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Thread: Attracting Study & Academic Success

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    Here and now
    I intend to enjoy my day.
    I intend to allow good feeling events into my experience.
    I intend to succeed.
    I intend to be in control.
    I intend to be my best self.
    I intend to be confident.
    I intend to be relaxed.
    I intend to breathe deeply.
    I intend to be mindful.
    I intend to see positivity in my experiences.


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    Here and now
    I am grateful for the enthusiasm of the teacher
    I am grateful for the offer of help by A.N. to cover up
    I am grateful for the comfortable sleep I had
    I am grateful for my mother
    I am grateful for the company of my family
    I am grateful for cool, clear water, for the lovely feeling it gives
    I am grateful for English being the language of instruction
    I am grateful for the ample time I have at my hands
    I am grateful for the great textbooks that I have
    I am grateful that I just have to read to understand


    My 10 favourite things about:

    1. The stationery
    2. The interactions with the teacher
    3. The newness of subject matter
    4. The thrill of a new project
    5. The act of reading new things
    6. Discovering new ways to handle things
    7. Loving the moment when everything fits together
    8. Great clarity leading to great answers
    9. Getting to write essays
    10. New books

    The Universe
    My side
    • Line up my day for me
    • Allow great concentration
    • Bring forward educational attainment easily
    • Line up positive experiences
    • Study the textbooks
    • Meditate
    • Go to class
    • Learn

    Dear Universal Manager,
    The situation on the educational front is clear before you. I am seeking you to make it easy for me to concentrate and for me to attain the knowledge needed for the exams easily. I am seeking you to provide opportunities for me to shine in class, make me the best student. Send me opportunities to bask in my brilliance. I look forward to the beauty and positivity that you will send into my life.

    The Law of Attraction treats my imagination as reality
    THE UNIVERSE, which is responding to the thoughts you are thinking, does not distinguish between a thought from your observation of some observed reality and a thought brought about by your imagination. In either case, the thought equals your point of attraction -- and if you focus upon it long enough, it will become your reality.
    LOA Card Deck, 21

    Yesterday, I stuck PostIt notes in three different places all across my room, making it impossible for me to miss them, with A* written on it in bold black marker. I'm surrounded by the vibe of an A*, which in our system is equivalent to an A+. Today, as soon as I'm done with this, I will do the General Meditation from the CD and basically relax before picking up the book again.

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    Here and now
    Source never goes away.
    Source never stops thinking about you.
    And source never stops offering.

    Phoenix, Dec. 2013

    I like understanding
    that things are always evolving,
    and while there are many things that could be better where I am,
    it is not really a problem because "where I am"
    is constantly changing to something better.

    I like knowing that as I look for the best things around me where I am,
    those things become more prevalent in my experience.

    It is fun to know that things are always working out for me,
    and as I watch for the evidence of that . . .

    I see more evidence of that every day.


    "and you will remember this life-turning moment
    where you realized that you have control over the only thing that matters:
    You point of attraction.
    EVERYTHING that comes to you,
    is based upon how you FEEL, right now!"

    It is so funny to us-
    and we don´t mean funny in the way that we are enjoying your discomfort-
    but it is such an interesting thing for us to listen to some of you,
    speak as if your dreams are iffy!
    -When the only reason that they are iffy at all is that you have given up on them.

    Stamford, 2011

    Give in to the success of your dream,
    and watch the resources of the universe back you up.

    "If you can be happy in anticipation of what’s coming,
    you’ll be happy forever more.
    And everything you want will come quickly.
    You have to look forward and be happy in anticipation of what’s coming.
    Be happy in anticipation of what’s coming!"
    Abe 6/11/09

    Current setpoint:
    Your feelings of dissatisfaction and your fears start to evaporate. Life feels easy and lightfilled. You get goodfeeling driftwood and you like to observe- or even to play with it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SheerLuckHolmes
    Appreciate...Appreciate...Appreciate...Appreciate. ..Appreciate...Appreciate...Appreciate...

    Look for and find what you appreciate in this teacher.

    Look for and find what you appreciate in this subject.

    Look for and find what you appreciate in the experience of an examination.

    Look for and find what you appreciate in learning.

    Look for and find what you appreciate in what you are living today and each tomorrow automatically takes care of itself.
    Quote Originally Posted by Hands in the Clay
    I suggest you read the Abraham books through and through, so that you understand that you don't "use" LoA, LoA uses you! LoA is ALWAYS working, attracting according to your every thought, not something you can turn on and off or "apply." So this means a rejigging of HOW YOU THINK AND FEEL, a deep-down (albeit gradual) shifting of your entire perspective on life, and not a few tricks you can do now and then to get better grades.

    Soooooo, that being said, the FIRST thing I would suggest you do is MAKE PEACE WITH WHERE YOU ARE. That means downplay the "importance" of what is coming. Your VIBRATION is what's important. How you THINK is what is important. Your studies actually aren't that important. Being happy is what's important. I can say this with knowing, because I am the happiest, healthiest, most successful member of my very intellectual and well-educated family (they all say so), but I only have a Bachelor's degree and they all have Masters, Doctorates, and Diplomates. So it's not about the education. It's about how you LIVE YOUR EDUCATION EXPERIENCE (assuming you choose to remain on that path, of course). You'll continue on this track as long as you believe it is essential to your happiness or to your success... and what you believe is what you always end up proving to yourself.

