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Thread: Attracting Study & Academic Success

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    The neatness and clarity of your posts is giving me an eyegasm, I'm sure your professors love you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SpanishArmada View Post
    The neatness and clarity of your posts is giving me an eyegasm, I'm sure your professors love you.
    The pleasure was all mine. :P I like to keep things neat and orderly. Though my handwriting is not nearly as neat as the Garamond font.

    I love the clarity of thought that I have
    I love the focus that I have
    I love the feeling of freedom
    I love the feeling of knowing that opportunities are all around me
    I love the feeling of knowing that my destination has manifested in the universe
    I love the feeling of aligning with the positive energies
    I love the feeling of being confident
    I love the feeling of support that is all around me and within me
    I love the feeling of knowing I am a strong, free-thinking being with the power to create my reality
    I love the feeling of clarity in my studies
    I love the feeling of calm
    I love the feeling of knowing that I am intelligent
    I love the feeling of satisfaction after finishing what I have to do
    I love the feeling of understanding the universe

    My studies proceed effortlessly.
    I know what to do and my answers are
    always correct.
    My essays are detailed and to the point, at the same time.
    I am a good exam taker.
    I am an excellent exam taker.
    Studies are easy.
    Exams are easy.
    There is great clarity, regarding the syllabus, hence there is great confidence
    Everything is working in my favour
    All the components are there for me to align myself to manifest my desires
    Love is all around us


    Dialogue with IB:
    In the smallest of things find the greatest of joys, they are more satisfying than anything grandiose. Look to the taste of good food to feel the beauty of all that is around you. Look to the attractive people around you and rather than feeling insecure, appreciate the fact that you saw an aspect of creation that you admire. You brought that experience of admiring someone into your own life. Be proud. Be happy. Be content. There are millions who sit for exams and are rewarded with excellent results... its not a matter of hard work... its a matter of feeling yourself into place. Those who enjoy studying, or anything really, find themselves rising with such ease and for those that it is a task sink with the same ease. It is not too hard to understand. The same principle applies. The choice is up to you whether you want to sink or swim. The choice is yours.

    The feeling of loving what is being studied is strong. It is interesting and very much along the natural lines of interest. Ascendency is the only natural outcome. However be wary of those around you who, either through overt means or by subtle measures, try to convince you otherwise. You are easily led into the vibrations exerted by others so be warned. The energy that you are sending is of positivity and calm and confidence. Stick to it. Your own happiness is a guide of what happens when you stick to it. The path is simple and clear. Everything is clear. Though try not to be impatient. Everything must come at the right place and at the right time for what you truly seek to appear in your life. It is hard for you, yes, but not impossible to stop those pangs of impatience. Though sticking to these positive energies will only improve the more you actively think it and feel it. Affirm yourself to bliss.

    "The path before me is clear. I am in the stream of well-being."

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    Thanks wisdom for your awesome posts!

    Hope everyone's studies are going well!

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    2 papers out of 4 done. Good sailing. The effortlessness of a downstream journey is just brilliant.

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    OK this is incredible and a story worth telling. My results came out on the 24th of January. So basically I was doing a one year long course in a period of less than 3 months and I had two subjects in which I was giving exams.

    The post right above is for the two papers I had in Subject 1 and what I got an A in that. For that subject, I was in a class of 5 others, all of whom had either done the subject/course previously or had done it at school. They all, except one, also got A's. I was at par with people who had done it before. I do not believe that I studied harder than the others, in fact I barely studied compared to them, yet when the grades were delivered... we are all at the same level. Plus for the two papers of Subject 1, before the exam started, I was experiencing genuine brilliant exhilaration at having the exam paper in front of me and just couldn't wait to get started. One can only say that the vibration is what matters.

    For Subject Two, the exams of which were two weeks afterwards... I was not careful with my thoughts and I forgot all about this thread... so... I got a D (my first such grade ever!!!)... and to top it all off Subject 1 is considered the tougher subject. I did not revise for either more than I did for the other. But my vibrations were higher for one subject but I let my guard down for the other. But even though Subject 2 was a disappointment in the short-term, by my getting that grade, an opportunity has arisen which might not have otherwise. So its not really a bad thing in the grander scheme of things. So really practicing your thoughts and easing them into a place of goodness is the main thing. I knew it before, but now I have lived it. WOW!

