually de-emphasize the screwy beliefs and allow my vibration to raise and STAY at a higher level.

    By the way, if I take 5HTP now, I don't even notice the effect on my mood. And sometimes when I have coffee I can appreciate the little mood and energy boost, but it's more like icing on the cake!

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    I'd like to say that The Good Feeling inside Vortex is very different from The Good Feeling based on substances you know which is better, don't you?
    I have a nice experience: when I was inside the Vortex deeply, I tried drinking a cup of coffee. And I realized that THAT cup of coffee didn't have any effect on my mood as It did because my mood was so so so high as a result of deliberately marching into the Vortex
    Substances can distract us from What-Is , but in very short-time.

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    Hi Rising!
    I love this question. One of the most important thing for you will be to feel for the beliefs that will serve you & your uniqueness relative to this subject and listen to what your Inner Being's perspective is.

    From my personal experience, anything that brings relief has been beneficial to me. I am a student of the Abraham Hicks material and understanding the laws of the universe has been a powerful experience for me. If I am inspired to an action, any action that will bring me relief without harming another being, then of course I will do it. My body knows how to find it's balance. I eat mostly natural foods and if I'm inspired to drink or eat anything outside of that in an effort to bring relief, then I just follow the impulse and let myself enjoy it. Sometimes I use the resulting good mood to do one of the processes in the Abraham book: ask and it is given. That way the benefits of this good mood are long term beyond just this moment.

    I find that if I am finding myself often consuming a substance in an effort to get into the vortex, I have two choices : to make peace with it and appreciate the benefits or to judge myself and feel guilty. When I make peace with it and appreciate it an enjoy it, then I find that I need it less and less. It's interesting. In general I just feel for the beliefs that are closer to my Inner Beings. I encourage going general on this subject...soothe yourself & have fun with it

    Get into the vortex in any way you can. Milk it & practice the teachings and soon being in the vortex will feel really natural to you & you'll get in there with such ease without the substance & maybe you'll occasionally drink it just for fun - either way. You'll feel really really good when you find yourself easily getting into the vortex by the power of shifting your thoughts. I recommend starting the day with a 15 minute meditation - Abraham Hicks has the getting into the vortex meditation...

    Have fun with all this. Let yourself off the hook. Feel for your Inner Being's perspective.

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