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Thread: loving my now

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    so totally in love with my man

    it was so easy how he found me
    it was so easy how he came for me
    it was just so natural

    but for me, the unfolding was exciting and thrilling and blinding and electrifying
    it was like a bolt of lightening
    striking my heart

    he found me, he was drawn to me ever so strongly
    i had called him in
    my attraction was so powerful that he was on my scent right away
    and all i had to do was breathe and be beautiful
    and happy
    as always
    and loving
    as always am
    and he came

    came straight for me, wild horses could not keep him back
    and i watched him come for me
    it was mind blowing the way i saw him make his way to me
    i was flattered and thrilled and excited and delighted

    this was a man on a mission!
    my man
    and i am his mission

    mission possible

    i love a man who takes charge
    especially one who can control me
    more than a god of war to handle me

    but he came!
    and he matched me

    oh god
    life is beautiful
    in his arms

    totally he is my dream
    i love his eyes!
    i look into them all day long
    i see them in my sleep
    i see them in my daydreams
    i see them in my thoughts
    i see them in my heart

    his touch sets me on fire and calms me at the same time
    he is the contradiction that matches me
    i love his touch
    it's tender beyond words
    it is his heart touching me
    i love his gentleness
    such a tender kind caring gentle man

    he is the love i came here for
    all the others were just practise
    but this one!
    this one
    this one sets me on fire
    ~as i light his~

    and we both know it

    he is my home

    and i am his safe haven

    he makes me fly
    we soar

    together we soar

    he is my wings
    and on wings of love we fly the world together
    we fly the Universe together
    he is my love
    making love to me
    with love

    he is my love
    he is my man
    and i
    i am his girl

    it's a match made in heaven

    he is my extraordinary
    he is my beautiful
    he is my man
    he is my heart

    yes! this is the one
    this is the one i wanted!
    this is the one i have!

    We have never seen someone adore someone
    that the one they were adoring
    didn't adore them back.


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    i'm really happy
    i'm doing so much better now than a couple weeks ago, when i was working thru some things

    i am now constantly doing the few things i love -by myself- and just loving it!
    i had decided that no matter what, even though i wanted a mate to join me, i was just going to get out and be happy doing these things by myself
    and yes, it is true
    i am truly truly happy doing them by myself!

    i feel so good
    i feel accomplished and just happy
    i feel pleased with myself
    i feel like i love myself enough to take care of myself, all by myself
    and that feels good

    and things are working out well for me
    i am having fun doing all this
    it's very exciting for me infact

    had some amazing manifestations happen recently as well
    -every day is a wonderful day for me-
    but i'm gonna milk the incredible fun fun things that have just been happening!

    i had a fleeting thought the other day, about a particular item that hopefully i will be getting to use in the future, and how i could carry it unassisted
    well i was just browsing my fb feed and there - there was a video with a boy demonstrating how to do this with a specially made device!
    omg! it was incredible!
    so i know exactly where to go to get that specific piece of equipment
    that was very, very exciting and as soon as i saw the video play and saw what he was doing, i knew it was the answer to my question!
    made me laugh alot, and get very excited hehe

    i had tried on a pair of gloves the other week, they are for a specific activity and in the store there was only a single pair of the style i wanted
    they were £52 and no discount was available
    i've been in that store before and a very nice warm friendly boy works in there, but that day he wasn't around
    for some reason i don't usually shop there as i feel a strain in the energy from the 2 shop owners, feel it every time i go in, so i usually avoid it as much as possible but i am needing a pair of gloves, and i've left it months and now i need to get them
    at xmas my mum said she will buy them for me, as a late xmas present so i was delighted ofcourse! and i thought i could get some for £20 as i'd seen plenty online that looked perfect, but then after being in that store and trying on the cheaper ones, i realised that they weren't that good at all
    i told my mum about the £50 ones and i was thinking that even if she gave me £20 then that would be awesome, but the other night she handed me 3 £20 notes! for my gloves
    thank you
    well, i need these gloves soon and i wasn't wanting to go back to that store to get them, even though i am appreciative that it does sell them, and i got to try on all the pairs i wanted
    i was sure that another place in my city would also sell them so i did a search for local stores selling these specific gloves but none came up
    so i announced to the Universe that it would be nice if i could get these exact gloves online, easily and perhaps even with a super discount
    i knew the Universe always helps me out
    then i searched online at these gloves maker's store and a box came up to receive their newsletter and a big red banner announced that all gloves £50 and over get a winter discount of 20%
    gosh! well i wasn't sure if it was £50 gloves included in that as well, as 50 was not actually over 50 hahaha!
    so i registered and then put the exact pair at the right size in my basket
    funnily, because all other sizes except XXL were not in stock!
    then i put the discount on, hoping that it would come off them, and it did! it came off my gloves! oh brilliant! so I got them for only £40 yay! and they also had free shipping and free returns
    that was more than wonderful!
    and they should be here in a couple days
    it just all happened so easily and effortlessly

