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Thread: Neutral Zone = Reset Button aka Tipping point! News from Phoenix WS

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    Quote Originally Posted by paradise-on-earth View Post
    I want something so... sooo...



    Donīt worry.
    Itīll come, when you get over that.

    from the clip
    Abraham-Hicks: Love Abraham's sense of humour 1

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    "Be easy about it.
    Donīt make a big thing about it.
    Donīt seek healing- just seek relief.
    Donīt seek improvement, just seek relief.
    Donīt seek solution- just seek relief.

    Just hold in your mind the idea of the stream,
    thatīs flowing mightily
    towards all of the things that you want-
    And then just figure out how you let yourself
    going with the flow.

    And if you will focus on that-
    and that alone-
    everything that you dreamed for
    will manifest so quickly."

    from the clip
    Abraham-Hicks- We Remain Incomplete

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    A new approach at explaining the neutral zone:

    Donīt JUMP there, donīt be dramatic, donīt hype.
    Let the momentum naturally EVOLVE there!

    HS appears intense and hyped or pressured,
    basically he wants Abe to rampage and dance with him around the Vortex.

    Most people are living much more conditional lives than they mean to live.
    You think you are not one of them?

    Iīm trying at times. Right now in this moment, I donīt care!

    What weīr getting at, and we really want you to pay attention here.
    (Making fun with the audience) You can see why this chair isnīt so good.
    This is a learning experience for you!

    The existence of the Vortex is the most important topic we could talk about.
    And you are understanding that the Vortex is a real thing.
    Is a very satisfying...

    I am incorrect in believing, itīs the ONLY thing?

    Itīs not the only thing, but itīs the only thing that matters!
    Because itīs the reason for all motion forwards.

    Itīs the only thing that materializes?

    Itīs where EVERYTHING is headed.
    It is the present and the future, combined.
    Because you see, everything that is manifested, is really the past!
    Itīs where all the juice is, itīs where all the flow is, itīs where
    all the fun is.

    But this is the reason that weīr giving you a harder time, than you
    seem to understand that weīr giving you.
    This is the most important thing, that you can get from us, out of this:

    THE thing that is keeping most people from having a more REAL
    relationship with their Vortex, is that they are SO caught up in
    "what-is", because what-is is so enticing, what-is is so delicious,
    because it can be translated by all the physical senses.

    And sometimes, what people mean when they ask us to do things
    as youīr asking us to do, is they want us to make the Vortex
    be as vivid and real, as the conditions of their life-experience,
    because they are not able to use their emotional juices,
    in order to connect with it.

    They are asking for a crutch, or a bridge or
    something, that sort of shoots you in the foot

    HS interrupts and makes a lot of words about wanting to feel giddy, funny,
    juicy and good.

    First we want to say that we GET you, completely. But we also want
    to have this conversation with everyone,
    that everything requires MOMENTUM!

    So when you say to us "I want you to invite me -or elicite me,
    or entice me, into my Vortex"- we wanna say to you that THAT is
    going on for a very long time!

    And at this point of understanding this, YOU are more likely to put
    the words to it, than we. Specific words to it. So you start, we jump in,
    and lets see what happens.

    (yelling extremely loud):
    (very silent) Ohh, itīs so EASY.


    (dramatic voice):
    I am elated to have your awareness! Of my...

    You know, weīve learned through time, that volume doesnīt really help.

    I get so tickled.
    I get inspired to this very loud states.
    (Abe help him by saying "Ya!" several times. HS breathes heavily)
    Thank you.
    It feels good to feel calm, as well...

    We see no evidence of that!
    In fact, what we see is efforting, disguised as enthusiasm.

    Who, thatīs an interesting point, because, aha...
    ah, ah, AH... I catch myself in this things, from time to time...

    Which is sort of what weīr wanting to say, about the Vortex
    INVITING you in! It will INVITE you. There is no fanfare.
    IT WILL FIND YOU, right where you are, and it will call you -if you
    let it call you.

    But when you JUMP to the heightened enthusiasm
    first, often you miss the call!

    And then youīr doing what you think you mean to do, but youīr
    actually doing the opposite of what you mean to do.
    And so, it is this CALMER selicitation, that you hear, that is REALLY
    what you are reaching for.

    So we would use words about your Vortex, that are calmer, and more
    general in nature, to begin this conversation.
    Words as: Sure thing.
    Words such as: Absolute.
    Now, this are general words: Whatever you want, is yours.
    There is nothing off limits.
    And itīs all a sure thing.
    There is no urgency, there is nothing that needs to be done.

    Because, in fact, everything has already been done!
    You lived life, you did the sorting and sifting, and you did the asking.
    And the asking was heard, and received, and has been tended to,
    and LoA has caused MOMENTUM to come.
    And the cooperative components have been gathered.