    At times, I am just gobsmacked at how brilliantly simple yet devious the whole thing is. And as I was meditating, since I'm beginning a new class from tomorrow, which is another accelerated course, I suddenly got the idea to stop meditating and go through my threads... and voila and find this. I was sent here for a purpose... the Universe answered my query and showed me just exactly how I got my lovely A grade. WOW, just plain and simple WOW.

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    What a nice demonstration for yourself. As Abe tell us, "words don't teach; only personal life experiences teach."

    Quote Originally Posted by wisdom View Post
    ...One can only say that the vibration is what matters.
    You're absolutely right here. And one thing that can muddy up a vibration very quickly is comparing oneself with what other people are doing, with what other people are getting. Since "vibration is what matters" and since you can never be sure of what any other is doing with their vibration, can you see how it doesn't make any sense to measure what you're getting vs. what "they" are getting? Tend to your own pie, and you'll do just fine.

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    I am grateful for the softness of my pillow
    I am grateful for the lovely textbooks that help me learn
    I am grateful for the clean water that is in my experience
    I am grateful for the comfort and privacy of my room
    I am grateful for the close proximity of my classes
    I am grateful for the challenges, they provide opportunities to show my greatness
    I am grateful for the speedy internet, life is so much better with it
    I am grateful for the feeling of bliss as one stretches

    Life proceeds...

    for ME!!!!

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    great thread!!!


    You KNOW that you are successful, nobody could take that away from you. You are loving yourself in this position, you know your power and brilliance, the meaning and beauty of your gift to the world, unconditionally. And, at least now, if you are here for more than 51% of your wake time- the wished-for token of this success has to come into physical manifestation, too.
    = Joy/Knowledge/Empowerment/Freedom/Love/Appreciation

    You feel very successful. You are involved in the issue you wanted success in, deeply- in a wonderful creative, powerful, deeply satisfying way. You donīt care if your success comes in VR or reality, if others share you or not: You simply revel in it.
    = Passion

    You feel successful in a really nice way. You like the issue where you wanted to be successful and play there often. You donīt look for other rewards than your happiness anymore.
    = Enthusiasm/Eagerness/Happiness

    You donīt feel dissatisfaction anymore, you are much too busy enjoying to play with the issue. It is calling and satisfying to go there, think, create and feel around it.
    = Positive Expectation/Belief

    Your feelings of dissatisfaction and your fears start to evaporate. Life feels easy and lightfilled. You get goodfeeling driftwood and you like to observe- or even to play with it.

    ENTRYWAY INTO feeling SUCCESSFUL (Entry to the Vortex)

    You feel hope and a certain lighting-up around the issue where you want to succeed. You maybe are already able to see some small driftwood (and to enjoy it).

    You are ok on this issue. You donīt feel really successful, but you are not disappointed, either.

    You canīt find clear positive thoughts regarding the issue you wished for success. You donīt dare/wish to go reach too far- neither into positiv nor negative thoughts. You feel dissatisfied.
    = Boredom

    Your feel guarded about the issue you wanted success in. You donīt dare to "go, think or feel there" in open hope, and when you try it really feels bad.
    = Pessimism

    You feel torn, mixed up and somehow enjoy your yearning that "calls you" towards the issue you want to succeed in.
    = Frustration/Impatience/Irritation, Overwhelmed

    You donīt trust in your ability to succeed or good luck in this issue anymore. You feel sad. The yearning might even feel sweet, as the undeniable connection between you and what you wish for.
    = Disappointment, Doubt

    You feel scared that your success maybe out of reach at all. You observe "reality" around the issue, and this worries you even more.
    = Worry, Blame, Discouragement

    You are yearning and angry at yourself or about others, who seem to be in between you and your success, or who seem more successful. You try to whip things into shape. You try to motivate or push yourself forwards trough punishment and being rigorous. In doing so you deny big parts of yourself.
    = Anger, Revenge,

    You feel bad if you observe otherīs success. You donīt want to be in yearning anymore but you donīt feel able to succeed as you would like- and you feel disgusted about all of it.
    = Jealousy, Insecurity/Guilt/Unworthiness

    Success feels completely out of reach. You feel like a loser regarding this issue, and you donīt even really care anymore.


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    Thanks POE, I was just about to paste the Chart, but the Universe did it for me...

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    Blind faith is
    Or hear it, or smell it or taste it or touch it, in order to know it.
    Blind faith-
    itīs a subtle discerning of energy

    Philadelphia-WS May 2012

    People talk about probabilities. We don’t.
    We talk about certainties.

    North LA, July 2012

    Everything that you want
    is making itīs way to you!

    Philadelphia, May 2012

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