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Thread: What conditions do I "need to change"? -I find the EMOTION instead of the condition!

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    What is the condition that I require a change?


    Well, I can find these emotions.
    I cannot change that condition in this red hot minute,
    but I can find these emotions:

    I find the fullness of ME.
    I find what source sees and knows.

    ... I find "Multimillionaire lives Paradise on Earth!
    I find this beauty. This fascinating beauty in all there is, when I just look
    through the eyes of source.
    I find the preciousness.
    Precious, precious beloved beauty.
    Beauty that resonates within me, beauty that really IS me.
    Beauty, that is my frequency, that I emanate and that gets drawn in, attracted,
    by me.

    Precious lively wonder.
    Beauty, light and high and wide and elated.
    Whole, loved, beautiful. Light. Lightly, spreaded out, huge, WHOLE.
    Whole and intoxicatingly new in the very same time.
    Source, evolving ThROUGH ME!

    Multimillionaire is a scanty translation for it
    It´s soooo much bigger, but I stick with it to treasure it...
    WIDE. WHOLE. Lined up with the powers that create WORLDS.
    Me, creating worlds with such ease.
    Easy, comfortable luxury.
    Not needing the money to feel this,
    but feeling this and then attracting money from there. It´s SO EASY.
    I attract.
    I am a lover, and I attract love in myriads of translations!
    Money is just one of them.
    Power is just one of them.
    Luxury and expansion are one of them.

    It´s all one delightful soup, and I stir it and smell it and love it, and appreciate
    it all... I SO LOVE ABUNDANCE.
    I love and adore and enjoy this FULLNESS.
    This delightful ease.
    This delightful lightness.
    Light, easy, certain, "OF COURSE". Certainly! SO MY PLEASURE!
    Ahhhh, this feels so good...

    Millionaire, living Paradise on Earth.
    Millionaire, living Paradise on Earth- creating worlds, adoring what is,
    experiencing the fullness and luxury and beauty and deep exquisiteness of life
    ALL THE TIME, no matter what.


    Do you understand, that what you are creating, is YOU?
    So you are creating A MORE PROSPEROUS YOU!
    You are not creating MONEY.

    You are creating a more prosperous YOU!

    You are creating a more abundant you.
    You are creating a you, with greater ease.
    You are creating a you, with greater opportunity.
    You are creating a you, with more opportunity for more fun.

    It´s YOU! You are the expander of you.
    You are the creator of YOU, you see.

    So when we say that this vibrational reality exists,
    it´s a reality that exists- and it´s not just a reality, that exists-
    it´s a VIVID reality that exists- it´s the larger part of you,
    that exists in it- and you really owe it to you,
    to keep up with it!

    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks ~ You are creating a more prosperous you

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    When you say, “I can do it!” -
    we want you to think about it, doing you.
    It, finding you.

    "I’m preparing the atmosphere for appreciation
    to ensure I’m preparing the atmosphere.”


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    Because in the moment that your motive is to change the condition
    so that you can feel better,
    now you’re twirled up in it in a backwards way.

    So, when you say, “I need this condition to change before I can feel better…,”
    feel the trap in that?

    But that’s the way Esther is writing it.
    “What is the condition that I require a change?”
    And then she’s writing,
    “I want that condition to change, so that I can feel ………………...”
    And then she has been writing a series of emotions that she will feel.

    I want my conditions at work to change so that I can feel.................
    uplifted, I want to have the feeling of upliftment
    I want to feel lighter than I do right now
    I want to feel good when I'm at work regardless of what others are doing
    I want to feel charged, energized, plugged in to the stream, to Source
    I want to feel happier when I'm at work
    I want to feel like I'm on vacation when I'm at work
    I want to feel really really good when I'm at work
    I want to feel happy. I like the feeling of 'happy', satisfied, satisfaction
    satisfaction, satisfied that I can feel good regardless of the conditions
    I want to feel satisfaction about the being in the flow, feeling carried and embraced by my inner being
    I want to feel that uplifting feeling from being loved by my inner being
    I want to feel good. I like the idea of feeling good.
    I like the idea of feeling good because when I'm at work and contrast presents itself, I can relax and appreciate the contrast for the life giving energy that is flowing into my Vortex
    I want to feel better than I do right now.
    I want to feel that sensation of 'relief'. what does relief feel like?
    It feels a little better from where I am.
    oh, but in order to truly feel better, I want to feel good about where I am right now.
    I don't think I can feel better in a lasting way if I don't feel good about who and where I am right now amidst these conditions.

    I want to feel relief even though nothing around me has changed. I want to feel good about who I am and where I am and what I am attracting b/c it is the springboard to more of what I DO want.
    I could focus on some conditions that are pleasing but perhaps I could do this exercise and just conjure the sensation of feeling relief.

    I could stay here long enough to feel some relief. I do care about the way I feel. I do see the trap in needing the conditions to change. I don't have to even like the conditions to make peace with them. I don't have to like them in order to find better FEELINGS. I can think about what it would feel like. Genuinely feeling the feeling of feeling good.
    What would it feel like to feel relief,
    relief, sensing and reaching for the feeling of relief. Relief from something or the cool sigh of feeling a little better?
    I could feel better,
    Better feels good, good feels lighter to me, lightness, ambient, ebullient, effervescent, bubbly, being a bubble in a champagne glass and rising to the top and then popping out into the open space.
    Spontaneous, What would it feel like to get in my car and begin driving up the coast?
    What would it feel like to just go? to go exploring. What would it feel like to turn this all over to someone else and go lay in the sun for a while?
    happy, genuine, loving, lifted, light,
    light, like floating, light, like easy, like ease. Oooh, ease is such a lovely word, Ease. the ease of driving up the coast, pulling into campgrounds and sleeping out under the stars or cuddled up in my tent listening to the waves break on the rocks. Hiking, napping, eating. playing, playful, carefree, lovely

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