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Thread: loving my now

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    this is my dream
    and all my dreams come true
    when i dream from my heart with pure pure love all my dreams come true

    this is my dream i have of my man coming for me

    it's a little crazy but is just a dream and it feels good to dream it

    he sees me first
    it has to be that way
    and he is immediately curious about me, and a little captivated by what he sees
    i easily hold his attention
    and the more he studies me and keeps his eyes on me, the more he becomes entranced by me
    i notice him a little while later, after he has been observing me quietly and discreetly

    ofcourse i sort of noticed his presence earlier, but i was busy and could not give his energy my attention, i merely thanked the Universe for bringing such a beautiful and handsome specimen within my reach
    it was like one of those 'oh my!' moments, when i notice a man so hot that he literally takes my breath away and i get a rush of heat thru me

    but i felt him, and his interest on me
    my being was aware of his interest in me
    and it felt very exciting
    very very exciting

    i've had this kind of acute heat on me before
    and it feels intensely delicious and fast paced
    it feels like a lightening bolt from the heavens
    yet at the same time it feels like i have stepped into a time warp machine and a second looking at him lasts for 10 minutes
    i notice every single exquisite detail about him that i am observing

    this is how it happens
    he just sees me first and instantly knows and falls in love with me
    knows that i am his girl

    what do i want
    i want my love story, my dream to come true
    why do i want it
    because it is the most beautiful tale of falling in love that i can dream of

    just imagine if all the decisions are taken off my shoulders
    just imagine if the man chooses me and not the other way around
    just imagine if he sees me first and just knows, knows with all his being that i am his girl
    just imagine if i get a man so assured about his desire for me that nothing can stop him
    just imagine if my dream comes true
    just imagine if this kind of meeting really does take place
    just imagine if it happens to me
    just imagine it happening
    just imagine the beauty in it all
    just imagine this

    i deserve happiness
    i deserve love
    i deserve a man thrilled to be my husband
    i deserve a mate

    here he is

    completely in love with me
    he feels so right
    he is just what i want in a man
    we are completely connected by thought and energy
    his heart is an extension of mine
    our love is intense
    all my loving of other men has just been a practise for this one
    yeah he feels easy and good
    like a breath of deep fresh air
    and an open heart
    of kindness and gentleness and love and tenderness

    here he is

    he was made just for me
    so blessed to have him hold me in his arms
    such a beast
    such love
    such energy

    thank you ~

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    ~meanwhile in reality

    money has been flowing to me!

    the other day i received a £10 given to me
    that felt nice
    love receiving money!
    thank you

    and i had a cup of tea for free
    that was another £2.85

    and then yesterday i had groceries paid for, and they came to £20
    and another cup of tea and scone - with company, how delightful
    so that was £10 paid for
    plus i had a FREE movie and FREE parking and that came to around£17 as it was a special screening 3D movie of one i totally love
    and i got 20% discount on my cup of tea
    so in total it was just on £20 plus £10 plus £20
    making a grand total of £50

    so delightful to be the recipient of the Universe showering me with a fun filled day AND giving me £50 to enjoy it with!
    ha ha love when i get paid to enjoy myself
    how awesome is that ?
    thank you

    people love to give me money because i am a VERY VERY good receiver of money

    i do appreciation well
    i do love well
    i do thankfulness well
    i love receiving money, it just feels so good to know that this abundance just flows easily and effortlessly to me
    i have received £100 for free recently and it is delightful
    plus there will be other notes given to me that will amount to over £100 and they will come effortlessly to me
    i really appreciate this


    just by smiling and being my beautiful self i attract this abundance into my life
    cold hard cash
    aaaah how i love it so

    it feels amazingly good to just let it come to me in many unexpected ways

    i also received an enormous bar of expensive chocolate for FREE
    and some packets of special treats that i love, they were FREE too
    love that so much!
    and i received a BAG for FREE
    oh wow, as soon as i saw this bag i knew i wanted it and that it's rightful place on earth was here, by my side and so i closed my eyes for 2 tiny sessions of 17seconds and felt it on my back and i puffed up in happiness
    and within the week, here it is, on my back
    and not only that, i received a key chain for FREE
    it is so beautiful, maybe even too beautiful to be used at the moment so it is beside me at my desk and i admire it every now and again, as i love it so much
    and as well as all that i even got 3 perfect perfect exciting amazing Tshirts for FREE
    yeah it was exciting to receive all this