    And so, there is no urgency, youīr not going to the dock,
    and your boat has already come and gone, IT IS A SURE THING.
    Itīs BIG. And itīs CERTAIN.
    And itīs expanding, and itīs growing.
    And it belongs to you! It has all of your DNA connected to it.
    Has all of your vibrational rockets, all of that encoding put,
    itīs THERE FOR YOU.

    Itīs there, and itīs no urgency about when you allow it,
    or how much of it you allow, at any point in time.
    Itīs THERE. Itīs like a fruit that is ripe, and ready to eat,
    and in a holding pattern that it will ALWAYS remain ripe and
    ready to eat. It will never get green again, and it will never
    rot and fall off the vine.

    Itīs always there. Itīs right there, for your plucking.
    Iow, itīs ready for you to get ready for it.
    Now, how do you get ready for it?
    Sometimes, you get ready for it just because you feel INTEREST.
    So you meet whatīs there, with a sort of soft interest in something,
    and then this nice thoughts begin flowing.

    As you ALLOW them to flow, and you donīt introduce contradiction
    to it (...), then what happens is, the begin to gather more MOMENTUM.
    And as they gather more momentum without resistance, then there
    is no struggle or stress or strain,

    instead the feeling goes from satisfaction to mor enthusiasm.
    More of what you were displaying through your volume- and through
    your antics and through your fun and we were appreciating all of that.
    But if you JUMP there,
    before you naturally EVOLVED there,
    then what happens is, there is this lopsidedness in your energy,
    that we translate into physical words as JUST TRYING TOO HARD.

    You canīt hype this, nor do you need to hype this.
    This Vortex is is a sure thing!

    Itīs a sure thing. Itīs certain!
    The things that you want are CERTAIN.

    2016-11-12 in Dallas

    Youīve gotta CHILL your way into alignment.
    Youīve gotta find the BEGINNING STAGES of

    Further interaction from above.

    (You get there) by acknowledging, that IN THE
    BEGINNING, all momentum is SLOWER.

    And that slow momentum that is not being resisted, with any
    sort of urgency, is momentum that will get larger and larger.
    And so, that you ARE in the right place, at the right time.
    That there isnīt anything else that you should be doing differently.

    Everything is unfolding PERFECTLY.
    Your IB understands where you are, energetically and vibrationally,
    your IB understands where your mood is, and where your attitude is.
    Your IB knows right where you are, and is calling you,
    with a very GENTLE, SUBTLE understanding of where you are!

    Your IB is never doing to you or for you, what you asked us to do,
    when you first sat down
    (into the HS).
    Your IB is never trying to solicite you or entice you, or coax you
    into anything! Because your IB stands there, KNOWING emphatically, UNDERSTANDING completely,
    the DONENESS of all of thata, anyway!

    Your IB just stands there, knowing the Done-ness of it, and is just
    waiting for you to find a clear enough space, that you can begin...
    now, THESE are the keywords:

    Your IB is revealing to you, all the time.
    Are you realizing, whatīs being revealed?
    -Feel the difference between those 2 concepts, or words.
    ALWAYS being revealed.
    But youīve got to PREPARE yourself to be the realizer
    of whatīs being revealed.

    Just now, you asked us:
    "Abraham, reveal it with such fervor, that I canīt NOT realize it."

    And we say:
    We donīt wanna give you the impression, that thatīs how it works!
    Because, thatīs not how it works.
    Youīve gotta CHILL your way into alignment.
    Youīve gotta find the BEGINNING STAGES of

    The momentum has to move NATURALLY within you.
    And when it does, then it will feel like
    "Ohhh, this was MY idea!" -Then it will feel like
    "Oh yes, I have rendezvoused with all of this!" Then it will feel like
    "YES, this is MY creation!!"
    "This is MY manifestation! This is MY rendezvous!
    This is MY, this is MY!!"

    -Because, it IS, you see!
    This is the most leading edge converstaion that
    weīve had about turning thoughts to things, so far.
    SO FAR.
    And it came out of a discussion, of trying too hard to turning
    thoughts to things!

    (...) And thatīs because youīve been standing in a place,
    thinking that this is the real deal. This is the reality, all of this
    manifestation. Sorting things into piles: Bad piles, republican piles,
    democrat piles, sorting all the stuff into plies, squabbling over the
    piles, instead of realizing:
    This is old news.

    But where itīs AT, is the Vortex.
    Youīve gotta hook to that current.

    2016-11-12 in Dallas

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    Just reach for SATISFACTION, just a little while!

    For just a little while,
    give it 2 days, maybe 3, instead of reaching for success,
    or even for joy- you will let your quest be SATISFACTION.