    If nothing else, read Ask and It Is Given (carefully) and try your hand at some of the processes to see what it feels like to deliberately shift your thoughts. I also suggest reading The Astonishing Power of Emotions so you get familiar with the feeling of relief, because:

    "We want you to decide that you are going to direct the thoughts in order to INDUCE the feeling response. In other words, you are the MAKER of the feeling of relief. You’re no longer asking for the economy to be the maker of the feeling of relief. Or somebody to buy your product and that to be the maker of your feeling of relief.

    You’re going to start counting on something that you CAN count on, which is your ability to direct yourself slightly downstream instead of slightly upstream. You’re going to start pointing yourself deliberately downstream in order to INDUCE relief, because someone who can IRRATIONALLY induce relief, will always have outrageous success. [audience applause]

    We want you to be IRRATIONAL in your willingness to produce personal relief in your belly. And as you do that, that means you will consistently be releasing resistance, which means all that time that you’ve been living all that stuff, you’re not the only one that has put this magnificent business out there in your vibrational future. Billions of people around the planet have put this magnificent business out there in the future of so many of you, you see.

    Don’t use your rationale to line up with it. Use the power of your ability to direct your thought.You line up with your dreams about this, and the Universe will find a way to carve out a niche for you. And anybody standing back and watching you will say, 'It is amazing what’s going on with you. This doesn’t happen to anyone.' And we say, Happens to everyone who is irrationally able to induce their own relief."
    Quote Originally Posted by candelonia
    I am working 100% and studying 50% at the same time, this is my second year out of three ( I am an upper secondary teacher studying to become a special educations teacher) and it is fun, easy, inspiring and I pass all my exams easily. why? because I feel good about my work, I feel good about my studies! i love learning more, i find value and eagerness in what i read and write. it is easy!!! it is easy!!!! there are people taking the course who work 50% at the same time who are stressed out - it is not about the work or the studies - it is about allowing or resisting. it is easy when you allow!!!! it is easy when you feel good!!!!

    and yes, I have more fun than I have ever had! i go see fun movies, i eat delicious food at magnificent restaurants, i play lots of videogames, i spend lots and lots of delicious time with my lover, i work out, i have fun fun fun every day and i pamper myself so deliciously. i have fun at work, i enjoy my work, everything works out brilliantly easy and i have fun studying - i enjoy it all.
    [~from here]

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    Here and now
    What I liked about today
    Great interactions with the teacher
    The entire situation falling into position
    Lovely, delicious food
    Shining in class
    General feeling of calm
    Clear blue skies and white fluffy clouds
    Ice cream
    Comfortable quilt
    Lovely weather
    Slow ballads
    Music in general



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    Here and now
    Its a holiday tomorrow. YAY!! A lovely day to do work in the most relaxed way.


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    Here and now
    "We want you to acknowledge, that the best creating
    is the
    creating that is done in ADVANCE."
    SanDiego, Jan. 2013

    You all try to control your experiences-
    instead to ALLOW them.

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    Here and now
    "You HAVE TO ACCEPT that the choosing of the discs
    is unconditional.
    And that´s what we mean when we say-
    get out, ahead of it."

    Washington, May 2013

    You wanna ask yourself
    “What’s the path that you are carving out?"
    The path of least resistance is always a path of most momentum.

    And the path of most momentum is always the path of most attention,
    and the path of most attention is what you are believing and talking about.
    You can change that, you see…
    there is nothing you can not accomplish
    once you find the vibrational path of least resistance to it.

    So, there are many things that we’ve said over the years,
    it’s a matter of trying too hard…
    that TRYING too hard is really that awareness that I don’t have what I want
    and in the awareness of what I want –now – I am doing the thinking!

    But, when you are doing the thinking from that underlying awareness
    that you don’t have what you want,
    the awareness that you don’t have what you want is thinking
    , too,
    and that is carving out that anti-momentum
    that is slowing down the momentum of what you do want.

    Abe, San Diego July 2013

    "We want you to acknowledge, that the best creating
    is the creating that is done in

    "There is nothing you can not accomplish
    once you find the
    path of least resistance to it."

    SanDiego, July 2013

    "Do you know what appreciation does?
    In appreciation, in appreciation, you are contributing BACK
    in the full measure, of what you are receiving.

    In other words, it puts the give-and-take into the perfect alignment!
    Because, in your acknowledgement of the well being that surrounds you,

    you give BACK proportionately.

    And the entire Universe who is nonresistant,
    this vortextual Universe in utter non-resistance just floods back.
    In other words, it just keeps mirroring back.
    You appreciate, Vortex appreciates, you appreciate, Vortex appreciates

    you appreciate, Vortex appreciates...
    ...until you just parley yourself into greater states
    of ecstasy."

    Panama Cruise, March 2011

    "So what's your job?
    Easy does it.

    So what's your job?

    So what's your job?
    Relaxing and be easy about it.

    What's your job?
    ALLOWING, allowing.

    Can you feel the absence of effort in allowing?
    What does allowing mean?
    Allowing - allowing means it's DONE, it's BEING
    and I'm ALLOWING it to be given,
    and in my receiving of it, I'm giving back."
    Panama Cruise, March 2011

    "I appreciate the activation
    of what I have put into my Vortex.

    And now, I´m going to turn my attention
    in OTHER directions, in order to allow
    that activation to be satisfied."

    Stanford, 2013

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    I like it here... what a fantastic nucleus you have created!

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