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Thread: loving my now

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    what makes me happy?

    i look for things that make me happy

    i choose to focus on that which pleases me

    the most beautiful painting ever
    oh beautiful painting i have stood before you years ago and admired your beauty and fallen into your world
    i have coveted and admired and lusted after you
    i have desired you deeply
    filled with softness, so much fur and cloud and love
    oh little white hare
    amongst the deer
    and snow bunting
    could it get any better than this?
    uh-uh i don't think so

    YOU make me happy

    THIS pleases me

    soft and gentle and beautiful and inquisitive and observant white coated mountain hare
    tending to your vibration amidst the hinds and braying stag

    i look for things that please me
    and make me smile
    i look for things that make me happy
    and lighten my heart

    i CHOOSE to be happy

    i CHOOSE to be uplifted

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    All people, circumstances, events, and situations are attracted to you by the power of the thoughts that you are thinking

    -Aligned thoughts are thoughts that feel good-

    As you make a conscious effort to guide you thoughts ~moment by moment~ more in the direction of what you do want, you will begin to feel better and better

    -Seeing my world thru the eyes of source-

    To see you world thru the eyes of Source is truly the most spectacular view of life - and therefore in the process of attracting - only what you would consider to be the very best of your world

    Those moments in your life when you feel absolute exhilaration are moments of complete alignment with the Source within you

    Conscious alignment will enhance every moment of your day

    -I can deliberately choose to feel better-

    (p19 Money and the Law of Attraction)(MLOA)

    WHAT is it that I do want? and WHY do I want it?

    i want alignment
    because i love to fly high in my vortex, happy, aligned, beautiful, radiating
    ~alignment is my natural right and i claim it now - now - now~

    i want to reach for better feeling thoughts where ever i am
    because i love to feel good, i love the love sweeping thru my body in powerful waves, i love being awash in the love radiating powerfully from my heart
    ~it's seduction has captured me for life and i can never go back~

    i want to stay focused on what i want
    because i love being in control and seeing the unfolding, i love enjoying desires in my mind, pleasuring myself with their details, i love watching my mind movies as i interact with my stuff
    ~where's my stuff? where's my stuff? it's in your mind - isn't that oh so delicious~

    i love being excited
    i love being thrilled, thrilled to pieces
    i love being in a state of anticipation
    i love being delighted and surprised and thrilled and excited
    i love breathing deeply, breathing deeply as i fly high
    i love being here, living on the leading edge, flying high
    flying high in my vortex amongst my stuff
    my delicious stuff
    i came here for the stuff, uh okay, i came here for the expansion
    but really, this stuff is making me expand
    yeah, and it feels SO good
    i love my vortex and i love down here on earth
    but most of all i absolutely LOVE walking on earth as i fly high in my vortex
    that is the most incredible experience ever!
    really, i am not really here on earth at all, my body is - but the rest of me - it's flying high - high as a kite
    in my vortex

    i love it all
    i love it all immensely
    a few words and i am pulled back so seductively and strongly into the arms of my vortex
    where all my dreams come true, where all my dreams ARE true
    wow! it's utter heaven
    i am truly living my dream
    i LOVE my alignment
    love love love


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    happy to write a cheque for you today in my Prosperity Game (for part payment cause I reckon you're worth about 5,000,000.00 now) and in under 2 months time you will be mine
    mmmmm feels nice
    thank you

    -I can Deliberately Choose to Feel Better-

    by looking for reasons to feel good

    to see more positive aspects of whatever you are giving your attention to

    That really is all that the Process of Pivoting is: deliberately looking for a more positive way -a better feeling way- to approach whatever you are giving your attention to

    ...what is it that I do want?

    this is the way that you begin telling a different story about your life -
    what do I want? what do I want? what do I want? what do I want?
    I'm looking forward to having more money

    As you continue to ask yourself -What is it that I do want- eventually you will be standing in a very pleasing place -for you cannot continually ask yourself what is it that you do want without your point of attraction beginning to shift in that direction...
    The process will be gradual, but your continued application of the process will yield wonderful results in only a few days

    -Am I in Harmony with My Desire?-

    What is it that I want? the moment you turn your attention to what you want, the negative attraction will stop; and in the moment the negative attraction stops, the positive attraction will begin.
    And -in that moment- your feeling will change from not feeling good to feeling good.
    That is the Process of Pivoting

    (p21, 24 Money and the Law of Attraction) (MLOA)

