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Thread: Quick Question: Changed my vibration - changed life of the OTHERS (not mine)

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    Question Quick Question: Changed my vibration - changed life of the OTHERS (not mine)


    I experienced it often that when I changed my vibration or was thinking good feeling thoughts for a longer time - I see funny, beautiful, happy, good things happening in the life of the others around me. Just today, I felt amazing! I made the meditation of Abraham's CD, smiled a lot, enjoyed the shower, the cooking, the talks, was cuddling my nephew and so on. And then my aunt called: She just had won over 300 euros in a lottery ...? Cool and wow! This is great! And just two days ago my sister called: The tax office here in Germany had written to her, that she is free to earn money up to the tax amount of 16,000 euros ... this is amazing! Really! Wow! But ... ? Why doesn't my vibration affect my own life (as it should be)? I can't explain this. And I don't understand this.

    Thank you for your point of view

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    My first thought would be to see these wonderful things that are happening in the others lives as driftwood and get just as excited about it as if it were happening to you instead of going to the lack end of the stick and beating the drum of "where's my stuff?!"

    Anyone else's thoughts??

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    Check out the thread - " Question about "lacklustre" manifestations ". It's all about what you're asking here.

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    Yeah, I'd take it as driftwood and be happy for them. Just take them as awesome things that are there for you, keep on feeling good

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    Well, I think this is a false premise that YOUR vibration changed their lives. They attracted the money and gains through their own vibration I feel. The real reason to enjoy your life is precisely that -to enjoy the feelings of feeling good. It looks like you were (and still are) in the vortex with your cooking meditation and cuddling your nephew, but you keep looking at others and their accessing what they have put in their own vortex, and convince yourself that you are out of the vortex. And then that thought really does throw you out of the vortex. So stay in your vortex, and dont compare your "gains" to others gains particularly if it induces a feeling of lack in you - because that feeling of lack will then attract more lack.

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    Great advice Reema.

    - the answer is kind of simple when you think about it. You are feeling good. You JUMP to a new vibration. On the new vibration LOA is showing you and bringing you more good things that can keep you feeling good. It may be the cuddling and the cooking, or the driftwood feel good vibes of others and their "successes."

    So you spend a few hours on that vibe before you begin to compare yourself to others and start feeling lack. You jump BACK to an old vibration.

    Instead of taking score when you are on a higher flying disk/vibration, milk, bask, enjoy everything that shows up whether it's appears to be directly related to you or not.

    Yes, your own personal desires were there on that high flying disk/vibration. Do not discount the small things that felt good. You manifested meditation, smiles, a great shower, talks, cuddling and cooking. Even more would have POPPED had you held yourself in that vibe long enough without taking score.


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    Dear Abers,

    especially Delilah and Reema! Thank you very much for your clear points of view. That explains my situation. And many clouds around that topic disappeared. But to be honest: Still I think there is something wrong ... I don't know. I thought that 68 seconds, even a few minutes or hours could manifest my desires. Because when I feel really high flying, I am a match, right? Why do my desires manifest then so slowly? Can it be that although I am feeling wonderful that I am not ready yet? Is the quality (so to speak) of my vibration not good enough, even when I feel best?

    I have identified my desires and I believe that I can use my focus to allow them. But I think that my "power" is not enough. It feels like my positive feelings are crawling over me, but not flowing through me. Does that make any sense? Here is an example: I always loved abundance and the life rich people have. I adore comfort, plenty of time, fun, investments, charity, contacts, beauty, service and arts. Everytime I see rich people I feel wonderful, smile and appreciate the money, their freedom and the abundance. And so are my desires (penthouse flat, time for myself, free to drive wherever I want etc.). I have clear pictures in my mind. And I love them, I really do. But the feeling is not deep enough. And I don't know why. I hope you can sense what I mean

    How do I sync completely with my desires?

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    fsta, I think that is "the" question we are all trying to solve for ourselves. Here is a thread that might help with answers

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    That is just what I needed! Thank you so much!

    Abe: “And so here is….. If you only heard this one thing from us or anyone else, it will be the only thing you need to know about being the deliberate creator of your experience. Nothing else… all of these thousand of hours that we’ve rambled into these recordings could be set aside and replaced with this one statement:

    Talk about what you want, and why you wantit.
    The ‘what’ defines. The ‘why’ causes you to vibrate and allow it."

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