    as i was out doing one of my favourite activities the other day a very handsome man came towards me
    oh gosh! i was delighted, and because i am becoming slightly braver with the handsome ones, i smiled at him as he smiled at me, and he said hello! i greeted him back
    it was just one of those amazing moments where your heart gets lifted up and you feel elated inside!
    he was so very handsome indeed and i could see myself doing beautiful things with him
    i got time to admire and appreciate his features as he came towards me and he rang all my bells! maybe in the future our paths may cross again that would be so nice!

    it's been nice just taking things so easy

    i am finally getting over my lover
    i am proud to say that in all the time i have known him i have only had 3 tiny outbrusts of anger that i directed his way, and they were tiny outbursts, i know that, because before i became an abrahamster i would have never lasted that long with him and he would have felt a hurricane flatten him long long before! hahaha
    but i'm pleased to say i am a pretty calm person now hehe and most of the time my fire is kept well under control, especially in public

    i am hoping, infact, i know that the Universe will deliver to me a mate where there will be no outbursts at all
    i know that i will have a boy who will be so easy with me
    we will just be best friends
    we will laugh all the time
    he will be considerate to me, and i will be considerate to him
    we will just have an innate level of understanding and awareness about each other that we will always take of each other
    it will be a beautiful cherished relationship of affection and care and adoration
    we will be best friends and each others best friend
    it will be a pleasure to be with him
    he will want me as much as i want him
    and i can spend ages and ages and ages just staring into his eyes (oh how i love eyes!) and he will be happy for me to do so
    this is how we will spend our time
    we will gaze into the galaxies in each other's eyes

    i am so happy to just write my lists of appreciations
    and last night i wanted to attend to my resistance to sending messages to boys and my response to their responses, or rather, lack of responses

    so i got my book AAIIG (Ask And It Is Given) and i thought i wanted the Focus Wheel Process, which i have never been able to master, nor completely understand, but i thought it was what i was wanting
    but as i flicked thru the pages it opened at Process #13 - Which thought feels better
    and as i read thru the explanation i realised that this one was just perfect for me and i started to write
    i wrote quite a few detailed pages in my journal and i managed to get alot of resistance and feel so much relief on how i respond to chatting to boys
    i will probably write some more tonight as well

    love that book AAIIG!!
    have not spent enough time in it's covers
    it is truly an amazing gem

    and in the meantime the thing that makes me feel amazing is simply focusing on the smallest of things and just appreciating it
    as long as i keep my focus on the most minute of details then i am doing well
    this always makes me feel amazing and so appreciative of this world

    really thankful for the amazing journey i am having
    and yes it was surprising to have so much fast momentum along with such contrast late last year, and even a little bit this year, but i am getting better and becoming a better me
    it's nice to be here, on earth

    thank you xxxxxxx

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    i'm past asking what's right and what's wrong

    again, even without you near me, mr gorgeous lover, i am still going thru contrast with you

    so i have decided to just call a truce on you
    and i'm gonna try my best to just love you

    this morning i woke up to you making tender intense love to me
    it was breathtaking!
    i had tears in my eyes
    you were so in love with me
    shedding tears on me
    the gentleness and tenderness was immense

    your touch was sublime
    so gentle and soft and ethereal
    and yet, it was everything

    your touch made my heart miss a beat
    you felt it too
    my beautiful intense deep lover
    kissing you was like being in another world
    way above our own
    you took my breath away
    as we were kissing
    our mouths locked deeply together
    and you made my heart stop
    we entered another world
    and we both knew it

    the world of love
    the world of
    passion and unfettered desire
    the world of
    a love so deep and pure and intense
    washing over us like floods
    waves of love coming from our hearts to bathe each other

    i woke up to you
    and it was love
    all love

    who knows what's gonna happen
    maybe i have to get my vibrational deliberate focusing act into gear
    it will come in time
    i know
    but i'm being easy on me
    maybe even a little sloppy in my focus
    but it's bringing me pleasure