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    What do I want?
    i want ..

    i want cold hard cash

    cold hard cash!

    i want a lot of cold hard cash

    alot alot alot!

    i LOVE the feeling of money in my hands
    i LOVE the notes, brand new, luxurious to touch, crisp, clean, uncreased, smooth with a firm texture of substance
    i LOVE the details on them, so detailed, so intricate, such a story being told, beautiful artwork, skilfully made, perfect manufacturing, love the colours, subtle, friendly
    i LOVE their denominations, 10s, 20, 50s, 100s, 5, 30s um okay maybe not, 5 x 20s = 100 wow! 5 x 100s = 500 WOW!!
    i LOVE the weight of each note, substantial, paper of substance, depth, soul, love
    i LOVE the feel of the note, textured, firm, grippy, hold-onto-able heh heh, grippable, more-able
    i LOVE the story surrounding the note, make up a story -a pleasing story- this note bought that little kid his dinosaur aaw how sweet! this note bought that lady her rescue pup aaaw goodness so much love! this note was living in an old rusty metal tin for 12 years, 3 months and 54 days before the she found it again and squealed in surprise and delight and immediately raced out and bought that beautiful desired-for hardback
    i LOVE happy endings
    i LOVE love

    money is LOVE
    money gives love
    money conveys love
    money shares love
    money is LOVE
    and i LOVE money
    money does good, it brings happiness, it brings joy, it brings relief, it brings pride, it brings independence, it brings freedom, it brings choice, it brings power, it brings appreciation, it brings pleasure, it brings fun, it brings satisfaction, it brings ease, it brings relaxation
    money is the currency of love ; )

    i LOVE money
    i LOVE happiness
    i LOVE joy
    i LOVE ease
    i LOVE laughing and having fun and playing and smiling and being thrilled and excited and eager and oh so so so happy and just so in love
    so in love with life
    so in love with love
    love being in love
    in love with me
    in love with love
    in love with life, life on planet earth, life on planet zork
    so in love
    absolute complete total incredible vortexual love

    $$ xx

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    beautiful! just beautiful!

    a crisp new 20 made it's way to me yesterday
    a crisp new purple 20
    with beautiful details in the artwork, i studied it, and admired it, felt it, touched it, mmm nice

    thank you, thank you, thank you Universe for the LOVE

    yes it's earmarked for a purpose
    and i will enjoy using it because i have some coupons that will be accompanying it
    as i choose those things i want and need
    and the value of what i buy will be greater than the value of the note, thank you my favourite store! you are the best ever and i love, i so love shopping at you, you always give me amazing value for money and i love you even more for that
    you always have everything i want, the staff are always friendly and i love your layout and i always see handsome boys in your aisles! what could get better than that? (handsome boys carrying my basket perhaps ; ) )

    but in the meantime it is living happily in my wallet
    and it is giving birth to more notes
    more notes will come
    those 3 notes came so easily
    and high denomination notes at that
    they just came to me
    i allowed them
    i am a powerful creator
    i pre-pave my happiness with my focused thoughts and vibration
    i look for things to please me
    i relax and allow
    i chill and enjoy
    i play
    i smile and love and admire and appreciate
    and most importantly i feel HAPPY
    always, just am, HAPPY, happy no matter what, HAPPY
    happy for the birth of my new cash-babys, birth of my cashlets, birth of my wads, wads of 20s, wads of $100s, happy for the birth of my cold hard cash in my prosperity-nursery - my wallet

    because that's how this unfolding goes -
    what is there, imagined or real, will bring more - when the focus is kept on the wanted end of the stick

    when the focus is kept is kept on the fullness of my wallet

    when the focus is kept on the fullness of my wallet
    happy with it's dollars,
    happy with it's pounds,
    happy with it's cheques
    happy with it's fatness
    happy with it's prosperity
    happy with it's wealth
    happy with the cold hard cash!

    cold hard cash makes me FEEL warm! mmmm
    cold hard cash excites me no end!
    cold hard cash thrills me!
    yay for cold hard cash!
    bring it on yeah heh heh

    feels so nice!

    s s s

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    my Beloved Universe
    i LOVE you
    i love you with all my heart
    i love you with all that i am

    shining the light of source on me

    oh little bunnies
    my white hearts
    my fluffy hearts
    basking in the light of source
    with me
    basking in eternal love
    being love

    my little hearts
    you are already inside my heart
    everyone of you
    for i will always love you
    for ever and always eternally
    for you ARE my heart
    you are me

    oh beautiful Universe
    thank you for having me here on earth
    to play and love and enjoy
    and appreciate and bask and adore
    and to fly high in my vortex
    giving love receiving love being love

    for i am eternally loved
    i am love
    i am love
    for i love eternally


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    Am I in Harmony with My Desire?