    "I wanna feel satisfied. I wanna feel SATISFIED!"
    Because your IB will give you right now, as much as you are
    able to receive! So, that satisfaction-factor will increase more
    and more and more and more. Ultimately, once youīve get
    the hang of this, youīll be much more SATISFIED in passion,
    then you would in contentment!

    (...) We donīt want you to go faster, than the absence of resistance
    allows you to go NATURALLY. Donīt try to HYPE IT UP!

    But just feel for a little while the difference between being
    satisfied, and being successful.
    Or being satisfied, and feeling appreciation, or love, or passion.
    Just let yourself be SATISFIED- because what that means is,
    the softer simpler thoughts will feel better!

    Lying in your bed as you are describing, and rather than trying
    to write a song, or write a book, or trying to solve the problems
    of the world, just lie there and feel satisfaction in how comfortable
    your bed is. Or how good the room-temperature,
    just look for evidence of satisfaction.

    Look for evidence, in your now, of satisfaction!
    Just evidence of satisfaction!

    (telling the story of Esther, loving the rug she stands on in the WSīs
    since 30 years.)

    It seems silly to focus on something...
    that fringe was never trimmed right, on this rug.
    It never was, but itīs so SATISFYING!
    Cause it looks just like it always looked. Itīs from Iran.
    Itīs a Tabriz. A famous pattern. Sometimes you see it on TV.
    Esther sees it every now and then, in the White House, or some place
    where they probably donīt know itīs from Iran.

    ..ANYTHING! Any reason that you can find, to focus for a minute
    and milk it a little bit, that lets the momentum of your alignment
    pick up a LITTLE bit of speed.

    And then, youīll have the access to something, that ultimately
    will bring you more satisfaction, and MORE satisfaction,
    and MORE satisfaction, and MORE satisfaction -just in the focus,
    on it.

    And then, there will be a tipping-point. Not very far in.
    Usually, for those of you who are just starting this,
    about 3 days in. A tipping point, where the thought will turn
    to a thing. To a thought, to an exposure, to an encounter, to a
    20 000 $ cheque in the mail-box.

    The tipping point is so much closer
    than anyone of you knows,
    because itīs a rare one of you, who is willing to stay
    SATISFIED long enough,
    to let your thought turn to a thing.

    2016-11-12 in Dallas

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    If you can practice the art of vagueness
    on subjects that make you feel negative
    emotion and the art of specifics on subjects
    that DO make you feel good, you will have
    figured Deliberate Creation out precisely
    because that really is all there is to it.

    ~From the Abraham-Hicks workshop in Atlanta, GA, 10/27/10

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    Vague and nonspecific is excellent and far better than specific and resistant.
    Non-resistance. Non-resistance!

    Non-resistance is what you are rooting for.

    So tune yourself and then get specific. Milk it, milk it. For example, feel the synergy of it. So let's say you're specific and resistant. So then you become less specific and therefore, less resistant.

    And then you identify an emotion and then you take the bounce. You identify consciously and viscerally what the emotion is that you are reaching for (like we just did), and then you focus there and you use words (you're really good at that!) to describe the emotion, and you find the feeling place of that. And you stay there for way more than 68 seconds until you really get the reverberation of that wellbeing flowing within you.

    And then you begin to find more descriptive thoughts, maybe. But whether you get more descriptive thoughts right away or not, you've shifted your vibration and now Law of Attraction is going to bring you together with others who are already there.

    Asheville 11/1/09

    thank you Qzi!

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    You’re reaching for pure in-the-Vortex words.
    You’re reaching for the purity of the Vortex.

    And we so want you to understand that in the Vortex there is not effort!
    Effort is what you have to apply when there is resistance.
    In absence of resistance there is a really big decrease in effort,
    in absence of struggle.

    That’s why so many people coin phrases like, “let go and let God.”
    You understand, and so, so anything that feels good to you.
    We’re not telling you that your words were wrong
    and our words were right.

    We just wanted to offer enough words that you could get the feeling
    of in-the-Vortex words because when you try to do the work
    of getting your life on track before you’ve done the work of getting
    in the Vortex and tuning into who you are,
    all that work you do is just spinning, spinning and not accomplishing,

    and that’s why you need patience, and that’s why words
    like faith are annoying, you see. You should not have to wait very long
    for everything that you want because when life shows you that you want it,
    and you’ve practiced the expectation of things going well for you,
    it’s going to show right up. It’s going to show right up.

    North L.A. Workshop, February 2010, CD No. 1, Track 6

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    Our true Power

    Most rarely align with their true power,
    because it seems illogical to them that there is power in relaxation, in letting go, or in love or joy or bliss.

