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Thread: loving my now

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    gosh, i've had such an awesome time

    i let go of everything and got back to the me i was before and a few incredible miracles happened

    ~my lover came back to me~

    all i did was just appreciate him, with such softness and real love
    i opened my heart and just let myself love him
    and i made sure that my feelings were of love, and were on the happy side of him - not on the longing or yearning side
    and then i just followed my heart
    i messaged him when i felt inspired
    and i got replies
    i got them fast as well

    as much as i desire him physically, it is the love in my heart that pulls him to me and me to him
    it is the milking of our night together that i celebrate
    i am no more concerned about my future any more, ever, not even of tomorrow
    i am only concerned with having a loving fun happy time this minute, today, now

    i did nothing to 'bring him back' because as much as i adored and desired him, i was wanting a man who wanted me totally all by himself - not one i had to coax
    so i did the only thing i knew i could do easily - i relived our moments together and just enjoyed them as i replayed them over and over in my mind

    so i am just being the me i was before
    i am happy and i am centered
    and now that i have had the step 1s with him i am in a different place and things have taken on a different feeling and understanding and ease
    i feel so much better
    i would love to enjoy him now for a little bit of nows, and see how that goes
    and i have a plan that if i feel the momentum racing way beyond my control then this time i will step back for a few days and do nothing until i find my alignment and ease
    luckily i've had some practise in this new way with some other boys giving me a little contrast, so that has been good
    i am confident that any momentum from him is now manageable for me and that it will just be ease with him
    i look forward to him melting my heart
    i look forward to him taking my breath away
    i look forward to him making my heart miss a beat

    he came back to me in full force
    i was rather shocked infact
    and i have been thrilled
    and i was given way way way more than i expected, so i shall just chillax and keep flowing the love to him that i had been doing before as it felt so so good, and the good about him is so much
    i go with my feelings and the intense draw i have for him is undeniable

    not only that incredible manifestation happened but a week ago as i was driving thru the city on my way home, very happy, very pleased, very relaxed, after an incredible vortexual time at my beautiful beautiful work - i noticed a suv infront of the car infront of me -

    and O M G !!!

    it happened to be ~my no1 driftwood~ in his work truck!

    oh my!!! this is the honey that really is my true dream man, and my touchstone for all blissful love feelings
    well, i was thrilled and excited
    i got behind him for 10minutes as we drove thru the busy streets and it was just so nice
    he had a girl with him, obviously his love, because he kept glancing at her full on and leaning over to her
    it was beautiful to see his interest and attentiveness with his lady
    that is what i want my man to be like with me!
    that interested, that attentive, that adoring
    as i neared my turn off i knew he would be heading along a different road and the traffic lights up ahead turned red! haha, ofcourse they did, so i safely pulled up alongside him, gave him a beep and smiled at him
    his beautiful lady smiled at me - she must be a naturally nice person to smile at a stranger, and ofcourse he was leaning over and looked right into my eyes! i waved and smiled at him, it was thrilling to see him again and huge sparks of desire shot thru my body, just the sight of him is enough to take my breath away, he is truly that handsome and stunning a man!
    then i drove on as the light turned green and thanked the Universe for that amazing blessing
    i'm not counting but it has been over a year and half since i last saw him

    i've had the most handsome boys giving me direct attention
    it has been beautiful and heart melting
    i share my heart with these boys and i know they can feel the love that flows easily from me to them
    i ask of nothing in return except a smile and some direct eye contact and i get it every time

    life has been so very good
    this morning i basked in the sun for a couple of hours, it was so hot and comforting
    i am so happy to just love so purely and intensely again

    Dream your dream for the dream’s sake,
    and never mind about reality or probabilities.

