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Thread: loving my now

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    loving my now

    ~ ~
    I am so in love with me
    I am so in love with my life
    I am so in love with source
    I am so in love with the Universe
    I am so in love with now

    I am completely surrounded by love, by light, by source, by happiness, by joy

    I am radiating love
    and heart
    and beauty
    and source

    ...and um,

    and you knew there would be an um, cause this is a practise thread, so here it is -

    I am radiating love
    and heart
    and abundance
    and wealth
    and richness
    and prosperity
    and happiness
    and ease
    and fun
    and warmth
    and love
    full complete always

    and it is
    my intention to

    allow money s$$$s to flow easily and effortlessly to me

    money! money money money money money!


    I LOVE money

    money is love


    money is me

    i am LOVE

    money IS love

    LOVE is me

    i LOVE money

    i money

    and I allow money to flow to me
    the kind of money I can pay my bills with
    the type of money I can buy things with
    the type of money I can have slotted neatly and nicely into my wallet
    the kind of money I can have stuffed messily and excitedly into my coin purse
    the sort of money that can be used in my bank account to make my life flow smoothly
    the kind of money I can share with my family when I am out with them
    the sort of money that I find sitting there for me happily in my paypal account
    money here
    money there
    always money around
    money money money

    this is my intention
    to feel my way to my wealth and abundance and prosperity
    to allow it in
    as effortlessly and appreciatively and constantly as I breathe this abundant and always-plentiful air

    thank you Universe for being here for me
    thank you Universe for having my back
    for always having my back
    thank you Source for wrapping me in a clock of love
    for always wrapping me in a cloak of love
    thank you Abraham
    thank you Abraham for being here
    teaching me, helping me, guiding me, loving me, letting me grow and expand, showering me with your never-ending unconditional love
    always being here for me, even as I sleep, even as I use the thinking side of my brain, even as I falter and stumble and explore contrast
    thank you for always being here for me
    and thank you David for this platform of growing, loving, learning, sharing and giving
    thank you for the love

    thank you
    Wild and Beautiful

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    I am going to collect all my abe-forum money related links that I have stored in my favs, and link them here

    I have come across so many jewels on here related to money, and I want to keep them in one place, instead of having another browser open with 10 tabs on view, and having 124,333 words in my penzu account and a word doc so huge it is tiring to look thru - that has been making me feel tired lately, and my enthusiasm for visiting those treasures has been a little less than I would have liked it to be,
    so I am wanting to link these abe-forum money jewels on here
    (I hope this will be approved by the moderators)

    and I want to pull bits out of them, and quote them
    as I go along
    in my journey
    to remind me
    assist me
    and play with me
    as I revel and delight in this unfolding
    (I hope this too will be approved of by the moderators)

    and I want to shine the light brightly
    on gems that sparkle when I look at them
    and that make me sparkle brightly inside

    I feel that this is the best way for me to go
    I feel that this is what I need

    thank you xxxxx

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    i LOVE what I see when I look at myself
    i LOVE me
    so intelligent and smart and clever and switched on and insightful and powerful and focused and driven
    and wild
    and beautiful
    and I love my intuition
    getting so aligned with my Source
    so intune with who I really am
    so trusting with every feeling I feel
    I listen to my heartbeat and know, just know, the answer
    and becoming so much wiser more and more every day
    filled with wisdom
    and appreciation
    and happiness

    this what I have
    this is what I already have
    in abundance

    and I milk it every day
    and easily

    I am happy beyond belief
    I am in the vortex for huge swathes of time
    I live in unconditional love
    sweeping over me in waves
    on the pinnacle of non-physical here in my physical
    completely at one with my source
    and the Universe

    this will be a beautiful
    unfolding for me

    it will all happen so effortlessly
    and easily
    that I will wonder what on earth the big deal was

    I will look back and shake my head and smile at myself
    for being so cute
    and fiery
    and determined
    and being so sweet

    yes, I adore me
    I truly absolutely completely wholely adore me

    but I will be forever appreciative
    for loving myself unconditionally
    always have done
    always will
    and I will be forever appreciative for choosing to play here, on earth again, in all it's contrast and fun

    let my money game begin

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    love is all around

    all around me

    Quote Originally Posted by paradise-on-earth View Post

    I live the magic of life

    I do!

    "Living happily ever after"

    paradise-on-earth : )
    thank you

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    all I need do is feel happy

    I LOVE feeling happy

    I so love feeling happy

    Quote Originally Posted by MsLovePeaceFreedom View Post

    Thank you life.

    I take a walk in paradise.

    I see it though the eyes of source.

    I follow inspiration.

    I feel guided.

    I feel loved.

    Hello my new beautiful friend.

    You are the most gorgeous being on this planet.

    Look at you, the most perfect creation ever.