    so i'm gonna go with that

    you have been the most intense ride of my life
    i am excited about the one to come
    because if he's anything like you, then i am in for a treat that will floor me

    i've been doing some movie writing
    it feels good
    just fantasizing without a second thought
    feels like what i need
    a breath of fresh air
    and taking it light and easy

    so love the book ask and it is given
    every page is a gem waiting for me to admire it and caress it
    it's like a beautiful lover, waiting eagerly for me to indulge him
    and indulge myself

    yes, my lover
    my man
    i am in love with you
    and that is okay
    truly my heart opens to you
    like a flower
    like i do in bed, with you on top of me
    you are my good feelings

    i just can't help my self but i only ever want to look at the wanted with you
    there's a kindness in me that stops the rest coming out
    i am sure, i know, i know for a fact
    that your inner being can hear and feel and sense every single word, every single emotion coming from me
    and they are all pure and all love

    when i think of you
    it's always about love

    all is well
    everything is alright
    i am completely on my path
    to love
    i am love
    i am surrounded by love and boys who totally love and adore and crush on me
    i really am a beautiful shining star of love and warmth and light
    i am such an appreciator of boys
    they are my air and my water and my heart beats

    they are my breath
    and every blink i take

    every heart beat is a cloud of love wrapping itself around a boy i adore
    i am here to love and appreciate them

    and you
    my lover
    i will always always love you
    for who you made me become
    i am more because of you
    i loved you before you came to me
    and now i love you more


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    ~*had a brilliant day today*~

    things are just so much nicer when i maintain my focus on the smallest of moments and appreciations
    nothing is nicer than saying thank you for every cup of fresh, free, clean water i drink
    and every breath of free, fresh, abundant air


    is all i need to survive, lol

    well, nearly, add some food in there

    today was a beautiful day of dreams coming true and love unfolding

    as i wrote my post above

    ~***a miracle occured***~

    something that i have been dreaming about for quite a while was today confirmed as a sure thing

    this is news that just settles everything with me
    i have been feeling the completeness of this though for a little while now, and i have been practising the vibration of it being a done thing for a while as well
    but, still, waiting to hear for news was at times something that made me take a deep breath and reach for soothing

    and today the news came!
    i was elated
    so very elated
    and so very very happy

    this is my heart of hearts! and one of the things in my 9thing game
    ofcourse i will continually be milking this though in my appreciation game

    a few fun things have happened in the last couple weeks that pointed to the sureness of this
    there was gossip being spoken, but when i came to the group they all grew silent, haha! love that!
    no-one talks around me because i don't gossip, so they were getting no thrills out of me even though i was the subject of their thrills
    i can live with that
    they will find something else to go on about soon enough
    then one of them called me by my new way and it was fun to hear me being addressed in my new way! i was actually thrilled to pieces! but it had not yet happened then, and i was still being excited and still soothing myself and still dreaming my love dream about it all

    and now -today- it is official
    it is happening
    and i am so eternally appreciative

    the funny thing is last night, as i scripted my new story - as i scripted my new movie about myself - i wrote a fun and exciting and really neat piece about it all unfolding, and in the exact way that i wanted it to happen!
    and then today i hear this news from them!
    god it was just so incredible, and so fun and so exciting!

    when things like that happen i get thrills all down my body
    i know so well that it is all down to me

    i really love writing my love stories about my life!
    last night i wrote quite a few pages about my lover and then this morning i had that intense reliving of my dreams with him! that was awesome
    it's so much fun to take things lightly
    it's so much fun to just dream

    i think i am really getting the hang of just chilling and trusting and just following my heart and just loving myself and taking care of myself and enjoying life
    i will be less and less in turmoil over lovers in the future
    i've been thru enough i have decided
    i know my fine lines and my limits, though they have expanded what they were before
    and that is fine
    i go where i feel comfortable
    this life i lead is all about making me happy and feel good

    after that incredible news tonight i went out with my mama to the movies!
    saw a fun fun movie for free, thank you! love it
    and -and- i had a real handsome tall man sit beside me! his legs were gorgeous in his denims, so very sexy and as i glanced down from the screen them only an inch away from my legs! that was a real thrill hehe
    the parking was free as well, yay! thank you
    and i got 20% off a delicious cup of tea! so love drinking tea at the movies, it's such a lush thing to do haha
    plus my mama brought along some potato chips and maltesers and we shared some candy! so tasty! thank you
    it was lots of fun, i really love going to the movies
    it's always exciting to see the trailers and movie posters and the other movie goers getting excited about the movie
    movies have to be one of the most fun ways to spend my time!
    what did humans do before movies?! i could not think of a world without movies!

