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Thread: Good feeling thoughts and negative words/phrases

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    Good feeling thoughts and negative words/phrases

    When trying to focus on good feeling thoughts I often get confused as to how to phrase them when consciously being aware of what I'm thinking. I'm referring to negative words/phrases such as "not", "cannot", "will not", "even though" etc.

    I've just come across CreatorChristine's response to another thread which includes a sentence I would like to use as a random example:
    "And then begin telling the REALLY TRUE TRUE story: "I have not one single belief that can truly limit me or hold me apart from that which I desire, because I have PERFECT Emotional Guidance, even if I can't always hear it right."

    Negative to me in that sentence: "have not", "limit", "apart", "can't". Now, if I observed someone feeling bad because they've attracted a cold and said to myself "I will not get a cold", how is that different from the above? Because LOA would most likely bring me a cold, wouldn't it? In my experience, even when thinking about something negative very briefly, just a fleeing thought, sometimes the unwanted still happens.

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    The words aren't important because LOA doesn't speak English or any other other language. Rather, it's responding to your vibration, which is all about your focus, and you can tell by the way you feel whether you're focused on what you want or on the absence of it. Certainly using particular words can help you change your focus, if you're in the right vibrational neighborhood, so to speak, but the words are simply a way to help you shift that focus. At the same time, looking at the words you're choosing can help you understand where you're focused.

    For example, when you're saying to yourself, "I will not get a cold," where's your focus? On a cold. The issue isn't with the word "not," it's that what you really want is to feel good, or health, or vitality (and likely all of the above), but you're focused is on something you do not want.

    Quote Originally Posted by Luce View Post
    In my experience, even when thinking about something negative very briefly, just a fleeing thought, sometimes the unwanted still happens.
    That's because while it seems like just a fleeting thought, you've been beating that drum for a while, have gotten some momentum on it and that fleeting thought is enough to push you over the top. As you practice feeling better, soon you'll get enough momentum where that better feeling thought is enough to push you over the top to an improved manifestation.

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    Why not just leave out words altogether? For the example of someone with a cold, observe how you feel in response to seeing someone with a cold. And then try to feel and appreciate what it feels like to feel healthy and focus on that feeling. Or like for instance instead of affirming on money by saying things like "I have abundance," or "there is no limit to my freedom," why not just bypass the fiddling around with words phase and focus on the feeling that you want? And be more aware of the feelings that you are already feeling. Chanting a correctly worded positive affirmation over and over won't help you if you're really feeling all sorts of lack!

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    You could take the bounce. E.g see someone with a cold--say to yourself, that person's cells are asking for more wellbeing and MORE wellbeing is coming to them. Nothing is wrong here. Nothing wrong with a step one moment. All is well.

    And if you read a post that to your sounds like it is a negative--let them off the hook. Maybe it is positive to them. Dont worry about making it sound positive to you. You are the creator of your positive thoughts. They are their creators of their thoughts and prespectives.

    Start letting it be okay that there are step one moments. All is well. Always.

    And to echo Marc, it is the feeling that you can pay attention to and not so much the words.

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    As Marc has said, its the vibration, the feeling behind statement that's important, rather than the words themselves.
    So..looking at those negative words you mentioned then... "Even though" I didn't win the lottery on Saturday, I'm so fine with that because I trust the Universe,and know it has in store for me the most delicious perfect plan to deliver my escrow. I "will not" check those dumb numbers, because look at all the better,wonderful, joyful things I can do with my IB instead. I "cannot" imagine a life without Abraham, or without my IB...I celebrate their presence in my life
    I could "not" go very long without coming home to the Abeforum...wise..comforting..friendly..funny..upli fting..Abe family.

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    I LOVE words.
    I love to be very very specific and picky with them, and it serves me INCREDIBLY well- when Im ITV.

    When Im off, I try to not bother too much. I go general. I let go of nitpicking and all specific focus and and just soothe myself.
    I feeeeel around for the better words, I look for easy emotional GRIDS- who are nothing than soothing single words.

    And sometimes, its just a BLESSING to swear. Look here!
    -thats one of the most helpful technics if your off, and very very funny, too!

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    Some word and quotes change the life of person. One line quote has deep meaning in the words and tell us long time experience of the author. Just like this quote "It takes only a minute to get a crush on someone, an hour to like someone, and a day to love someone but it takes a lifetime to forget someone".

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