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Thread: Want Job! Urgently.

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    Want Job! Urgently.

    Hello friends,

    I was working as District Disaster Management Officer from last 3 years. This is project run by state government and it is over on 31 march 2013.

    That means my tenure has over till the above date. But because of my collector sir's request, I am continuing the same. Not sure how I will

    continue without salary.

    Earlier I was told my government that, my project will be continued for 2 years but nothing has been happened like it was told so far.

    Don't know what to do now?

    Searching another job will take at least 1 or 2 months.

    I am really frustrated and going insane.

    Not been able to focus on the grid.

    I am feeling like I am going in the depression. Coz, I relate work with my identity.

    Any thoughts on this?

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    I mean, I am staying at home without job..feels me very depressive. It puts me down very much. There is no story I can say to myself about this. It feels very horrible.

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    Can you feel the frequency of that?
    I don't get it, why do people love jobs so much? It gets me very curious... Is it the servitude?

    It seems that so many people want jobs these days, when there are only so few jobs around. I think you should really start giving yourself a job since you're so passionate about it. You deserve it all you know!

    I mean, I can almost feel your passion from all the way over here

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    I just notice when something is wanted creates a brick and steel wall of resistance..because you are in panic panic mode... can you try the scripting process to soothe yourself? Just try to feel good now.... depression..frustration..insanity... urgency... alllllllllllll far away and are vibrational mismatches to what you want dear...

    Abe has said.... If you have 100 things...99 things are going wrong..and one thing is going right... Beat The Drum of The One Thing That Is Going Right

    Now Tell Me Dear...What Things Are Going Right? Let me help you start off ..if you want... like you have access to the internet, which allowed you to type up your beautiful question, so that we could assist you. With Love ~ Zen

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    You really really want this.
    So just start really really allowing it.
    How to do that?
    Realize that you will get a job when you line up with it.
    Use all your effort/might/whatever to feel good about it and focus on it in a good feeling way.
    When you focus on it a lot and don't get disoriented (take score, start doubting, etc.) it comes really fast.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Creyk View Post
    When you focus on it a lot and don't get disoriented (take score, start doubting, etc.) it comes really fast.
    This is so simple yet true. I have experienced this is my own life when I just spent about a few minutes focusing on what i want, then just kept the momentum in feeling good and I received the inspiration. Like Abe said, this is to be done in hours not years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by simi_0808 View Post
    this is to be done in hours not years.
    So true!
    We really don't need to work hard at things.

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    @ZenGirl: - Yup... one thing is going good is that I am posting my all concerns over this forum and I am getting the good suggestions from here.
    Secondly, I have a cute baby of one year old. Whenever I went home office and i saw him I immediately forget all the bad things and started playing with him.

    Thanks zen its feeling better. thanks

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