I had a really good day yesterday as I realised various elements of my life have begun falling into line. It presented a new me option and I hesitated for a little about it, was it too different?

Then a dinner last night made it clear that I am already different. It isn’t a choice I need to make, it’s already done.

I have already chosen to be different, and create a new lifestyle around this idea of who I am. And some of the criticism is actually to my advantage.

I realise that the criticisms that others offer are their excuses for not doing or being the same. That is a complement.

E.g. It’s all right for some... if you’ve got money... without responsibility…if you've got your health…who know the right people, etc.

In my world, where it is as I’ve created, I know how much choice we all have and that the momentums of the old world, which we’ve also created, can be powerful.

I no longer have the options I once had. My world is never to be the same. It takes away any reason for doing other than what I want.

So it is all right for me because I have the money, I have light hearted and passionate commitments only, health and wellbeing, I know the perfect people. It is all right.

Last night showed me why and how I'm now a new me.

I cannot be the same, nor do I want to be.

This is a new world full of my new vibration and it’s wonderful.