    i really LOVE money
    so much!
    and i receive it well

    not only did i receive all those amazing things i also received a £5 discount for something i bought that i love
    it was given to me by a most beautiful man, i knew as soon as i saw him that he was just a perfect being
    a good good person and so he gave me a £5 discount so easily

    i also bought 2 items that i have been adoring for well over 5 years at least, maybe even longer
    and the opportunity came up to buy them and i did and it turned out that i got £20 off them! just like that
    i didn't even have to ask, it just happened
    and i received a present of a delightful little box that was worth £3 that i was also wanting to buy

    it was unexpected haha
    the best things always are

    so much money coming to me
    for FREE
    very simple very easy
    and yes i am appreciative of every single penny
    i value the love that has been exchanged

    money = love = happiness = fun = beauty

    this is a multi dimensional equation haha, and all combinations have the same exponential answer of abundance, love and happiness

    thank you Universe for showering me with astonishing love and abundance this last 2 weeks
    and i haven't even begun to mention the amount of my dream cars i have seen lately!
    oh my
    that is another dream come true haha
    and then there is the boys as well,
    coming into my life in floods
    every single one a beauty and a kind heart

    love this so much
    thank you Universe, and yes you know already - bring me MORE !!!

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    i have a dream of my mate, this is how it feels to me

    this is my dream

    here he is
    behind me, standing so close
    breathing on my neck
    i love his silence
    i so love no needing to talk
    i love our silent presence together

    i love the way he appreciates me with his hungry happy eyes
    i so love how he always endlessly has a smile on his mouth for me
    every single time
    he is always immensely happy to see me
    totally makes me melt this does
    makes me love him even more

    i love the feel of his body on mine
    his presence
    the warmth from his manly skin
    his firm big strong muscles
    soft warm firm skin
    i love his energy
    feels so good
    i close my eyes and he is here always right beside me

    it is a thrill to just be beside him
    this is one beast i will never tire of appreciating and admiring and loving
    so delicious
    and his adoration of me is so seductive
    i love him
    what a specimen of a man he is
    such a beast created just for me
    and he chose me and came for me
    he was drawn to me, across time and space
    guided by the stars to be by my side
    as my mate

    this is my love story

    i have no qualms about worshipping him haha
    because he is so beautiful
    so incredible
    so breathtaking
    that i go straight in to the vortex to just think about him
    let alone be in his presence

    he is everything i desire, require and want in a man
    and more
    he shows me more every day

    loyalty and love and adoration
    cherishing me endlessly
    happy to just be in my presence
    that is more than enough for him

    content to be by my side
    and to just hear me breathe beside him
    what more could heaven be like?

    this is my love story
    words are not needed

    this is my love story

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    this is my dream

    this is my dream and what i dream and visualize and write down happens in my reality
    it becomes my reality
    i create my reality
    i create the world i live in

    my intent to live a life i love is so strong that my desires are wished and granted almost automatically
    i give good good air time to the wanted aspects of my life
    i give very good attention to my focusing and my feelings
    i live in my world
    my interesting world
    my very interesting world that excites me

    this is my dream

    i have my man beside me
    he is quiet but beautiful
    a handsome man
    a very handsome man
    i love his appearance, it excites me
    just to look at him lifts me
    it is so pleasing to settle my gaze on his appearance
    i love his ambience
    he is quiet
    and just easy
    an easy easy man to be beside
    the silences between us are like a breath of fresh air
    with him i feel safe and at home
    i feel like he has granted me my freedom
    to breathe
    i love that the talk is little
    i can handle that

    this is my dream

    we spend easy time together
    every second is a delight
    yet the seconds do go fast
    because it is a surreal perfectionism with him
    it is like being here in a physical body, yet i am playing on many more levels with him
    my Inner Being is being delighted with our energies
    just to be in his presence is enough for me
    it is so easy
    easy to be beside him
    he takes a photo of us and stands behind me and takes hold of my hands
    i melt at his touch
    it is exciting
    everything i desire and ask for is granted with him

    this is my dream

    it's funny to just be with him
    the ease amazes me
    not because i do not believe it
    but because i see how we are meant to just come together
    to spend this time together
    to share this ease
    this easiness
    this delight
    this pleasure
    of enjoying each others company
    truly i love just being beside him
    he is way way way taller than me
    and yes as handsome as i dreamt he would be
    a beautiful man
    and he chose me

