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Thread: The Men and Me. From knowing what I donīt want to knowing what I DO WANT!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by paradise-on-earth View Post
    I would like to UNDERSTAND.

    Because it has been the most amazing love-story.
    Because it brought me ITV in seconds, every time.
    Because it was such FUN.
    Because it tought me unconditional love like nothing else.
    Because it made me hover for hrs
    Because it feels amazing, on and on and on.
    Just because.

    THANK YOU, love!

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    ...Because this gave me this delicious, detached EASE that I need to run smoothly.
    This gave me a skipping heart.
    This gave me FUN.
    This gave me the opportunity to live my feminin, without second guessing.
    This was so easy. deep and delicious, with no strings attached.
    This was FUN.
    Easy, happy delightful FUN.
    And, I made it that. I allowed it that. I did that.

    When I could do that, I can do everything.

    Have your way with reality!


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    Keep your Vision pure! Itīs YOUR Creation!

    You have sole ownership of your vision.
    And the Universe will give you what you want within your vision.

    What happens with most people is that they
    muddy their vision with "reality".
    Their vision becomes full of not only what they want but what everybody else thinks about what they want, too.

    Your work is to clarify and purify your vision
    -so that the vibration that you are offering, can then be answered.

    ---Abraham, Excerpted from: Boston, MA on October 11, 1998

    I look back and am so thankful for all that was. I have put all this awesome pieces that I am living now, into my Vortex incrementally: One by one, while I sifted through life.
    Oh, such treasures! Such delight.
    Incredibly beautiful. So very very sweet and SO SATISFYING.
    Such passion, Such almost unspeakable ecstasy. Ecstasy, literally orgasmic fulfillment again and again and again.

    Life, becoming more, eternally: Better and better and better, in ways that most people donīt even dare to think about.

    I FEEL SO FREE. I feel so passionate. I feel so powerful. I feel so awesomely, naturally, effortlessly lively and sexy. I feel so fresh and eager and light and shining! I feel so in alignment, so stable, so certain and confident, and attracting all those fantastic co-creators, that are a match.

    We dance divine dances. We fulfill each other in endless ways. This is a heavenly love-feast, in so many ways. So many satisfying, thrilling, ecstatic, awesome orgasmic ways.


    The beauty of having lived more time...

    When you hang around in that receptive mode, consistently,
    your moments in time become RICHER.

    Because, not only are you steadily moving towards the big stuff you want, but all of the intertwining along the way... Itīs like the tapestry of everything that matters to you
    is showing itself to you as you are moving along!

    Itīs like a very effective concierge, who has taken your information, and knows everything that you like, and is taking you at a tour of a city and is pointing out
    everything that matters to you. Times about 10 000, in the moment.

    Where, when you get into receptive mode, and it isnīt only about your ability to rendezvous increases dramatically, but your ability to PERCEIVE what you rendezvoused with, increases, too!

    Itīs like, imagine, somebody having prepared a really significantly, spectacular dish for you to eat. But youīr in a bad mood, or you are afraid while you eat it. And it just tastes like glue. - Havenīt you ever eaten something wonderful- and it didnīt taste good, at all, to you because of your frame of mind?
    But imagine, being SO tuned in, that your IB is tasting through you!

    So, your ability to translate the contents of this food is more exaggerated, and more defined, than it has ever been, before! So, that the nuances of what you are tasting
    are so spectacular, that you canīt even define it to others.

    You canīt even explain what it tastes like. And we promise you, any given food does not taste the same way to any two people! Because your ability to taste it is influenced by your connection to source energy.

    And now apply that to sight, and sound, and sensual, physical... Apply that to EVERYTHING! And FEEL what it feels like,

    to be in a human receptive body- able to experience life
    in the way the source within you is experiencing it,
    in this moment in time.

    2016 03 26 Atlanta

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    Start telling a better-feeling story about the things that are important to you.

    Do not write your story like a factual documentary, weighing all the pros and cons of your experience,

    but instead tell the uplifting, fanciful, magical story of the wonder of your own life and watch what happens.

    It will feel like magic as your life begins to transform right before your eyes, but it is not by magic. It is by the power of the Laws of the Universe and your deliberate alignment with those Laws.

    Excerpted from Money and the Law of Attraction on 8/31/08

    I do that! I LOVE THAT. I love my power, my steeringwheel, my focus.
    I am SO in my own driver seat!
    Now. And tomorrow. again and again and again...
    What a magical, fanciful, wonderful life we live! Itīs there, all around us, itīs our every-day, and more and more coming. Freedom, total freedom timewise, moneywise, so many CHOICES. So much to pick, so much to adore, so much awe to experience, to feel, to adore, to LIVE.

    Such richness. Such beauty, such elation, so much FUN.
    So much newness to explore, so much fascination to feel, so much elation to enjoy, so much love to share!
    What an awesome time we created, allowed and enjoyed already. SO MUCH RICHNESS. AND WHAT IS STILL COMING...! THANK YOU LIFE. Thank you, thank you, thank you life!!
    It is Paradise on Earth.

    Itīs all there, itīs all done, and becoming, every day, MORE in physicality.

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