    it's such a beautiful world i live in
    on the way home i treated myself to a tasty meal from mcdonalds, haha, why not?
    and i was served by a real honey, he was so polite to me!
    i just smiled non stop at him
    and the meal was tasty and just right

    i had so much fun in my playground tonight before the movies
    my favourite mate was in and we had a few laughs
    the other day it was me and him together so we did some stuff together
    i so love being with him!
    he knows a few of my secrets haha
    (just the boy secrets though, hehe, and he's my go-to boy confidant as well if i have any boy related questions)
    then after he left another new boy that i've seen a couple times helped me out
    he was sparkling with admiration for me as well
    that was very nice!
    i easily impressed him and i was performing below par too, aha
    and then 2 of my other favourite mates came in as well and they both helped me out too
    was nice to see them
    one in particular has been very flirty with me, but he was a bit shy today, because the playground is the playground and serious stuff actually happens in there
    i just like to call it my playground because doing serious stuff is what i call fun hehe
    the harder it is, the more fun it is

    the street lights look so amazingly beautiful, particularly in winter
    they just seem to sparkle like jewels!
    it's so exciting to be driving along and just see them shining away like lots of beautiful brilliant stars close to me
    and i notice all the hot boys as i drive past them too
    where i live there are lots of very handsome very hot boys!
    i've seen a few of my favourite makes of car as well
    saw two the other of my fav car - when they drove past me my head was turned for sure!

    aah life is just so beautiful
    i feel so much love
    i am so happy
    i love to appreciate and love on the things i adore so much

    We have never seen someone adore someone
    that the one they were adoring
    didn't adore them back.

    so happy just being happy
    and so love the boys in my life!
    they are my air and my water and my heart beats
    i love boys totally and completely!
    these are a few of my favourite things

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    had a great day the other day -Money easily made it's way to me-

    went shopping with my mama and had a delicious meal in Ikea paid for, thank you! £11 for FREE

    then got a couple things that i needed and had them paid for too! thank you! £3 for FREE

    then went to the grocery store to get our messages and saw a perfect jacket for me. i wasn't even looking for one but just saw it on the stand so got a brand new jacket worth £25 for FREE! and when i went to the checkout with the jacket i had enough loyalty points to get it all paid for, plus as the sale went thru and i handed over my store coupon i got so many hundreds of points extra which amounted to £11 FREE in my loyalty card -wow! so much abundance hehe
    and earlier on i got 7p a litre off my full petrol tank, so i saved around £3 for FREE
    and had all my groceries paid for, all £33 of them for FREE thank you!

    it was a day of fun and easy abundance

    that money came so easily to me!

    £86 for FREE!
    WOW! thank you

    then after all that excitement i bought 2 delicious hot chocolates for me and my mama
    the friendly gorgeous boys serving added fresh cream and found a heart stencil and put chocolate powder on the top, along with marshmallow -the big fluffy type i love, and a chocolate flake on the side
    it was the best mug of hot chocolate i have ever had out
    we sat in a really nice cafe inside a big store, and had a view of the beautiful lighting department displays filled with crystal chandeliers and ornate crystal lamps and ceiling lights

    i love being surrounded by beautiful things
    beautiful scenery
    beautiful people
    beautiful atmospheres
    beautiful places
    beautiful company
    beautiful food and refreshments
    beautiful times

    i was looking at my bank statements the other day and last year at one point i had over £2990 pounds in my account!
    oh gosh! that's the most money that has been in there for a long time
    it came to me so easily and i hadn't checked my account for quite a while, as i stopped looking at it actually and stopped thinking about it, and the money just accrued so easily
    i love that the money goes into my account so easily
    my account just attracts money to it
    i attract money to myself
    ever so easily
    just by being easy about things brings money to me
    i get offered extra work and great opportunities that pay me at a moment's notice
    i love that
    and i always say yes!
    i always say yes!
    because it's always fun

    i get paid to do a job i love and make lots of money at the same time
    it's not even like working
    it's just love
    it's just being in love all the time

    as long as i flow love then all is well
    just doing what i do best
    being a conduit for love
    love coming from my heart to all around me

