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Thread: ~~Appreciate the member above you~~

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    Jul 2013

    ~~Appreciate the member above you~~

    I will start out by appreciating the forum for being what it is and for simply existing! My goodness, how I ADORE this place that has helped me so much to gain clarity and new perspective and to interact with all these amazing beings who are all so diverse and unique and OUTSTANDINGLY LOVELY!

    What an amazing opportunity I am blessed with to be able to interact with you lovely people and to be able to appreciate and admire the wonderful, magical, uplifting place that is this forum. I am in awe at the myriad ways in which I have grown since joining and participating here and I appreciate so much that I have been drawn to such a POSITIVE place!!

    It's like a hotspring of fun and growth and joy where we can all interact and simply live and enjoy each others' joy, I love, love, love that!!!

    I feel great and it feels great to be here!! Salut to you, forum!!

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    SA , I appreciate you

    this forum is so awesome, what a great place to enjoy our appreciation,fun, learning and expansion

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    I appreciate the lovely, funny, brilliant decipher of the teachings.

    LEMON-UP -

    he has been a wonderful inspirational influence to the forum. She keeps her mind running in all directions, seeing things in many perspectives.

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    I appreciate the beautiful chillinjoan. Her posts are a delight to read. I adore her and her reliefgiving words. ♡♡♡

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    I appreciate the amazing candelonia! Such loving wisdom, joyful energy, touching motherhood, uplifting joy-
    and such goodlooking boobs

    (Sorry for that, itīs because of your great, sooo funny and uplifting thread about bigger boobies!)

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    I love POE because her name is Paradise which always make me think of that amazing album by Lana Del Rey of the same name.
    I love how helpful she is
    I love how pretty her quotes are, she organizes the colors very nicely
    I love her avatar it's just totally adorable
    I love her friendly and kind nature
    I love how relentless she is about her 30-day challenges, it's admirable how much of them she can do.
    Her sophisticated use of emoticons really adds meaning to the words
    She's A-M-A-Z-I-N-G

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    I love Creyk's powerful strong energy which emanates confidence, sureness, in this togetherness, generosity of spirit, who we really are, awesomeness! Thanks for being here, Creyk!

    And thanks, SA, for your wonderful initial rampage of appreciation. I second that!!

    Much love and appreciation to you all!!!!

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    I love Sunlover's sweet joyful energy. I can feel her powerful love and appreciation of the teachings. Her avatar always makes me feel like I'm on vacation. You feel very juicy and vortexy to me Sunlover! I feel a lot of awesome things happening for you. Thanks for your generous loving vibes!!!

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    Tree! I love her posts. Her rampages of her body are soooo goood! They take my body vibe higher and higher. I can feel how she loves herself.
    She's so easy to love. Amazing rampager!! Such a sweet soul. I love how you allow abundnace too. You also feel so cozy. Someone you want to hug <3

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    I appreciate MsLovePeaceFreedom! Although we have never interacted she sounds wonderful and great! She looks so connected to source in her profile pic and I adore the name: Love, Peace and Freedom. Mmmmm DELICIOUS! Much appreciation. Thank you

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