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Thread: 'The Glad Game'

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    Feb 2015
    I'm glad that my business has always been in the black. I'm glad that I have been making profits since DAY ONE and that is incredible.
    I;m glad my profits and revenue continue to go up and up.
    I'm glad that I am always learning. I'm glad I set up so many things 1-2 years ago, and figured out so many of the things I needed to, to get started. Now all of these things that were big obstacles before are as simple as walking for me!
    I'm glad to feel like I'm part of an elite insider group now that I know these strange obscure skills. I'm glad that now I get to help pull other people into this kind of success if they want to join!

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    Jan 2014
    I am glad for the most amazing trip
    I am glad it was super duper fun
    I am glad it was easy
    I am glad for the celebrations
    I am glad for the joyous moments
    I am glad for the endless euphoria
    I am glad to be full of energy n enthusiasm
    I am glad to be thriving
    I am glad for the delightful travel
    I am glad it went smooth n easy
    I am glad for financial abundance
    I am glad to be soaring
    I am glad to flying high
    I am glad for the ecstatic moments
    I am glad to be total fun
    I am glad for triumphing
    I am glad to be a winner always
    I am glad to be glad

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    Thriving in the Stream of Wellbeing
    I am so glad to have this boss we have
    I am so glad I am able to speak up when it's the right time
    I am so glad to also go with the flow easily
    I am so glad for sunshine

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