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Thread: what does today's quote mean?

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    what does today's quote mean?

    We are not pointing any fingers, because there is no blame or judgment from where we are standing. But we have to say to you that we are all part of all that occurs.
    --- Abraham

    Excerpted from the workshop in Los Angeles, CA on Sunday, January 31st, 1999

    what is the meaning of the second sentence that abraham is part of all that occurs? that they are there in the step one moment when the rocket is launched?

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    What I take away from that (and I think sometimes when you are in a different vibration you can hear a different message) is that we are part of what is happening as in we are seeing a mirror of our focus and vibration. So what you see is where you are. If you don't like it, tend to your vibration and focus on that topic.

    I used to see people who didn't like me. Now I see people who love me and like being around me and enjoy my company. If they aren't a match to that, they don't cross my path or if they do I have no idea that they feel otherwise. But I kind of love all people though I may not be thrilled with some of their actions. Of course that last part of not being thrilled with some of their actions is a mirror of my focusing on those actions.

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    starlite girl, thanks for your reply, but I didn't understand your reply either.

    I think I am not a vibrational match to clarity today.

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    They, like your IB, view the Step 1 moment but do not join us in our discomfort. They see the value of all that is going on. That is why there is discomfort. They stand looking at the benefit and we stand looking at what's going "wrong." But they are there with us, yes.

    And they, just like our IB, ride those Rockets and take that expansion immediately, so there is no gap for them. We have the option of "taking the bounce" immediately but we usually don't.

    This whole process is why they keep telling us "we are all in this together."

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    ooh!! really good wellbeing! I got it completely now. Thanks!

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    I think I would have got it on my own if the order of the two sentences had been reversed.

    somehow the order of the sentences as it stands now just doesnt make sense.

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    "But we have to say to you that we are all part of all that occurs.
    --- Abraham"

    Whatever one gives there attention to on a regular basis grows. To expand upon this... whatever a population, society, gives it's collective attention to grows.

    It was interesting to me, while listening to one of Abraham's rampages, when they mentioned appreciating government and wanting to focus on the good that can be found in government, the audience and myself groaned out load. It hit me at that moment how practiced I am, and many others are, at not appreciating government. The media, casual conversations, personal attention seems to be focused on the lack of appreciation for government. And without any sense of using that focus on what is not wanted to take the jump to what is wanted on a consistent regular basis. Therefore, we are part of the growing of more government that is not what we want.

    From this I have made a personal commitment to look for what I do appreciate about government and those elected to serve us, we the people. I really want my initial reaction to government to be finding what can be appreciating about it. I want to let go of the national sport of mocking, finding fault and expecting the worst. I want to be a part of attracting and creating the best that can occur.

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    I see what you mean about the order of the sentences, its almost like they could be claiming to be part of blaming. LOL But they ride those rockets and hold that really good place so I guess they are not part of being there in that blaming place.

    I, too, am so practised at either avoiding thinking of the government or groaning.

    How are we in this together if IB is over there enjoying all the good stuff?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gaily View Post
    I see what you mean about the order of the sentences, its almost like they could be claiming to be part of blaming. LOL B
    So glad you see my point of view!! Thanks.

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    LMAO, when I read today's quote, I thought, "I hope Reema asks what this means because I have no idea and don't want to ask", so thank you, Reema.

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