    this is my dream

    sitting beside me
    i look over at his long legs and think to myself, oh wow
    i love his long legs, his big muscly manly legs, substantial
    so much bigger than my beautiful svelte lean legs
    and he is just there
    and looks over at me
    and our eyes catch, and hold
    and appreciate each other
    i love how he is amused by me
    and i love how accepting of me he is
    i love that in him
    i love his warm open acceptance of me
    such a gentleman
    i so love that

    this is my dream

    snuggled tight into him
    so so warm
    oh my god, how i love this
    being held tight by him
    the warmth is incredible
    the weight of his body trapping mine down
    unable to move yet loving it
    his breath on me
    our faces touching
    this is what i came here for
    this is exactly what i came for
    delicious beyond measure
    i love how he seeks me out and holds me tight to him
    pulls me in to him
    needs me, wants me, has me
    could i have even dreamt this better?

    this is my dream

    my time with him is time for him
    every second counts and every second is a blessing
    i appreciate each blessing in advance and upon realisation
    so beautiful to see the water fall over his majestic body
    as i pour it over him
    so easy how it all happened
    it was a funny amusing unfolding
    and yes, i dreamt of doing this exact thing with him, this exact way
    i love how the things i love and want come to me in the most amusing fun fun ways
    love that he loves this too
    this attention on him
    makes him feel so good
    it is just a win win situation
    so love this very personal private time with him
    totally unreal and surreal and a little crazy
    but this is my dream and all my dreams come true
    the world i live in is my reality
    and it so totally pleases me
    with him i have chosen ease and love and kindness
    massive kindness and tenderness and gentleness
    and care
    and i get this from him so easily

    this is my dream

    it is fun
    lots of fun
    beautiful tender fun
    amusing totally unreal fun
    i make his tea just the way he loves it
    and we sit there side by side
    just happy so very happy
    to be in each others company
    it just feels so right that there was no question we would ever be doing anything else
    we took it down to the very last minute to be together
    it was beautiful and perfect and fun and so filled with love
    open easy love
    that i could breathe so very easily
    i love that he looks over at me
    and steadies his gaze on me
    that has to be one of my favourite parts of being with him, when he fixes his gaze on me
    i love that
    the give and take is a perfect balance

    i love that i helped him dress
    and buttoned up his shirt for him
    as i admired his beautiful sexy hot toned muscly body
    yes he took my breath away
    and was happy to share this with me
    something so simple as an image on my thread and a dream in my head
    and less than a couple weeks later i get it in real life
    in the most extraordinary way
    with components that not even i could imagine including them lest i were writing some crazy book, like a movie
    but yes, it happened
    i was the star of my own movie and he was the bit-actor hahaha
    breathtakingly beautiful bit i might add

    this is my dream

    and i love it
    as he sits there in the chair
    all relaxed
    and happy
    everything is perfect
    in every single way
    even i could not pre-pave so much perfection that absolutely delights me in every single way
    how could i know that the Universe had it all planned out
    and all i had to do was just play my 9thing game for a few times
    really play out my focusing game, and the things that i specifically focused upon were delivered to me less than a week later in the most incredible ways
    but most of all
    the feelings i felt as i played my game were delivered to me in reality and they lasted and lasted and lasted
    i got everything i was dreaming
    this is my dream and i got it
    i got the gentleness
    the tenderness
    the open deep flowing love
    the fun and smiles and laughter
    the happiness
    the excitement
    the unfolding of my dreams in front of my very eyes as i stood there are realised that that was exactly what was happening, and in such a beautiful way
    i got the man
    delicious in every way
    and fun
    every single second with him was amazing
    and now, remembering, it still is

    this is the work
    this is my dream


    perfect in every single way

    thank you
    thank you
    thank you

    so blessed
    so in love
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    this is my dream

    and all my dreams come true
    when i dream from my heart filled with pure pure love all my dreams come true
    and this is my dream about my mate

    oh how i love him so
    his very presence excites me to pieces
    just being beside him is . . , is . . , is perfect
    his quiet accepting ambience
    i love just being beside him
    i literally glow and pulsate love allll over him haha

    oh god i love how tall he is
    30cm taller than me
    just perfect
    a real man
    my man
    a man i can look up to
    a man i do look up to
    and he looks down on me
    with such affection and love
    his eyes wash satisfaction and love allll over me

    just so quiet
    but not totally silent
    he talks when i need him to
    i love him like that
    a man of silence and observation and taking it all in
    he notes everything
    street smart, switched on
    i love watching him as i see him take it all in
    he is my type of man
    i love this tall handsome silent type
    just perfect for me
    really no words are needed between us
    and the ones we do exchange are just so easy and so perfect
    every interchange is fun
    and touching
    and tender
    and sweet