    i love money

    writing about money on my thread here made me fall in love with it
    it became just a beautiful thing
    especially when i looked closely at the intricate artwork on all the notes
    and appreciated the beauty of it all
    money to me IS love
    it brings love
    it shares love
    it gives love

    i still have the original $100 note in my wallet that my papa gave me a few years ago
    i sometimes play the wallet game when i am in the shops, but actually, i have enough money in my account that yes! i can buy the things i look at there and then
    i shall have to start going to more expensive places to shop, hahaha
    and i have extra notes in my wallet as well
    beautiful big notes £20 + £20 + £5 + £5 + £5
    nice to have them in there
    some are just to keep, just to keep in there always because they have beautiful pictures on them, and others are for maybe spending some time

    thank you for my abundance
    i appreciate it

    money magnet me hehe

    money flows to me easily and effortlessly

    all i have to do is just appreciate the beauty of money and it makes its way to my hands

    money comes to me in wads and bundles
    it's exciting to see it there

    it rains down on me
    i love stormy rainy days of deluges and monsoons and floods and constant drizzle hehe

    all waiting to be admired and spent and appreciated and adored

    thank you money for making my life so easy and free and just nice
    just nice
    and happy

    thank you
    love love love love love

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    had a bit of a rough ride recently

    and managed to vent some anger, directly to the one i so adore

    tut tut
    but it had to be done

    i am now so tired, and so exhausted from that lover, that even though physically i still desire him, there is nothing else left anywhere between us

    i have burned my bridges hahahaha

    aah well, it is time to pull my socks up and start afresh

    i have so been missing flying high, flying super super high in the vortex every day. but i have had absolutely enough of feeling shitty every day because i let my focusing and my thoughts become sloppy over him
    i have just had enough and it's now at the point that if i don't drastically become my old abrahamster self again, then i will just be being silly, and i can't have that

    can't believe that i was so upturned about all of this
    but thank goodness i have here to come to, to relax, to breathe again and to start smiling again

    yeah things are still going amazingly in my life, and money is coming to me easily! and i'm still smiling every day but i have to seriously get a grip on the boyside of stuff and do something about it
    it's been years and i still haven't got my ass in gear and managed to get myself sorted in that department haha
    so because all i ever think about all day long is boys boys boys, then i had better start to make something pleasurable and work for me in making me happy irrespective of the circumstances

    i've been listening to the youtube clip about the man who wrote the letter and read it twice a day for 30 days
    he also did things every day to make himself happy
    (Abhraham Hicks A new beautiful process - try it, by Created-reality)
    and in that time great things just happened for him
    so it is time for me to just get my thoughts centered again and focused and change the talk in my head
    once i change the talk in my head, and keep at it, with positive happy thoughts, then it will be fine
    i will be able to breathe normally

    obviously my desires for a mate are way bigger than i am able to presently let in
    and my perfect mate is just so right for me, that i am not yet right for him
    otherwise he would be here
    and what i've just been thru was way more than i could handle, even though it rang my bells, it was so off in so many ways and i turned a blind eye to that, which was good, but in the end it all came out in anger and frustration
    so i am glad that i resorted to that to start my climb up to happiness again
    it won'e be coming from that one and that's a good thing
    he came to teach me a lesson and show me where i have actually been vibrating on the love level
    it was indeed a shock to me, i didn't realise i was so scared of falling in love
    but yes, i definitely was
    i got rid of alot of fears that i must've had from my past
    and now i feel so much more better in that area
    haha, hopefully the next one will be the one lol
    the one who is perfect for me in a beautiful perfect way

    time to soothe this all away
    and just be appreciative and thankful and happy
    for what i have had and do have and will have

    i have some work to do
    and it will be pleasurable and fun and yes, exciting and i will love it as i do it
    and yes, i will fall in love with the one coming to me
    i am still very excited about him coming
    and yes i will get up to speed about him as well, so that when he comes he will stay and i will stay as well
    as i was first to leave before
    but yes, time to change things to the way i want it
    time to set intentions

    and just chill
    just be happy
    just appreciate and love
    and love
    just love

    love the easy ones
    love the easy things
    love all easy things
    do easy things
    be easy on myself
    love myself

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    oh i felt so good today!
    i am back on track and i really felt so amazing, i was my old happy happy self again
    smiling - just because!
    laughing - just because!
    feeling so very good, like my feet were not touching the ground - just because!