    Most people do not understand that their true power lies in releasing resistance—which is the only obstacle to their true power.

    Most people do not expect their path to great abundance to be one of ease and of joy. They have been taught that struggle and hardship and sacrifice are requirements that must be met before the reward of great abundance can be realized.

    Most do not understand that the very struggle they deliberately involve themselves in, in their quest for success and advantage, actually works against them.

    There are so many things that you have been taught to believe that are counter to the powerful Laws of the Universe that it is difficult for you to think your way out. And that is the reason that we present this path of much less resistance.

    We want you to breathe rather than try,
    to relax rather than offer effort,
    to smile rather than struggle,
    to be rather than do.

    For your true power is experienced only from inside the Vortex.


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    The meek shall inherit the earth.

    We want you to understand that you are a powerful creator and you have the ability to be or do or have anything that you desire. But, you have got to begin by creating a vibrational atmosphere or vibrational climate or vibrational nucleus.
    Make yourself the vibrational starting point.

    When you start in a gentle place of non-resistance... Jesus called it meek. "The meek shall inherit the earth."
    When you are in this place of soft, non-resisted vibrational Well-being, everything that you desire will come into your experience.

    Excerpted from Phoenix, AZ on 2/1/14

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    Listen to the Fan!

    HS ("baseball-guy") asks how and why his BIG dream that he held since years (getting into the Big Leagues) finally came about?

    Once you had something that you wanted for a while, play out- and you are able to acknowledge...
    So hereīs our question to you. Because, we talked to you about this before- many people know you. Youīr known at AH publications as the "Baseball-Guy". So we are having this conversation for a little while!

    For years!

    WHAT did you do differently, between the last time we had this conversation (...), and this time when one of them already came about? WHAT did you do DIFFERENTLY?

    I feel that it was already in the works.

    It was.

    It was already done when I was in the chair, asking...

    Itīs already been done for years!

    Yah. so... (...) 6 years ago or five years ago...

    No! No, no, no! (...) What did you do in the time between where it hadnīt happened and this time, now that it has happened?

    The same process that I always do. Get out of my own way, soothe, have fun...

    You started listening to the fan.

    (making fun):
    You are right!!!! I did!!!!
    (Abe advice to meditate while listening to a boring sound in the room as per example to a fan) But, not the same feeling-place, meditatively, that I used to be, when I was dropping resistance! THIS feeling is more subtle...

    What changed, was you started listening to the fan.

    Thatīs it. Ok.
    (laughing) I started listening to the fan. Itīs totally true, though!

    WE KNOW!!!

    Oh what the...
    (big laughter)

    Which caused you for the FIRST TIME to get out of the way!!

    Youīve gotta be kidding me!?

    You KNOW itīs true!

    So, youīr saying, if I would have listening to a fan when I was 30, I would have been in the Big Leagues when I was 30??? -I think, no way- because of alll the things I learned along the trail, I needed for THIS moment!

    You wherenīt asking for the Big Leagues, in that way. Iow, as your problems were growing, you were creating them together. But what we are saying, and not in a way that we are wanting to make you feel uncomfortable about it- it was ready quite a long time, before you were letting it in. But, EVERYTHING IS!!!Everything is ready, thatīs the whole point! Weīr not wanting to make you measure how long it takes you to create the things that you want!

    We want you to acknowledge
    Because thatīs what itīs all about!

    And so we donīt want this creation to be about "oh, I created this big and wonderful thing, and now there is another big and wonderful thing." What we want you to take away from this is, how really MUCH MORE EASY IT IS!

    (...) There is no Forum anywhere else on this planet that understands more, in this moment, how to get from where you are to where you want to be! YOU GET IT, that itīs VIBRATION! That itīs a vibrational game, that we are all playing. A vibrational acknowledgement.

    But the things that are sharp and clear in your mind right now- and we just wanna emphasize them is: As life causes you ask, what you ask for BECOMES IMMEDIATELY.

    And as you keep asking, it becomes more and more and more, and thatīs the point that you where making. Until you created something really big, that was ready for you, to be ready for it. And thatīs ALWAYS the way that it is!

    The things that you want -more money, or whether itīs an empire or whether itīs a thriving business or a thriving relationship or a material object, it does not matter what it is: Youīve put it ITV quite a long time ago, in most cases. And itīs ability to show itself to you has been ready for a very long time. And the missing factor has been YOU! (...)

    You have not allowed yourself to be a cooperative component-

    When you started listening to the fan, thatīs when you REALLLY begun allowing yourself to be the cooperative component, because you REALLLLY quieted your mind.

    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks 2017 Big Leagues, Listening to the Fan! Law of Attraction Dec 9 Phoenix AZ

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