    i love how he comes to me
    every single time
    he comes to me with desire and intent
    he seeks me out
    and looks for me at all times
    no matter the distance between us, he always has his eyes on me
    approvingly, hungrily, happily and proud
    and smiling
    smiling all the time with me
    a smile always on his lips for me no matter what
    oh my god i love that so much
    it makes me melt
    the way he adores me makes me melt

    i already have his full unending approval
    i am exactly his thing
    i am so perfect for him
    and he knows it
    and loves it
    literally he is super excited to have me
    but he never never takes me for granted
    each day is another day to chase and pursue and woo me
    constantly he is courting me
    this is our love game
    i really so appreciate this
    i am acutely aware of how blessed i am with him
    and i appreciate it

    this is my love story
    and my dream comes true
    i get it!
    i get him
    ~he gets me~

    oh really
    to be held in his arms
    so so tight
    i love the way he instantly pulls me to him
    and wraps his arms right around me
    and our faces touch
    love the warmth from his face and the heat from his body
    love how he pulls me in so close to him
    and just, just adores me
    with kisses and heat and tenderness and love and heart
    he really is exactly what i love

    with him i can breathe
    and smile
    and laugh
    and just relax and just be myself
    he loves everything about me
    and all that i do
    i impress him endlessly
    and likewise
    the easiness is incredible
    amazing, amazing how we just synch together
    so smooth and easy
    really my heart just melts with him
    he makes me melt

    i love how he makes me feel
    i fly
    fly with him by my side
    and in my thoughts
    such a gorgeous man
    so incredibly handsome!
    and delicious
    and fun
    so fun and playful
    rather childish like me
    seeing everything as exciting and new and fun and interesting
    love that we are similar
    and our love and warmth and feelings for each other are the same
    except he feels more for me, hahaha
    perhaps he does, and i choose to believe that he does and that he is devoted completely to me
    as i am him
    my heart will always love him
    and my eyes appreciate and desire him
    and my body craves and lusts after him
    that's perfect

    this is my love story and i love it
    and i love him
    so easy to love
    so easy to be with
    just a perfect fit
    a true true true magnanimous gentleman to me
    i love that he is a real gentleman to me, always, every single time
    love his smiles for me
    and his warmth
    love how i am his girl
    and he insisted ardently that he be my man
    love that so much
    his desire and intention to be mine
    makes him feel good
    he's not an Aber, but i know exactly what he means, and that's okay with me
    it's really his Inner Being i'm having the conversations with
    and he kinda knows this too
    on a heart level
    and he loves me for my stars-galaxy-appreciation
    he is amused by me and he loves this! he loves me knowing with such assuredness of who i am and what i want
    and it is his rock solid assuredness for me that i love

    this is my love story
    i love it
    and i love him

    and he loves me

    this is how it is and the way it is
    and i am blessed totally
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    this is my dream
    and all my dreams come true
    i have a dream of my man and even if i tried to dream something so fantastical and crazy and way out and totally mad as, then i have not even come close to what the Universe gives me
    this is my dream and just dreaming of my love story is so beautiful
    he is so beautiful

    i love him
    i am in love with him
    and him me
    it was so easy

    so easy
    so very very easy

    he came for me
    across time and space
    out of the blue

    out of the dark blue sky

    how the Universe conspired to bring him to me, instantly and so easily is just a wonder
    i love that he came for me
    we were drawn to each other effortlessly
    i love how together we are just a complete match
    so easy

    i love being able to breathe around him
    he is like fresh air to me
    and i love his
    his quietness
    i love his silences
    these are what make me melt
    and make my heart fall so in love with him

    my lover
    who came from the stars to me
    out of the dark blue sky
    and here he was, just like that, in front of me
    and i thought oh wow! as i took him in
    he was so very very pleasing to me
    to my eyes, to my energy, to my soul

    i ask and dream for an easy man
    and he comes to me effortlessly
    in a magical fun fun way
    in a fairytale way, that the most beautiful romantic love stories are written
    to excite me
    love me
    adore me
    play with me
    and i love this all so very much
    we fell in love before we met

    it's easy
    easy easy easy
    and happy
    smooth happy open easy
    and beautiful
    gentle tender beautiful
    it's care and kindness
    open easy kindness and care
    and just full on appreciation
    really he is my breath of fresh air
    he is my freedom
    the stars above me sparkling in the night's sky
    showering me with love
    with my lover

