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Thread: I love to manifest millions of millions and more millions

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    Hi Multi Billionaire friends

    I love to know that all of it is energy.

    I love to know that it is done and 99.9% complete waiting for me to laugh it, feel it, appreciate it into existence.

    I love to know that it is complete and done and all I have to do is feel it purely long enough so I can recognize it and see it.

    I love to know that I deserve it just because I exist.

    I love to know that it is a emotional journey.

    I love to know that the only reason I haven't had access to my billions of euros so far is because my vibration did not matched the vibration of my billions. Not because I did something wrong, but because I practiced thoughts that prevented it.

    I love to know that with allowing thoughts and good feelings I can access my bank account where my money is.

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    [QUOTE=CreatorChristine;639609]I think the big hang-up or stumbling block with this percentage thing stems from one main problem - that people are not quite ready to really, honestly, fully believe that they DESERVE to feel good no matter what and that they thus do not take that step of GIVING THEMSELVES PERMISSION to feel good no matter what beyond what they think or hope is the bare-bones minimum for allowing physical manifestation of the stuff that they believe WILL finally give them permission to feel good (Sort of a head-wrecker, there, isn't it? Yes, living that way will ultimately do your head in. ). So, they try to "budget their feel-good", if that makes sense to you. "Don't wanna go overboard on the feel-good, y'know!" DO ... DO GO OVERBOARD ON THE FEEL-GOOD. You are worth every second of it.

    But don't worry if not every second is a feel-good second - those are just your Step One moments...

    For some reason, I am posting this here from Creator Christine. HITC re-posted it on another thread.
    I love that dear woman, Creator Christine, and want to manifest her again on the forum!
    I think this post of her also applies to millions!
    Yes, Venus...
    we are dancing the millionaire dance.
    We will go over-board on the feel good.
    Really, what other dance is there?
    Ha! A Beautiful Experience = ABE. So cool!
    Another dance.
    Well Bean, she is diving in,
    with immeasurable value.
    ZoeC appreciating all of this energy.
    Me too! Me too!
    Because it's fun.
    Tree, happy as a bee!
    Today, I am appreciating that it's A-Okay -
    to wish, and manifest on a star.
    Life is supposed to be fun!
    And so it is.

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    For Venus, with thank you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lea View Post

    For Venus, with thank you.
    anyone would feel like a queen/the one and all walking down this hall........

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    Oh Myyy... Nice thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by chillinjoan View Post
    anyone would feel like a queen/the one and all walking down this hall........
    Wow Joan!!!
    this is now all our entrance to the Millionaires Hall

    so let's go... just walking the stairs up and than............

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    thank you friends

    Winter and Lea for the magnificent pictures

    Lea maybee Creator Christine come arround ? you never knows
    is she not the boss of the german Abraham Forum?

    Love Aloha Venus

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    You call it Vortex. I call it Home.
    Venus!! Goddess!! Beautiful thread!!

    May I join you?

    All of us were doing some dancing last night!!

    The Millionaire Dancing at that exclusive ballroom!!!

    This thread is so beautiful! So perfect! Thank you!!!

    Love you very much, Goddess!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Venus View Post

    WellBeen finally I know you now

    a beauty with brown hair and green eyes on a big cruise ship

    Yes!! That's me!! A Beauty on a Boat!!

    I have a picture of me when I was about 18 months old in a little sailor suit on my dad's boat. A wee baby beauty on a boat. Obviously, I was born to it!!!

    LOVE this thread.

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    "There is no risk for you out here on the leading edge, ever.
    And when you come to understand the true nature of Well-being in which you have come forth—
    then you can relax and begin to enjoy this magnificent adventure which is your creative life experience.
    We are not here to guide the specifics of that which you choose.
    You get to choose that, and you can't get it wrong.
    We are here to assist you—only to assist you—
    in finding vibrational harmony with your desire

    knowing that when you find vibrational harmony with your desire,
    you are, in this moment, a joyful Being.
    And that is our dominant wish for you."


    Here I am
    together with my Inner Being
    does it matter why I want finally the millions?
    the purpose...
    buying big big lands and let nature grown on her own
    protecting our planet earth

    living a good life in nature and comfort
    becoming more and more rich

    I am an attractor of wealth
    I am a creator of big money
    I know I know...

    I am open for the BIG HIT
    can I?
    yes.... cause I know allready to live in harmony with my IB
    I am living in the stream of the universe
    I know how to keep ballance
    I know how to move in the millionaires dance

    I am allready living in fullfillment
    I am living in abundace
    I am travelling over countrys and continents

    I see that my wishes are becoming true
    I believe in more cause I love the treasure hunt
    I love the million dance

    I love living in abundance
    abundance is the song of the morning birds
    abundance is the golden oak leaf rustling in the breeze and gently dancing to the ground
    abundance is the warm rays of the sun kissing my face

    abundance is waking up in the morning surrounded by holy nature

    abundance is waking up in the morning in a beautiful home with my love Rainbowlover
    abundance is freedom and wealth and wellbeing
    abundance means to recognize the goodies and than are more and more to come

    it's all about connection with source

    From inside the Vortex
    the Vortex will cause the manifestation that you seek.
    Now, how is that so?
    "The Vortex is my creator, now?"
    What we mean is,
    when you allow yourself to resonate with the frequency of the Vortex,
    in that absence of resistance- now you are swirling
    as one of the cooperative components.
    when you become one of the cooperatice components
    then the manifestations are reveiled to you.

    Then they just start to show up.


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