    What Do I Want, and Why?

    it is in your best interests to tell a different story, a story that more closely matches what you would now like to live

    it is always helpful to remember that you get the essence of what you think about

    by deliberately choosing your own thoughts, you are also deliberately choosing how your life unfolds

    I Can Feel Better Right Now

    Find good-feeling thoughts and good-feeling manifestations must follow

    Focus on the Solution

    what do you want and why do you want it?

    when you know WHAT you want and ask yourself WHY you want it, you are withdrawing your attention from the problem and focusing on the solution

    When you consider WHY you want something your vibration usually shifts or pivots in the direction of your desire
    I want it because..
    (when you consider how it will happen, or when, or who will bring it, your vibration usually shifts back towards the problem)

    Your thoughts are powerful, and you have much more control over your own experience than most of you realize

    (p28 Money and the Law of Attraction)(MLOA)
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    WHAT do I want and WHY do I want it?

    i WANT love i WANT ease i WANT alignment i WANT relief i WANT happiness i WANT surety i WANT love

    i WANT love because it is who i am and i feel good when i love, when i give love, receive love, be love
    i WANT ease because i can breathe easily and i feel so good when i can breathe easily and deeply
    i WANT alignment because it feels sublime and feels heaven and feels deeply deeply seductive and powerful and all encompassing
    i WANT relief because it makes me feel free and open and easy and natural and free flowing and alive
    i WANT happiness because it is my natural state of being and i truly love being happy no matter what, i am happy, happy is me, i love being happy and i love feeling so so so so happy, even to say 'happy' makes me feel happy
    i WANT surety because it is deep inside me, to feel sure and confident and happy and trusting and believing and supportive and protecting myself and comforting and adoring me and treasuring me, surety is what my source is, my Source is sure, sure of me, sure of my goodness, sure of my being, sure of my desires
    i WANT love because it is me i am love, i am me, i love me, i always love, i love to say love, i love to feel love, i love to write the word love, i love to be love, i love me, i love the Universe, i love you, yes i do - i love you xxx

    LOVE connects US ALL

    hey there little bunny
    it's that time again
    you and me - sharing love, basking in love, your soft tickly whiskers on my lips, your warm tiny pink tongue licking my lips as i kiss your soft warm fur
    your little heart beating as fast as a hamsters heart as you press your tiny furry warm body against me
    as i hold you tight, tight to me

    oh this is LOVE!
    deep deep love deep deep LOVE!
    unconditional love
    pure unconditional love

    i love you white bunny, oh i love you so
    you are my heart
    you are my vortex
    for you are me
    deep inside my heart
    you are the light in my source shining brightly on me
    little white bunny i love you so

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    Get in the Vortex and then.....

    Get in the Vortex and then.....

    Get in the Vortex and then.....

    I make feeling good the most important part of my day

    I look for things to appreciate where ever I am

    I make feeling happy my number 1 choice

    I give love effortlessly

    Get in the Vortex and then talk about my love for cold hard cash

    Get in the Vortex and then appreciate the notes in my wallet

    Get in the Vortex and then be excited about the scrumpled up note in my coin purse amongst the many coins in there

    Get in the Vortex and then be happy about carrying my wallet with money in it and my heavy stuffed little coin purse

    I do things that feel good to me

    I eat foods that I love

    I look at things that please me and delight me

    I talk to boys that I love and adore

    I attract beautiful people to me with tender heartfelt interactions

    Get in the Vortex and see those 20 notes in my wallet

    I love my 20s sitting in my wallet, neatly, and being so in love with every note in there, counted, coveted and ready to do it's next job
    giving and bringing love to me and to others
    for now that I have handled this note with such love and appreciation then the energy of this love will be imbued deeply into the note and it will bring happiness on it's journey
    - that felt nice to say that
    - my appreciation of the note makes it carry that appreciation with it

