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Thread: Appreciations for Barbara Parsons who has transistioned into Pure Postive Energy.

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    State of Appreciation!
    Much love, Barbara! Love remembering your big smile and vibrant Energy!! Say hi to Jerry and Jacques!

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    Barbara I will miss your warm hugs and beautiful smile. So I'll look forward to those non-physical hugs, as Abraham calls them "from the inside out".
    Last time we spoke in Asheville, you mentioned you had not gotten your chimney cleaned yet. Well now you can keep an eye on it!
    Hope you will chime in with Jerry during the seminars!
    Love you Barbara

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    Ashland, Oregon workshop, and Barbara is wearing a t-shirt that reads, "Don't Mess With Texas." I stared at it, and repeated the words out loud on her t-shirt. Huge grin at me, and she says (laughing), "yeah, and there are billboards all over Texas with this message too."

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    Thanks for posting the airline stewardess story, HitC! I really needed "confirmation" from my IB that
    things are always working out for me yesterday, and I believe reading the story really did it for me!

    I am excited about Barbara's contribution to the upcoming workshops!
    Now Esther has both the love of her life AND her best friend in the world at her full disposal!

    Um... yesterday when David first started this thread my memory "suddenly came back to me" reminding me that
    I might have spoken to Barbara on the phone years ago when I phoned A-H publications... Hmmm....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lea View Post
    Ashland, Oregon workshop, and Barbara is wearing a t-shirt that reads, "Don't Mess With Texas." I stared at it, and repeated the words out loud on her t-shirt. Huge grin at me, and she says (laughing), "yeah, and there are billboards all over Texas with this message too."
    Thanks, Lea, now I'm going to wear that T-shirt (vibrationally) to honor Barbara!

    I grew up partly in Texas, I have a valid excuse! And I had that T-shirt as a kid!

    P.S. I KNOW! Next time I am back in the U.S. at an Abe workshop,
    I AM GOING TO WEAR THIS T-SHIRT! How's that, Barbara?

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    Thank you, David, for the loving tribute to Barbara. She was/is such a bright light and I am glad I had the opportunity to work with her, as a workshop volunteer, and to chat with her and see her smiling face - on the July cruise. "There is much love here for you!"

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    Barbara, you are so full of life and joy and fun!! You totally
    rock!!! I always loved seeing you boogey on the dance floor on the cruises!!! Yesterday at my dance class, I felt your presence when we were doing a free dance!!! And I loved the "sack faces" story Abraham told @ the Saturday San Diego workshop about a photo of you wearing a sack over your head!! Whenever I am at an airport, I will now look up at the CNN TV monitor and laugh!!! I look forward to continually dancing and playing with with you!!!

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    Here it is:

    Things just get better and better and better and better and better.
    And they can turn on a dime.

    Esther was walking through the airport a couple of days ago in San Antonio;
    and she was feeling sorry for herself
    because a dear friend made her transition [into non-physical]
    and Esther was not ready for her dear friend to make her transition…
    and Esther’s the boss of everyone, you know?

    People should do what Esther wants them to do.
    So Esther had that sort of lonely thing going on,
    moving through the airport, longing for her playful friend.
    And then… because she hadn’t been longing very long…
    she caught it in the early stages.

    She thought, oh my playful friend.
    And then she thought, oh yeah,
    now that you have re-emerged into non-physical,
    I’ll bet you’re more playful than ever.

    -Just for a moment she felt a little fear, because this is a very playful friend.
    And so then she thought, okay,
    she’s standing there, at Southwest Airlines,
    all the people lined up; and if her friend had been there,
    her friend would have been talking to this one and this one
    and this one and this one.

    And Esther is standing there, not talking to anyone,
    just looking at everyone and wishing she could think of something
    to say to all of them.
    And wishing her friend was there to say it
    so she wouldn’t have to say it.
    And then she had the thought, all right, playful friend:

    "Play! Play with me!"
    And then Esther looked up at the television monitor
    which she avoids always because it’s CNN and it’s always something horrible.
    And Esther is looking at it and thinking, okay,
    my playful friend is looking up here.
    And the big, red words on the screen said,
    “Dead General Comes Home From Afghanistan.”

    And Esther said, that’s really not funny.
    And then as she stood there and looked just a little longer,
    the closed caption said, “and we all appreciate his sack faces.”
    Not “sacrifices.” “Sack faces.”

    The day before, Esther had been with other friends,
    looking at pictures of this dear friend and in a picture she had a sack over her head.
    The day before.
    And it’s been a constant conversation: are they bags or sacks?
    They’re sacks! They’re bags! They’re sacks!
    Are they bags or sacks? They’re sacks!
    Her friend always insisted that they are sacks.
    So, we all appreciate the sack faces.

    So, Esther caught it in the early stages.
    In other words, Esther is getting really good at this.
    Esther is getting better and better at it.

    Because Esther wants to feel good all the time.

    from San Diego, 9. August 2014 (thank you Bluebutterfly!)

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    Thank you Elke for re-posting the wonderful sack story!

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    Much Love and appreciation to Barbara.

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