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Thread: I love to manifest millions of millions and more millions

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    thank you practicebyignoring
    I love to do this writings
    it's my highest excitement to IMA-GENE
    to create and molding it into place
    with passion and love like an artist works on his masterpiece
    my masterpiece LIFE

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    You´ve gotta be READY for money!
    You´ve gotta be ready for money, which means,
    you´ve gotta be HAPPY without it!

    Which means, you´ve gotta be cashing in your vibrational chips.
    You´ve gotta be THANKFUL for this day. And thankful for this chair,
    and thankful for this opportunity, and thankful for this conversation,
    and thankful for the sunshine, and for those highways, thankful
    for this, appreciative of that.

    Thankful for the quieted mind! Thankful for the insight.
    Thankful for the enthusiasm! Thankful for the love in my heart!
    Thankful for this precious face, thankful for that person I´ve never
    met in my life -and on the elevator, had such a nice exchange with not
    even words, because there was a language barrier, but OMG, how
    good it was to meet you!!! Thankful, thankful, thankful, thankful.

    Thankful, thankful, thankful, thankful, thankful thankful! Thankful just
    brings more and more and more and more. And more.

    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks , Are You Ready to be Filthy Rich - try that

    thank you POE

    I m asking myself again and again
    How does it feel waking up in the morning?

    in a Million Dollar Home in Hawaii?

    I love MY dream
    MY dream fullfills me
    the dream is REAL for me

    I believe in my DREAM
    I love this dream game

    living life in it's fullness
    JOY and BLISS

    I love to be rich
    I love to share my wealth with others
    I love to live in abundance

    again and again and again
    an other day in PARADISE

    I love the bed room facing the east
    I love to wake up early in the morning
    I start my morning with my yoga on the terrace

    Today we have a fantastic dinner at night
    my chef Angela will cook Hawaiin food

    I love the mind blowing view over the Pacific
    with the wind and the palms
    and the breeze
    with the taste of salt
    I love it to sit with Rainbowlover and my familly here


    cheers Rainbowlover
    life is magic

    I love my home in Kauai
    on the top of the hill
    with a stunning view
    and an ocean who have no limit
    and a sky with rainbows

    the food is deliscious
    several courses tasty and creativ
    fruits so beautiful arranged
    yes Angela is an artist

    How does it feel to be super rich?
    owning millions and millions
    living a wonderful fulfilled life
    feeling free to do what we want to do

    I am so much in love with the place I live
    Kohola Point

    Life is wonderful
    shall I tell more?

    "It's not your work to make anything happen.
    It's your work to DREAM it and let it happen."


    Because it's done!

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    Where is my home?

    where is that place... where we feel really really home?
    our home is the Universe
    our home is the vortex
    our home is THE FEELING PLACE
    our home is LOVE
    our home is music
    our home ist Paradise on Earth
    the hidden kingdom in ourself
    our home is MOMENTUM
    when time is standing still
    when thinking cease
    when stillness is present

    our home is in this special moments
    in nature with the sun the moon and the stars

    I am in love with my life

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