so totally in love with my man

it was so easy how he found me
it was so easy how he came for me
it was just so natural

but for me, the unfolding was exciting and thrilling and blinding and electrifying
it was like a bolt of lightening
striking my heart

he found me, he was drawn to me ever so strongly
i had called him in
my attraction was so powerful that he was on my scent right away
and all i had to do was breathe and be beautiful
and happy
as always
and loving
as always am
and he came

came straight for me, wild horses could not keep him back
and i watched him come for me
it was mind blowing the way i saw him make his way to me
i was flattered and thrilled and excited and delighted

this was a man on a mission!
my man
and i am his mission

mission possible

i love a man who takes charge
especially one who can control me
more than a god of war to handle me

but he came!
and he matched me

oh god
life is beautiful
in his arms

totally he is my dream
i love his eyes!
i look into them all day long
i see them in my sleep
i see them in my daydreams
i see them in my thoughts
i see them in my heart

his touch sets me on fire and calms me at the same time
he is the contradiction that matches me
i love his touch
it's tender beyond words
it is his heart touching me
i love his gentleness
such a tender kind caring gentle man

he is the love i came here for
all the others were just practise
but this one!
this one
this one sets me on fire
~as i light his~

and we both know it

he is my home

and i am his safe haven

he makes me fly
we soar

together we soar

he is my wings
and on wings of love we fly the world together
we fly the Universe together
he is my love
making love to me
with love

he is my love
he is my man
and i
i am his girl

it's a match made in heaven

he is my extraordinary
he is my beautiful
he is my man
he is my heart

yes! this is the one
this is the one i wanted!
this is the one i have!

We have never seen someone adore someone
that the one they were adoring
didn't adore them back.