    Thank you
    thank you
    for sharing your inspiring journey
    of paradise on earth
    I am blessed : )

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    happy in abundance

    happy in love

    happy in life

    happy now

    happy now

    Quote Originally Posted by Venus View Post

    There are no happier people on this planet than those who decide that they want something

    define what they want

    get hold of the feeling of it even before it's manifestation

    and then joyously watch the unfolding as
    piece by piece by piece,
    it begins to unfold.

    That's the feeling of your hands in the clay.


    oh little bunny

    bringing me love
    and happiness
    and abundance

    happiness to my soul
    to my heart
    to the very essence of that which I am
    surrounding me in unconditional love
    shining the light of source on me
    I think of you often

    little bunny
    not afraid of me
    my messenger of love
    my messenger of all that is

    I feel your love
    I feel happiness
    I feel joy

    so appreciative to play here
    with little white bunnys
    bringing me abundance
    abundance to my heart

    a bun dance ing in my heart
    a bun dance ing in my life
    had to throw that in

    thank you
    so love your love

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    oh little bunny

    I love you so

    I love you with all my heart

    and soul

    and source

    i trust that all is well

    i TRUST that all is well

    I trust implicitly that all is well

    I feel protected

    I feel safe

    I feel loved

    I feel honoured

    and blessed

    and surrounded by your love

    by your unconditional love

    and I have abundance already
    so much abundance I cannot even begin to fathom the wealth
    so much abundance I cannot even begin to understand

    all I know is that I am surrounded by wealth and abundance and prosperity
    and it is all love

    love so immense
    so powerful
    so strong
    and ever present

    I am truly blessed

    oh little white bunny
    I love you so

    you are my heart and soul
    blessing me from the inside out

    i love you

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    today I was blessed with a delicious dinner
    bought for me
    dinner for FREE

    I chose something I not normally would have, as it was the most expensive thing, but today I did not even look at the price, and did not even think of the cost
    today I saw only what I wanted, salivated a bit, and I immediately said - Yes! that's what I want! mmm yum!
    and it was so delicious
    and tasty
    mmmm dinner bought for me
    Thank You so much

    I enjoyed every single scrumptious bite and the birds got the little pieces left over that I had no room to put in

    as I also had dessert paid for me!
    my favourite cake
    for FREE

    omg!! I had this cake for the first time last week and I was in heaven!
    yes - cakes can do that to you, well they do it to me!
    well, this one certainly did - it is THE most delectable cake I have ever eaten, and that is saying something : )
    It is truly a most delicious tasty cake
    and I had a large slice and did not feel guilty in the slightest giving myself the biggest slice
    and handing out the other 2 smaller slices, heh heh
    because I took my time enjoying it
    and knowing that it was a gift
    PAID for already
    thank you
    and it tasted twice as nice because it happened to be on special too - 30% off
    mmmm! a special cake on special
    doubly amazing and doubly tasty : )
    Thank You FREE cake!

    yes, it was beautiful to have the most tastiest dinner bought for me, and then to have dessert bought as well

    I am living in abundance!
    I am surrounded by love
    and happiness and joy

    and then after my slice of cake I flicked thru a FREE local magazine that I picked up today
    infact I picked up 2 copies, one for me and one for a loved one
    and there was a FREE sample of something I had been desiring! goodness!

    only last week I had had a thought
    'won't it be nice to have a luxurious quality conditioner for my hair'
    it had been quite a while since I had had that
    and I imagined the silkiness of my hair, falling down like the tail of a race horse

    and there, tucked neatly inside the FREE magazine was a FREE sample of conditioner AND shampoo!
    omg! one of each
    - and I was given the other sample too because it was not required,
    so now I had 2 free samples

    I used it today, and it was heaven!
    my hair is beautiful
    imagine having my hair like this every day

    this is just what I was wanting

    Thank You Universe
    for bringing me what I asked for, in such a delightful fun way

    I have already written down today's gifts in my

    'money for FREE' journal

    Belana introduced this game to me and I LOVE playing it

    Quote Originally Posted by Belana View Post
    the gift book:

    I have a "special book" where I write down every gift we get, no matter how small.
    Could be birthday gifts,
    but also "out of the blue stuff",
    like for example, sometimes the woman of the grocery store gives us some product that reaches the expiration date, like a package of toast or so, so I'll add the package to the list.
    It's becoming quite a list after a while
    When I know the price of the item, I'll write down the amount too.

