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Thread: "What am I doing wrong???" THAT is the only thing thatīs wrong!!!

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    I want something so... sooo...



    Donīt worry.
    Itīll come, when you get over that.

    from the clip
    Abraham-Hicks: Love Abraham's sense of humour 1

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    You are perfect, where you stand!

    The movement of the energy is what life itself IS.

    So, then- ah- here you are in this physical body, KNOWING
    that there is the potential for so much more,
    but there you are, PERFECT where you stand!

    Wrap your thoughts around that!
    You are going to be so much more- but that
    does not make you lacking AT ALL where you are!

    You are right on the path!
    Right where you want to be.
    Right where you are meant to be!
    Right where you are perfect, to be!

    So, here you stand, and contrast s inspiring you
    to something beyond the current manifestations.
    NOT beyond your ability to imagine!
    NOT beyond your ability to expect!

    San Francisco, Febr. 2013
    from the clip Abraham Making Big Ideas Happen In Business

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    Itīs never a good idea to convince yourself,
    that you mis-manifested something- EVER!

    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks- Wanting To Manifest GOLD =O!

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    Donīt strive to get more perfect, before you teach.
    You are always "perfect" enough!

    (Abe talk about how contrasting, longwinding and annoying much of
    the process of building a perfect special wall in their house was,
    to Jerry and Esther...)

    ...and now it all (this contrast) feels precious and perfect
    and NECESSARY to the unfolding!

    Now, could Jerry and Esther have been at the place, where they
    just would, in their divine enlightenment, in their perfect alignment
    to source-energy, could they have just said "hmmmmmmmmm...."

    No. No!
    And, would you really WANT to?

    And this is the question that youīr asking!
    The question that youīr asking is: Is it of benefit to anyone else?
    -As people come, and look at the rock-wall, that is ME,
    what benefit do they receive from it?

    And we say, just BE the rock-wall,
    BE the perfection that you ARE,
    and donīt put a lot of emphasis on what it took you to get there.
    Because, you will dilute your own message by being less than you
    have evolved to be.

    But, hear us- there is a possibility that you may have misunderstood
    what we said. You might think that what we said was,
    "Achieve perfection, before you teach anybody anything".
    Or, "Achieve perfection before you present yourself anywhere."

    You ALREADY ARE at SOME perfect place,
    and there are so many who are benefitting by their
    vibrational envolvement with you!

    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks - Be the perfection that you are 2017

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    How can Esther make mistakes- even after "all this years"?

    HS asks how Esther could not get out of a specific unwanted mood/focus
    into wanted faster, why did she even get into a contrasting situation-
    where she couldnīt help those she was observing,
    but attracted an unfolding of more of the same, for herself?

    Everyone must experience the law-based, given consequences
    of their own vibrational offering.
    And there are a lot of uplifters, like you and like Esther,
    who are trying to soften the consequences of others lack of understanding!
    Or their lack of deliberate focus.

    And so, the more resourceful you are,
    because you are tuned in to the energy more,
    then the more likely you are to want to use the resources that are
    flowing through you, in terms of clarity, or energy, or action-
    or all kinds of things, even dollars, the more you are often inspired
    from whatever vibration you are feeling, to assist someone.

    And so often itīs saying to them:
    "I do this for you, because I see, you cannot do this for yourself."
    And there is an offness about that, you see.
    And so you reach the place, where you finally say and mean:
    "Iīm gonna tend to my own vibration! Everything that I live-
    my happiness, my joyful accomplishment, is all contingent on ME,
    finding this sweet-spot, and knowing itīs sweet."

    OR, finding that sour spot, and knowing itīs sour!
    Or, finding that sweet-spot, and knowing itīs brief!
    (...) You accomplish your work, by finding and liking the sweet spot,
    and never talking about the sour spot again!

    Thatīs how you accomplish it!
    Because, every time you give words to whatīs not working,
    you practice that vibration that will turn to other things.
    Itīs such an interesting spiral:
    When you talk about what you donīt want, you set yourself up
    for more of that. Thatīs just the way LoA works. (...)

    (to the HS) "Why was Esther at that TacoBell", you said.
    "How did she get there, if she was so good!??"
    (...) Because what she wants to understand, is...

    Mind your own business, right?

    There was so much momentum to that.
    (...) Esther canīt unravel that womanīs alcoholism.
    She canīt unravel her child-abuse.
    She canīt unravel the policeman, having already stopped her.
    She canīt unravel the plates on her car, that where not up-to-date.
    If Esther would spend the rest of her life, she couldnīt right,
    what was going on with that woman! BUT SHE WANTED TO!!