    I love counting my notes, 5 x 20s are 100, wow! 100
    5 of them are 100 that's a nice amount of money
    nice to see the 100 there, all those 20s
    all neat, turned facing the same way
    and then being excited about having 10 x 20s in my wallet!
    wow! that's 200! really! 200
    200 is a nice nice figure
    and because I love my 20s so much I have 15 of them in my wallet
    15 x 20s are 300, gosh 300!
    15 delicious purple 20 notes
    thank you so much
    I count them in 5s, sets of 5s as it's easy to see the piles of 100s that way
    300 is 3 piles of 100, each pile is 5 x 20s, nice, very nice
    300 is very nice
    not too fat sitting in my wallet but not skinny either
    and it's nice to apply a little pressure in closing my wallet because the notes have substance

    cash is nice
    I love cash
    cash feels so good
    cold hard cash
    what a delicious way to describe money
    my cold hard cash has heart
    those beautifully decorated intricate detailed notes
    made on those huge big heavy metal presses with all their smart and clever and special detailed bits and pieces so that the notes turn out just right
    and the noises that the presses make are seductive and calming and ooh, there's just something about them that is so special, they have richness in their process

    and then the birth of the note
    the beautiful new fresh crisp delicious perfect note
    flutters out of the press
    and onto the bed, the very high bed made from many mattresses of other notes, all compressed down
    and perhaps there is a pea at the bottom, but under all that weight it's been forced to change it's shape somewhat
    and the note relaxes for a while as more brothers and sisters and cousins and friends join it
    and then the nursery time of the note as it is transported to the bank and then to the place that the note will be weaned and then finally it will flutter into my wallet and spend some time there
    growing, and maturing
    and if there is only one note in my wallet then immaculate money conception will take place
    and before my very eyes another note or three or nine will be born in my wallet
    like a litter of mice, 9 new notes
    9 x 20s are 180 wow! 180
    hmmm nice

    cold hard cash
    beautiful useful fun happy appreciative

    my cold hard cash has heart

    20 20 20 20 20

    feeling appreciative, feeling happy, feeling relieved, feeling excited, feeling responsible, feeling in control, feeling proud, feeling happy, feeling good, feeling fun, feeling warm, feeling love
    deep warm happy appreciative love
    thank you
    thank you thank you thank you
    this is the work and i love doing this
    love appreciating money, love appreciating cold hard cash
    thank you Universe i love you

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    ~whoever gives me money shall receive more~
    thank you Universe

    ~there is no shortage~
    thank you Universe

    ~money flows in an endless cycle of love~
    thank you Universe

    ~the Universe gives abundantly~
    all i have to do is ask
    and relax
    and believe
    and feel it

    i feel appreciative
    so very very appreciative
    so very appreciative that the money i receive pays for my bills and living expenses on this planet
    so very appreciative that the extra money pays for fun things - tasty cakes that i love, cups of tea in my favourite coffee shop with a chocolate brownie as well ofcouse
    so very appreciative that the money buys me the things i have been wanting and i can tick that item off the list

    feels good to be able to spend again
    to share and give and enjoy and appreciate
    feels good to share the love, the money love
    feels so relieving
    feels like a huge burden has been lifted from me, every other area of my life is so perfect in every way, vibrationally i am living in heaven every single day and the manifestations are brilliantly breathtaking, i am so blessed
    feels like i am making good good progress, good good allowing, and doing good work on my money vibration
    i so appreciate this forum and the love
    this forum is my online doorway to the vortex and all paths lead up
    up up up, up to my sublime seductive alluring vortex

    next time before i come out of my vortex I'm gonna grab a few handfuls of that cash in there
    I'll take along a bag to stuff it into

    and when i get home i will tip it out on the floor
    and straighten and sort and neaten up all the notes
    then count them

    I've been there before
    and i am getting there again
    and i am already there as i practise this daily
    always thinking good thoughts about money
    and always feeling good feelings about money

    ~it's all about HOW I FEEL when i think about money~

    it is my intention to ALWAYS FEEL THE WANTED END OF THE STICK
    and that's easy cause it's got one of those grippy bits on it and it's easy to hold and the other end of the stick is thin and screepy and weak with a couple of blunted twigs on it, where they have been poked into the ground too often, and have splintered
    my end though, the WANTED END - is strong and secure and dependable and resilient and it has powers in it, just by holding it i am activating those powers!

    powers of attraction
    powers of abundance
    powers of comfort
    powers of relief
    powers of love
    powers of fun
    powers of enjoyment
    powers of generosity
    powers of heart

    thank you
    thank you thank you thank you
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