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Thread: ~~Appreciate the member above you~~

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    Quote Originally Posted by chillinjoan View Post
    I guess people stopped posting here because it really feels a bit as fishing for compliment
    but in stumbling upon this lovely old thread, I NEEDED to pay you a few heartfelt compliments, Joan!

    I am amazed by your not tiring friendliness to greet and surround newbies with your SO wise, SO loving and wellcomposed welcomes!
    I adore your attitude to look at the bright side of life, no matter what.
    And I think you are beautiful, so very much on the outside but even more from the inside out! NO MATTER WHAT.

    Greetings to each and every beloved participant of this thread, this forum- this world!!
    (Maybe the next person in line just skips me and rampages about ANY other beloved?)

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    POE is deep,
    knows how to love and live beautiful life, she is artsy and knows how to make cookies that also look good. POE has house and garden like in fairytale. She is to the point. POE rocks magic. And above all she is a pirate.
    PS: POE channels James Bond or some other character she likes atributes of, like cat woman and , ...Meril Strip

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