    And thatīs the thing we want so many of you deliberate creators
    to understand. Esther does not have to be, nor do you have to be,
    the resource through which all good flows to others.
    Because, everyone has their own resource!

    What you do, is live through the clarity of your own example
    live the life, that maybe someone else can benefit of,
    by realizing or recognizing.
    So Esther didnīt get involved because it wouldnīt have been of value,
    but she got involved enough to realize what happens when you
    shift your energy, what happens when you put yourself into a
    vibration of vulnerability.

    Esther FELT for that woman. She stayed there long enough,
    and got involved long enough, that she was crying for the sake of the child.

    (explains that he never does that. He turns away in those cases,
    because he knows where itīs leading).
    How can she take it personal- after all this years??? (...)

    Well, since youīve asked, weīll tell you.

    Thatīs what Iīm talking about. How can you do the same mistake?
    How can you do the same mistake, I mean, even after all this years?

    (...) She doesnīt make the same mistake twice!
    She thinks up new ones.
    Because she is an expanding being!
    Because, every day she is reaching new hights!
    Because every day, there is a new vibration to discover!
    Because every day, sheīs asking more from this Universe!
    Every day, she is finetuning!
    These are fine-tuning! This isnīt a mistake.
    This is the Universe, yielding to her so that she can witness.

    But did she have to go this far? To end up crying, there?
    Couldnīt she stop at subtle stages, as you teach-
    stop at that subtle stages...

    If an active question had not been within her,
    iow- she just had a very emphatic experience with someone
    who she has loved for a very long time.
    Someone whoīs she spent a lot of time with. Someone she has
    exchanged a lot of conversation with. Someone that she has
    given a lot of money to, because they where in employment
    with her. Someone that she saw, as in essence,
    being her responsibility.

    Someone that she really, really really cared about their upliftment.
    And when things sort of erupted, and they went on their way,
    sort of shouting at Esther, all of the wrong-doing that she had done
    because she had not feathered their nest, as much as they wanted
    it feathered... Esther had a sort of crisis explode within her,
    wanting to understand:
    WHAT IS MY RESPONSIBILITY with other people?
    What is it, that I am responsible to?

    And so, as she begun questioning that, in those questioning-mode
    the entire Universe began yielding to her needy people.
    Suddenly everyone around her needed something.
    She was asking the question: What am I supposed to do,
    in a world where I am capable of helping so many people?
    How do I know, when Iīm helping, and when Iīm not?

    And so, she was still in the process of examining something,
    where she thought every single step of the way, she had
    been doing something that helped, only to discover,
    that it didnīt help. It didnīt help, you see.

    And so, in that sort of after-math, in all of that,
    things where happening to her, letting her understand
    that she had earlier choices to make. She had choices to make.
    It was not her job to yield to the demands of everyone,
    who was offering them!

    And then Esther became aware, that people were not making
    demands to her- it was not that others where demanding-
    itīs that she was looking for an opportunity to yield to them!
    They wherenīt even verbalizing. She could just sense!
    She would buy a car from a salesman, because he wants to sell it!
    Not because she wants a car!

    I need a car! Tell her, I need a car! I neeeed...

    DONīT MISS THE POINT of the important question,
    that you have asked here!
    Itīs much easier, itīs one of the reasons that this format has
    been of so much value, to so many millions of people,
    for so many years:

    Because Esther is a real person, living in a real world,
    having real experience
    (audience cheering intensely).
    And every step of the way, reaching for the alignment,
    that you are asking for, here, you see.

    So we are happy to bring someone like you to this conversation
    who is willing to drill in, and ask the impertinent questions,
    that are really none of your business.

    Those are the best!

    In order to distract a little bit, from the conversation,
    thatīs about YOU. But itīs the same for everyone, all the time,
    isnīt it? Always the same. You can tell, how you feel.
    You can tell how you feel! And so, Esther decided not to be
    such a bleeding heart. She has decided not to be someone,
    who is so invested in what other people are doing.

    Because she is finally getting it- not all the way got it,
    but sheīs finally getting it, that she does not create their reality.
    She creates HER reality. They create THEIR reality.
    And when she rendezvouses with someone, she takes seriously
    the fact, that theyīve rendezvoused.

    She UNDERSTANDS, that there is something- as you where pointing out,
    powerfully, and importantly, and brilliantly, nobody lives anything,
    that they are not a vibrational match to.
    But thatīs the WHOLE POINT! Itīs not wrong-doing, itīs WITNESSING!

