I am glad for the swimming today
I am glad for the luxurious dinner - steak with beans and ruccola
I am glad I have bought delicious vegetables for my rabbit and me
I am glad my rabbit loves fruit and vegetables
I am glad I tidied my flat
I am glad for the Fridays party that went very well
I am glad for the first video of our party because its funny
I am glad I edited the video - I love doing it and havent done it in a long time
I am glad I finally got some free video editor and could be able to edit my video
I am glad for my new swimsuit, its very sexy and suits me
I am glad for my amazing group of friends. It has been my dream! We do parties together and write every day on FB in a group conversation. Its fun, its sharing, its creative. I am glad I am getting creative ideas about what to do with friends. I am glad it comes so easy to my mind and I am thrilled about the ideas. I am glad my dream of having a bunch of friends has come true!
I am glad for my new mascara, I tried something new and bought one with very thin brush. Its excellent!
I am glad I am looking forward to going to work tomorrow. I am glad I am not a part of that average "I hate Mondays" people.
I am glad I have a good new girl friend. I think our relationship will evolve.
I am glad one friend wants to go ice skating with me.
I am glad I can be proud of myself.
I am glad how valuable employee I am.
I am glad for the crimi series.
I am glad I have so many desires to look forward to accomplishing them.