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Thread: I love to manifest millions of millions and more millions

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    Quote Originally Posted by Venus View Post

    How does it feel to invite
    our familly membersover the week end ?
    Fortaleza do Guincho is the right place for this ocasion
    what great feelings
    how much emotions to feel

    Ohhhh what a dream! one of my places to visit, I dream about it!, thanks so much for the invite, it feels exquisite, it looks like the perfect place to get in touch with the universe, with the feeling of wholeness, watching the sunset and your friends in the distance as you walk by to join them, celebrating....LIFE!

    I love your thread, it always gets me in touch with my wildest dreams!.

    love and kisses

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    thank you lemon and forestofhaerts...

    it allways makes me so happy to see my wonderful co creators on my side
    my companions of the path of enlightment

    this night at 3 o clock in the morning I talked to my IB
    asking if all this excitement that I have about the millions
    the lottery are with a chance to win?

    I asked for a dream
    the dream came in the morning about JOY
    yes and it is Abraham who say: JOY IS THE KEY

    so everything is possible with a strong desire aka belief
    you are invited to the castle in Lisbon
    it is superb luxury a "Relais et Chateaux" member
    and a star restaurant
    we will have good times

    If happiness is derived mainly from outer things
    then joy is found in the opposite direction.
    Joy originates from within.
    Whereas happiness might be considered a state of circumstances
    Joy is a state of being.

    Infinite joy is an inherent quality of our own deepest being.
    inner joy is not based on anything circumstantial, external, or transitory.

    It is an abiding, permanent, and inherent quality of who we are in our deepest truth.

    love Venus

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    Weird is always this new, leading edge,
    where just a few reach beyond what is accepted by the more.
    Weird is where genius resides.
    Itīs where mastery resides.
    Itīs the willingness to reach into the unpopular norm.


    How does it feel arriving at Zurich airport?
    just a visit to the Finance Metropole
    depositing money on a swiss bank

    How does it feel?

    it feels extremly good to be a Millionaire
    I love my wildest dreams
    I love the Millionairs dance

    I love my wildest dreams

    I love my wildest dreams

    How does it feel to be super rich?
    I am breathing in the wealth of the city

    I love my wildest dreams

    I love my life
    I love the beautiful restaurant at lake Luzern
    an outstanding view to the Alps
    wonderful food

    the meeting at the USB was successful
    I love to be rich
    I love to spend my money
    I love generosity

    You’ve got to blast those Energy Dollars out there.
    “I’d do this. I’d do this. I’d do this. I’d do THIS. I’d do THIS. I’d do THIS.
    I’D DO THIS!”

    And, in the identifying of what you would do, you open valves.
    You create Energy vortexes.
    You create a funneling sensation that literally sucks,
    from the boundaries of the Universe,
    circumstances and events that will satisfy your desire.

    This is what creation is!


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    "The Entire Universe is here just to surprise and delight You.
    It's like electricity.
    It's always there, but you have to plug into it, to get it."

    - Abraham

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