    oh it felt good to be me again
    i even felt a little bit sorry for the forwarding of my vexation to my lover, but i can live with that
    who knows, one day we may meet again, and i suppose i can laugh it all off
    infact i am sure i will definitely laugh it all off
    it was merely distance that made me so serious
    at least i know now, for next time

    it's time to follow my dreams now

    today i played in my playground
    one of my mates was there
    he always makes me laugh, i've known him since he was younger, 5years younger infact
    time flies
    so we chatted, i did my stuff and it felt good
    it always always feels so good to do my stuff
    this is what sets me alight (outside my profession that it aha!)
    and then after that i did some other thing that i love with all my heart
    it was rather hard, but i prefer to use the word challenging
    i love it!

    i know if i put the miles in and concentrate on being happy then i will get there
    and get there happy
    i am already there ofcourse haha
    but yes, happy doing this thing i so love
    and happy doing it by myself
    i can chop and change as i see fit to suit myself

    then afterwards i went to my mamas for a delicious dinner and on the way there i bought some stuff to eat
    it was on sale as well, so i got some tasty things for less and saved a few £ss thank you for that!
    dinner was lovely and i was full up
    then watched my favourite programme on the computer as my mama receives the preview a day early before it goes on tv so we always watch it together and laugh and smile at all the love and funny things that people say and do

    yes it was a good day!
    as soon as i decided to be happy all the time again, i became happy
    as simple as that!
    and yes it felt good
    it felt like a relief
    it felt relaxing
    it felt like fresh air
    it felt rewarding
    it felt like home

    thank you xxxxx

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    dream your dream for the dream's sake

    time to start dreaming again

    take my eyes off reality and make my dreams a reality

    i am so good at dreaming
    i am an accomplished dreamer

    Dream your dream for the dream’s sake,
    and never mind about reality or probabilities.

    That’s what’s tripping you up,
    because in the dream you can make it pure,
    and when you make it pure in your dreams the universe will answer it.


    and because i love love love love love boys
    i am gonna dream my dream of them and me

    the easiest and most fun thing to do?
    ~my 10 favourite things about you~

    hey handsome, my no1 driftwood boy, here are my 10 favourite things about you -

    i love how you are so very polite

    the very first time i saw you, and mentioned something to you, you thanked me right away, you were so very polite! i was a little shocked and very delighted and i immediately noted that you were such a gentleman indeed and it made me love you just for that

    i love how tall you are

    yes indeed, such a man! i love that you are so much taller than me and it thrills me endlessly that you are so tall and i have to look up to you when i am standing beside you, close, and you are looking down on me. i love love love when you look down on me, it just feels so right! it makes me feel protected and looked out for, like you are my guardian angel watching over me and i love you for that, you are such a perfect man already

    i love how you smile at me with your eyes locked on to mine for well over 6 seconds without even blinking

    yes i have counted the seconds down as we have gazed deeply into each others eyes, and yes i did not blink either and neither did you. it has happened quite a few times between us and every single time you have kept a steady constant gaze into my eyes. oh my, i am so touched and thrilled and impressed by you - surely this is admiration and appreciation on the highest of levels. literally i am just falling into your eyes, falling into your soul, falling into your heart as i melt in your warmth and gaze. this is complete love for me and every single time you gave it to me so very easily and perfectly

    i love that whenever i looked your way, you would already have your eyes set on me, no matter what you were doing

    oh gosh, yes! every single time i searched for you - seriously - i would find you already watching me! it was as if you and me would seek each other out to just look at. i am your occupation for watching and you are my source for admiring. i just so love that you chose to look at me all the time. i am immensely flattered and ofcourse i love you endlessly and adore you completely. you already knew this

    i love the way your mouth moves as you talk to me, the way your top lip has that slight curl to it

    oh yes, the first time i spent time talking to you i fixed my gaze on that part of your lip and it, oh wow, it drove me crazy! it was such a turn on and you ofcourse watched me as i watched your lip as you were talking to me. could you see me melt over that? ofcourse you could. i have not seen a lip that curls that way since and your teeth, oh my! the way your teeth appear as you talk and move your lips - truly this is heaven

    i love your voice

    yes your voice is so deep and so manly and your accent is to die for! and your dialect is just the right side of bad boy doing good that it drives me crazy. i had never heard anyone in the world before with a voice as gorgeous as yours, but then after you left, i remember the day i parked next to a hot car and as i spoke to the sexy driver and he replied to me - he had exactly the same voice, the same deep tone and low pitch as you and i melted on the spot. your voice is still alive in my head and i love it so much, truly the voice of a real man! so very very manly!