    I made a couple adjustments to suit me
    and it's nice to use

    I use the front of the journal for GIFTS and PRESENTS given to me
    and I LOVE receiving presents and gifts!

    tomorrow I will be receiving a present from a loved one, I did ask for this present and he has brought me 4 of them! not just the 1 item I asked for, but 4 of them wow!
    so I will write that in
    I know the price of them roughly so I will jot that down
    and I will savour each and every single one of them as I have them
    truly appreciating this generous gift

    and today I wrote in my dinner, and my dessert and my free hair samples
    I knew what they all were except the samples, so I put down a price I thought fitted

    and when I went shopping later I got my favourite toothpaste on a 3 for 2 special, so I stocked up and got 2 free tubes of paste!
    it was nice to write in the savings that I made on them
    I LOVE that toothpaste and love the tubes, they are SO pretty and every time I brush my teeth I am smiling with pleasure
    plus I LOVE doing my grocery shopping at that store - my favourite store
    the staff are so friendly, I love the stuff there, it makes me feel good every time

    In my journal I write down the monetary value for those things I know
    and for those that I don't, such as a homemade family dinner then I write it in with a 'heart' value
    as hearts are priceless
    and being with loved ones, sharing dinner is just priceless

    every page I fill up, I add up the total
    and at the bottom I write 'free money Thank You (total) '
    and at the back I write that pages total below the last entry
    so I have a running column of totals
    - I am surprised about the amount of FREE money that I have manifested, week after week! it's a lot!

    it's nice to see how much abundance has come to me
    and how it comes to me
    in surprising ways
    usually it is about 2 weeks to a page

    and most days I have something to write in

    thank you for sharing Belana

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    i am blessed

    truly blessed

    and loved

    i am loved


    blessed and loved and adored

    adored tenderly

    the Universe loves and adores me
    and showers me with blessings every day
    every second
    every minute
    every hour

    listening to my requests
    responding to my heart
    to my alignment

    3 days ago i asked the Universe to show me a little friend
    whom i had not seen for many months
    and i felt it was time to see him or her again
    or his brother or sister
    or her brother or sister

    for this little friend, i truly, absolutely, totally love and adore
    he is my little bunny
    my heart
    my love
    my soul
    only in brown and a tad bigger : )

    and so i looked around as i drove along
    my eyes open for my little co-operative component
    my heart beating just that little bit faster
    in anticipation
    my mouth open slightly
    eager to see him
    for it always excites me to encounter him

    but he was not around that day

    and i drove home
    thankful that the Universe had heard me
    and i was hopeful that this little friend would come to me
    sometime in the future

    ~ and so today
    after my dinner and dessert and hair samples
    i drove home
    in total love for all there is
    and as i drove around a corner i had just smiled at a beautiful man who 'felt' me, felt my presence as i approached, and looked toward me, as i drove past him - it was a thrilling and exciting moment
    proving to me, showing to me how powerful i am
    how powerfully magnetic i am

    and so i drove on
    happy in my now

    and then - omg! there, by the side of the road
    was a little friend for me!!!

    my heart missed a beat
    and i melted!
    the Universe had delivered him to me

    so i pulled in, a little way past him, and enjoyed his quiet company in my rear view mirror
    at dusk
    shining the light of source on him
    smiling in absolute appreciation and love

    he was not concerned in the slightest
    and continued to graze

    then a couple cars came, and drove past
    and i saw him dart like an arrow into the grasses
    to hide from them

    then when they had passed me
    he came back out
    brazenly, without hesitation
    to the very same spot
    and continued to graze as if nothing at all had happened

    so he played this game for a few more cars
    every single time

    yet, for me, he was there - on full view, eating happily
    as i delighted in his presence as i drove by
    appreciating him
    loving him
    adoring him

    i was so happy i was flying
    i drove home flying
    completely in the vortex

    from so happy, to incredibly delighted and excited, to unbelievably tenderly happy - my day has been incredible
    tears of happiness flow so freely

    Universe i am truly blessed
    i am truly truly blessed

    i give my never-ending, unconditional love to my little friend
    who came to play and delight and excite me today
    who touched my heart in the most tenderest of ways that tears flowed so freely
    tears of happiness and joy and bliss and appreciation

    I LOVE you Universe
    I LOVE you little playful friend
    I LOVE you always

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    little fluffy bee
    reminding me that all is well
    and all is as it should be
    the Earth is spinning in perfect proximity to all other planets
    in perfect synchronicity in our Universe
    air is ever-present
    water flows abundantly
    and the sun comes by every day
    and gravity still works perfectly for me
    and little bee is doing his job
    being happy
    flying about from natures flower shop to flower shop
    collecting nectar
    living life
    knowing that all is well
    demonstrating to me that all is well
    thank you little fluffy bee

    Quote Originally Posted by Venus View Post

    When you discover
    That the way you FEEL is about
    Your ALIGNMENT with who you are

    It’s your alignment with SOURCE
    As you get into that AWARENESS
    Of that GUIDANCE


    DEMONSTRATE to everybody that you CARE about
    That you are HAPPY
    By BEING happy

    We LIKE how it’s all turning out, don’t you ?

    Abraham LIVE, Chicago, 06.09.2014
    thank you Michael Buttgereit
    thank you again Venus

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