A sun rise, the light builds and builds growing gradually lighter and lighter. Mountains become slowly illuminated. Using any excuse to feel good. Pastels of peach, deep yellow, melding in to the powder blues, feathery clouds lacey and white. Feeling my upright body moving rhythmically along the path, my dog in perfect sync beside me. Nature radiating pleasure in every direction to the horizon. My first vision of light in the 'sun tunnel'. a row of trees hanging over the roadway and the light from the breaking new day sun reflecting its warmth from underneath the trees leaves creating a tunnel of sunlight. the warmth of thoughts and positive emotions spreads through me as I breathe and know that all is well. It is a good day a good morning, not because of the conditions around me but because I allowed better feeling thoughts to spark within me. What could be more important than this amazing connection with the Source of my being? What could feel better than recognizing the better feeling thoughts amid old momentum? There they are, wondrous sparks of thought ready for me to fan into flame. Where yesterday's doubts haven't yet taken hold and my action today is catching those little sparks before the day gets into full swing. They are there still and waiting for me to blow a little breath on them and re-ignite them. Loa brought you to me this morning shortly after awakening when the momentum subsided after a nights sleep. Blessed contrast: you provide the new life within me. I have my connection with Source always there tending to my Vortex of creation, only my blessed attention will close any gaps through out this day.

My breath brings me back to you Source of all my being. Nothing else matters