    i love the way you are street cool

    you are uber smart and uber cool and you roll the way that kings roll, yeah. as soon as you walk into the room i see you checking it out. you are super smart and savvy and i see you checking out everyone just like a switched on street jungle cat would do! and then you look around for me, and lock eyes with me and give me that special nod, and i nod back to you and meet your smile. oh wow, you totally impress me so much with your toughness! i love how you roll - you are like the king!

    i love that training is in your blood

    i love that you came from the bottom and worked your way up, i love that you are so humble and just so centered and so sorted and so calm. you are everything i am not really, haha, and that's why you impress me so much because you are just a shining example of magnificent humble beauty! but in all of it your impressive drive and dedication shines thru. i love that we are cut from the same cloth, because training is part of our lives and we need to do this to keep sane, this is where the stomping ground shapes us and makes us who we really are

    i so love that you shine the light of source on me

    you know, you are the only person in the whole world, you are the only man in my life who has ever ever ever - surrounded me in a ring of sparkling light showering down on me constantly - taking me into a place i have never ever been before! oh my god! it was incredible when it happened and i knew immediately that you are a very special man to me. the experience was something like out of a scifi movie, with a thousand suns dropping tiny stars all around me in a circle cloaked in a love so pure that it felt i was in another galaxy - time stood still! truly time stood still! - just me and you mr beautiful lover
    THIS i have never experienced before, nor since, and i know - i know - that when i experience it again - that he will be the one for me

    i love your touch

    you put your hands on me a few times and you were so warm and gentle and such a gentleman to me. i melted under your touch! i still recall the feeling exactly and the amount of moisture in your palms and the warmth coming from them and the smoothness of your skin on mine. your touch was perfect and you were always gentle with me

    everything about you is perfect in every way
    you are my easy access to love every single time
    i loved you then and i love you still
    and every single day you cross my mind
    and forever you will always be in my heart


    We have never seen someone adore someone
    that the one they were adoring
    didn't adore them back.

    it only matters what you think about it
    Dream your dream for the dream’s sake
    and never mind about reality or probabilities

    That’s what’s tripping you up

    because in the dream
    you can make it pure

    when you make it pure in your dreams the universe will answer it

  9. #499
    aah it's just so beautiful again!
    ~so wonderful to just be happy~

    happy and content and happy

    yes i went to bed happy last night
    this morning i woke up happy
    i have been constantly happy throughout the day, with a few highs of beautiful smooth vortexual flying high aha

    i love just loving again
    loving is what i do best and i shine when i just love and adore
    i am a great lover and a great appreciator
    i love to shine the light of source on the things i love and adore

    it feels so amazingly good to just love and appreciate in total bliss again

    oh wow!

    not to self - try to have less knee jerk reactions
    yeah that is the lesson garnered from the last 6months interactions with my lover
    i was such a conditional beast and lost my focus
    but i am back to the old me, of flying high constantly in my vortex

    this morning i woke up to the sun shining on me

    i LOVE that so much

    and all day today i have been just been feeling SO IN LOVE
    i have even been milking kissing my lover

    really i so love kissing him
    he totally took my breath away and when i close my eyes and feel us kissing again, yes, my breath is taken away
    i get that floating feeling inside
    i can feel his warmth all around me as he holds me close pressed in to him

    he is such a dream
    he gave me more than i ever expected
    and those seconds, those long long minutes of kissing stay with me forever
    and you know what Universe?



    more boys!
    more men like him!
    more kissing like that!
    bring me MORE!!

    yes! this is what i want!

    i want the BIG passion
    i want the breathtaking breathless embraces of kissing
    i want the feel of him
    i want him holding me close pressed in to him
    i want him sighing as we kiss, as it's nearly too much for him but he can't stop, won't stop - he needs me
    and i need him
    i want the tears in his eyes as he looks at me between breaths, taking pause because it is so incredible
    our silence together as we take in each others breathless appearance before our next kisses
    and his eyes glint at me in the semi darkness
    i want his desire and his love and his passion and his openness
    i want him
    i want more
    more of this ecstasy
    more of this breathlessness
    more of this heart stopping love
    more melting
    melting in his arms

    such a beautiful man to make me melt so easily
    such a perfect man to invite me into his space
    such a gorgeous man to ever so gently take me in his arms
    such a handsome man to be so tender to me

    i want more of this!
    i loved it then and i love it now
    and i love it always