    That’s what’s tripping you up,
    because in the dream you can make it pure,
    and when you make it pure in your dreams the universe will answer it.


    thank you to paradise-on-earth for the stolen pics hehe

    love my blessings
    love my life
    love me
    love the stars
    love my beautiful men in my life
    love the love they feel for me, and it is ALOT

    in love with love
    with loving
    with ease
    with being happy
    in love with being happy
    and breathing and drinking water and smiling and laughing and hugging and holding and kissing
    in love with life

    thank you blessed stars for my life here on this amazing incredible planet
    i am truly blessed and adored and loved

    ~the biggest of love from my heart~

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    it's been a while and i have been very busy being away doing my absolute favourite thing in my beautiful profession
    i have been having the time of my life and loved every single second
    it's been so physically tiring but rewarding

    in the meantime, as i replied to a message from one of the precious hearts on here, my lover came and left - again -
    infact he did not leave - i was the one to leave
    yet again i spat the dummy! lol
    i am still not over my knee jerk reactions, even though i had decided to myself that i would give myself a 4 day reaction period
    i have nearly kept the 4 days, but sometimes i react in less time and that is where the lack of love comes in, as 4 days is time enough for me to chill and just keep the love going no matter what

    still, he is not out of my life
    he slips in often, so i am going to write less about the reality and more about what i love about him
    only for the pure reason of feeling good
    i don't need anything to happen with him
    i am just going to take it one day at a time
    i have grown alot with him, in ways i never knew i would
    he has expanded my boundaries but most of all, he excites and thrills me

    sexually he is everything i have been looking for, a perfect 10, and the draw to him is irrisistible

    and i think this is the thing that is keeping us coming back to eachother, for me and him - our chemistry is spot on

    in the meantime, i have a new hot sexy ass man pursuing me
    he's being flirty and fun and we are enjoying our new acquaintance
    there's more under the surface and he is giving me lots of direct attention and i do appreciate the fun coming from him
    it's amazing, i never speak about my exact desires out loud, not even to myself, but the Universe just keeps delivering the exact thing to me in ways that are thrilling!
    this new one comes from a special place, and he doesn't know the half of it yet, but i do
    there will be alot of fun between us in the future i know that and i can easily prepave it

    it's easy for me to attract beautiful handsome sexy hot boys!
    he said to me that there's just something about me
    lol, he couldn't explain it haha, because he doesn't know the word for alignment and in her vortex, haha
    but yes, he is just drawn to me like my lover

    no need for me to do anything except appreciate and love and be thankful and happy every day

    the other day my miracle was confirmed for sure
    ~***my miracle occured***~
    this is the thing that had been a sure thing a couple of months ago, well the other day it was finalised and i am now truly living my dream in my profession
    out of all of my dreams this is the thing that i am so in love with
    i am just so happy
    i cried tears of happiness when i heard
    and i am humble enough to always be appreciative for where i started as well
    and i will always be humble enough to appreciate where i am and where i am going
    this is just love on every level
    this is a fast flowing stream of intense pure deep love
    this is the very essence of me, for as long as i can remember, from when i was small, this has been my dream and now it is true!

    i am so happy to just be in love
    really had a brilliant time when i was away
    love just loving and being in love
    love my lover, yeah he takes my breath away
    and my dream - yeah, it is very exciting!
    just happy being in love
    in love with life
    in love with me
    in love with my dreams
    in love with love

    thank you xxxxx

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    ~***love love love * LOVE * love love love***~

    love my life

    love love love love love

    love my man

    love him
    love that boy with all my heart
    love love love love love

    When you focus upon the beauty of something ONLY,
    you activate the beauty of it within YOU,
    so that it and you are one vibration.

    Abraham-Hicks, Asheville, NC, 4.30.06

    (thank you earth angel paradise-on-earth)

    so in love

    with all my life
    so in love living on this amazing planet!!!
    what an exciting beautiful spectacular intense place to live on
    oh my god that boy that i just love with all my heart
    yesterday i was walking on the highest cloud of love feeling him all over me ~in me~ aha and with me
    oh my god i am SO IN LOVE with him
    i love him so so so so so so much
    he just does not know how he has impacted on me but it all all all all good
    and i love him totally

    i am so in love with life
    i have come here to do what i am doing now
    this is it!
    the ultimate love of my heart
    i am living my dream and i am so incredibly happy
    i have tears of intense happiness flowing from my heart
    i have the boy that i desired in my heart
    he is my breathing space, he is my love
    and i am so loving loving him

    thank you beautiful love Universe stars angels gods
    for being here with me
    guiding me
    loving me
    adoring me

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    yesssss.... this sounds powerful and wild and beautiful
    I am feeling this good vibes of being in love
    this is the wave of miracles and magic

    love you so much

    love Venus

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