    Itīs not wrong-doing, itīs how you gain your balance!
    Thatīs like saying: You should never get better at anything.
    When the truth is: Youīr getting better at EVERYTHING, yes?

    (...) I got a new insight: Itīs not just finding peace with,for example-
    something didnīt work out, the deal didnīt work out, and the people
    are super-mad at you. Itīs not just finding yourself- "Itīs not my job".
    Itīs also finding peace of the others, looking at you, and youīr doing
    nothing about it,you know what I mean?
    Like finding peace with those opinions, too.

    Most of you donīt recognize the ineffectiveness and lack of value
    of trying to be all things to all people!
    When there are so few of them- then you can handle it.
    Itīs only when it becomes truly impossibly unmanageable,
    that most of you would back away and understand, that this
    is not the way it works.

    But we wish for all of you, not to need it to get to such strenuous effect.
    We would like you to recognize earlier on. But words donīt teach!
    Itīs only through life-experience, that you come to know, isnīt it.

    2016 01 23 North Los Angeles

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    Moderator's note

    @Vivivacious6: I've moved your post into its own discussion thread here:
    Using other's opinions to create my negative emotions

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    Our Source Is One of Love, Not Condemnation

    When you pay attention to the way you feel, and deliberately choose
    more thoughts that feel good while you think them,
    you will begin to recognize the nature of your Broader Non-Physical desires.

    The majority of negative emotions that you feel are not because the subject
    of your thought is wrong, but instead, because you are
    condemning something that your Source does not condemn.

    Your Source is one of love, not one of condemnation.

    Excerpted from: The Vortex on August 31, 2009

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    Hi Beloved Woman,

    Apologies for not replying sooner. I love this quote. And it's funny how sometimes you have to re-read things to get different things out of them, get layers of meanings from them. I've read all the books and forgotten some things!

    So I embrace the readiness that allows me to see this now. Thank you for sharing it.

    It takes a little discipline to constantly train yourself to the better feeling thought, while at the same time NOT CONDEMNING yourself if you dip back into contrast for further expansion.

    Thank you again,


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    I know!
    And thatīs why Abe said, the art of allowing- "Itīs an art, not an accident!"
    It really is. It takes practice, practice, practice... and a more and more relaxed and loving attitude and willingness.

    I answered more on the thread that WB opened for you!

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    You see, this is the thing...
    The is the most important thing that anybody will ever say
    to you or to anyone. This matters so much.
    This is what you're reaching for...

    As you stand at this focal point where all of us, everyone,
    and all who are your ancestors, all the dancers from before,
    all the appreciators of life, everyone who has ever lived -
    and there are so many we cannot even define that -
    are all focused with you in your moment
    with such non-resistant LOVE and ADORATION and APPRECIATION
    for your willingness to be here, and for your perception of life,
    and for what you've put into your Vortex, and for Who-You-Are.

    The love is so BIG and so STRONG and so STEADY
    that when you get crossways of it, you feel guilt.
    That's all.

    There's nothing to feel guilty about,
    it's just that guilt is how you feel,
    when you don't let all that in in a moment.

    Now, if you were someone who hadn't summoned it,
    you could be standing in some of those places
    and not feeling that at all.
    In other words, if you had never wanted for anything,
    not having it wouldn't bother you at all.

    You've focused it into being, and the very guilt that you feel -
    this is the most important thing that we want you to hear -
    the guilt that you feel... the guilt that you feel... the guilt that you feel...[...laughter...]
    ...the guilt that you feel is the indication...
    the guilt that you feel is the indication
    of the GOODNESS and the PERFECTION
    of where you stand.

    Because, if it weren't like that, your deprivation of it
    wouldn't be there.
    Do you see what we're getting at?

    Even the fact that you can feel negative emotion...
    You couldn't feel negative emotion if that Stream of Pure Positive Energy
    was not flowing at you. So...
    "Even my guilt is evidence of my GOODNESS" what we're saying to you. Do you get that?

    It's also evidence of your desire, evidence of your powerful desire.
    So, in normal terms we would say... Just lighten up.
    Have more fun. Be less efforting. Effort is your enemy.
    That seems counter-intuitive,
    because it seems like when you're learning to dance,
    when you're learning to do all those things,
    that it takes effort and it takes focus,
    but effort without alignment doesn't yield you happiness.

    It just yields you medals and accolades from other people.
    It doesn't yield you alignment, and alignment is what happiness is.
    This steady Stream of Realization is what you're reaching for.
    It's a steady Stream of Realizing Who-I-Am-Now...
    Who-I-Am-Now... Who-I-Am-Now... Who-I-Am-Now...

    2014-10-18 Westchester, NY

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