    what feels better than melting in my man's arms?
    nothing at all
    except um, well you know
    what feels better than being kissed by the man you so adore and admire and appreciate?
    nothing at all
    except well, eh you know
    what feels better than flying high with my man?
    i think this is THE THING i came here for
    this love love making thing
    this kissing and loving and melting and adoring
    and appreciating and being, just being with him
    in his arms
    wrapped so tightly and warmly and closely and safely and snugly
    in his arms
    this melting of my heart as my heart melts into his
    this feeling of home, no matter where we are
    here on earth together, is our home
    our hands holding one another's

    this is my home
    with him
    my man
    my mate
    my king
    my god of war

    in choosing the feelings of ultimate love
    i chose him
    but he found me

    he came because i had set my intentions to love him before i knew him
    and it's true!
    because beautiful boy, i love you
    i love you now even though i don't know your name
    and i am ready for you
    i am ready for more
    i am ready for you

    i have practised my feelings for you
    every day
    and every night
    you are the shining stars falling down all around me
    you are the light of source looking down on me, bathing me in a glow of love
    you are the warmth always enveloping me
    you are the love that i feel for you reflected back to me
    you are my heart
    only in boy form
    and i love you already
    i love you now
    and completely

    and i am sure the Universe gave you my number ;P

    and my email
    and my social media account
    and my door number

    i so look forward to our first real kiss
    i so look forward to you


  10. #500

    i asked for MORE and i got more!

    gosh haha

    had some exciting and melting stuff come my way from a few boys that i so adore
    and i hadn't asked a single one of them for anything, and each just came out with surprises and delights for me
    was truly breathtaking

    had things said to me that made my heart melt
    had things said to me that made my pulse quicken
    had things said to me excited me
    had things said to me that me blush and laugh
    had things said to me that took my breath away

    and tonight as i was in a shop and going towards the tills, omg, i saw the most handsome boy ever! he was so incredibly handsome that i asked the Universe to give me some more time with him, as really, he took my breath away
    so the couple behind me in the queue decided that they needed something else and ofcourse he stepped in behind me
    oh wow, i looked right into his eyes, he was just drop dead gorgeous!
    infact he was that much a stunner i wanted to say to him on the spot how handsome he was, but i didn't, i just thought it to him lol
    saw so many utterly handsome boys in the last couple days
    i'm lucky to live in a place that is filled with stunning men everywhere i go
    and i've seen couples so in love all around me
    everywhere i look there are lovers so in love with each other
    it's just so beautiful to see

    thank you so much for these past couple days Universe!
    i've been so delighted and yes, i have melted a couple times and one boy in particular makes my heart race most of all and he's been on my mind often
    so nice to know that admiration and adoration come easily to me

    i've been given compliments that have been flattering and heart melting
    i always give my heart out when i interact with these delightful handsome creatures
    i love them all to pieces
    and i'm here to have fun
    to take life light and easy and fun filled
    and just enjoy my days

    i've been laughing and smiling and having so much fun with a few of my mates
    it's been beyond awesome! my favourite ones always make me laugh out loud and smile non stop and turn into a glowing ball of love and affection for them, hahaha

    what a wonderful day i had today
    i felt beautiful and sexy and hot and gorgeous and when i walked i knew i was a sexy stunning lady
    it just feels good to feel so good
    i am just so happy to be happy again
    happy and light and easy and fun and light and open and loving

    i am so looking forward to the incredible sensual touching heartfelt boys coming into my life
    i am blessed to attract them like honey ha ha ha
    i just feel so good
    so happy so high so good

    happy to be happy
    happy to be good
    happy to easy
    happy to be in love
    in love with life
    in love with me
    in love with boys
    lots and lots and lots and lots of boysssss mmmm yummm

    just nice to be happy
    thank you dear Universe and i am placing my order for MORE of the same deliciousness thank you!
    MORE delicious boys
    MORE romantic words said to me
    MORE sexy hot advances
    MORE invitations for me
    MORE requests for dates
    MORE loving coming my way
    MORE compliments from their hearts with real meaning and real heart
    MORE love showered on me
    thank you!
    YES this is what i want

    i want the BIG LOVING
    i want the LOVE
    i want the HEAT
    i want the WARMTH of true heart
    i want the AFFECTION
    i want the KISSES
    i want the HEARTS
    i want the LOVE - the REAL HEART LOVE
    i want my lover boy, my man


    thank you xxxxxxx

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