    i could have not planned it any other way

    heart melting

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    this is my dream

    i dream my dream about my love story
    what i write comes true
    i get everything i dream about
    i tend carefully to my happiness

    this is my dream of my man and i love him already, before i have met him

    he here is
    beside me
    no words are needed
    we are happy to just be beside each other
    he is always happy to be with me
    and always has a smile for me, no matter what
    i love that he is so easy for me
    he is a breath of fresh air and i love him completely

    he shines the light of source on me
    and i him
    it is beautiful the way he looks at me in utter appreciation and thankfulness
    i so love his gaze on me
    he makes me feel immensely beautiful
    and i love him for his attentions
    how seductive is the light of source
    ~mirror mirror on the wall~shine the light of love on me~from a man oh so tall~
    a god of war, a warrior, fearless and strong, handsome and beautiful, breathtaking
    mesmerizing, stunning and completely sorted

    he makes me happy
    just to be with him
    he feels so goooood so incredibly good
    the ease we have together is incredible
    the feelings are just ~perfect~
    and all i did was write down here exactly what i wanted to feel in him - and voila! along he came
    i love how i got him
    and i am so happy that i managed to get myself into the receptive mode and to practise and maintain my alignment for him
    i am happy, just relieved, and happy to have my mate
    it just feels like everything is done

    and i can be myself around him
    without having a second thought
    or even needing to talk or say a word
    he is exactly what i want in a lover
    and has no judgement on me at all, except happiness and pleasure and delight
    i love that we just fit
    it is so easy
    easy and calm and quiet and accepting and delicious
    i love that he rarely talks
    i love his quietness
    i love that words are not needed

    i love when he stands behind me, off my shoulder
    so much taller than me! and looking out over me
    i love to feel his presence beside me
    i can just feel the love emanating from him, how so content he is to be with me
    i love his warmth, the immense heat coming off his body when we are together
    so love how his touch sets me on fire
    it just feels so good
    makes me melt

    i love him so
    he is easy
    and open
    he is happy
    and always in agreement with me
    he is relaxed and calm and cool
    and super super sexy
    super hot
    super handsome
    did i say how he literally takes my breath away?
    he is my perfect match
    and the heavens brought us together
    so easily
    i opened my heart and in he came

    this is my dream
    this is my man
    already deep inside my heart
    and i so love him so
    he can so easily handle this fighting machine
    it just feels like a breath of fresh air
    feels like i can relax
    feels good
    and happy

    thank you

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    this is my dream

    and what i write comes true
    as easy and effortless as this

    this is my love story

    my beautiful fantastical exciting crazy breathtaking love story

    this is my love story, this is my dream

    he turned up
    just like that
    in front of me, there he stood
    looking down on me
    his eyes fixed on mine
    and happy

    he came into my life fast
    fast as lightening
    and even i could not foresee where he came from
    and even i could not imagine how the Universe contrived in such a fun thrilling way to bring us together
    but oh my god
    as i recognized the synchronicity of the events as they unfolded and him in front of me
    i just stood there, amazed and thrilled in wonder and excitement
    i was watching my own love story unfold in front of me
    it was heart melting
    and breathtaking

    just his presence feels so good
    the warmth off him emanating all over me feels like home
    like heaven
    he is perfect calm for me
    as soon as we physically came into each others vicinity our energies just locked
    i had goosebumps all over me
    and this huge surge of energy shot thru me, powerfully, deep and fast
    and then this calmness just came

    i love how he smiles at me all the time
    with his eyes and his mouth
    i love how he devours my presence and my image with his eyes
    he is literally in love with me just being alive
    the light he shines on me is like nothing i have experienced before
    i was scared of falling in love again incase i lost myself
    but this time, this time it just feels safe
    and right
    and i know that my soul will be okay
    because it's his soul that loves me
    and he is just the wrapper of his soul

    this is how it happened and it took my breath away
    all these years on earth
    and all this tending to my alignment
    and all i have been thru
    was all for this
    i thought i had sincerely past it
    and lost any chance of it ever happening
    but it did
    it happened
    this being, this living thing of love, of everything i have even desired came into my life
    he came into my arms and he whisked me up
    into his chest
    i am beyond words
    this is the love i asked for
    and i've got it
    and oh boy how beautiful it is

    my honey
    my star
    my man

    thank you
    thank you for him
    for this love
    for this perfection

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