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Thread: loving my now

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    i am so blessed to be living my dream life
    ive been super busy and so happy just doing what i love most surrounded by the most beautiful tender gentle strong strong hearts
    ive been thrilled to pieces and showering love everywhere i go
    ive been surrounded by happiness and laughter and love and sunshine and warmth that's it's just incredible

    so happy
    so very very happy

    it's time for me to pull my socks up and take care of my focus in other areas of my life
    i can do a better job of focusing in some areas and it's time for me to tidy up my vibration in them

    i love to take the path of least resistance when i do this vibrational work
    i am such a dreamer that i love to just dream my way to my perfect vision of what i want
    of what i want in my life
    the stream has been so very fast flowing in my life in this last year, particularly in the boy ~ heart area and it's time for me to become a way better focuser so that i can ~ feel ~ better every day

    feeling good is the most important thing to me
    i so love feeling good!
    i love the feeling of just happy, just feeling good, just feeling satisfied, feeling satisfaction, feeling that feeling of goodness
    i love when i am feeling the fullness of just being satisfied with things
    when i look around me and i just feel the love flowing from me, out to all the things around me
    i love the tiny miracles the Universe showers on me
    those so subtle things that i instantly recognize and squeal with delight inside when i see them
    i love the feeling of being adored
    i love that when i look for the path of least resistance - it just lights up in front of me, and i just have to sit still for a few seconds and take a deep breath and just calm, calmly flow the love
    and all is well

    i love just finding the perfect thing for me when i need it, the right little nudge in the right direction - the direction of happiness and the direction of ease and the direction of love

    nothing feels better than flowing love!
    flowing love is like a stream of warm full full stars emanating from me, outwards to all that i see in my path
    the sparkles and the shining warmth of happiness and love in that sparkly stream of openness just makes me feel so relaxed and at ease

    found a thread on here and it had the perfect answer for me (ofcourse lol!)
    about asking questions - to feel better

    so i started to ask questions
    and yes i feel better

    i know the Universe will answer all of my questions
    and in asking questions i find myself answering them, in my thoughts, in the way that i want them to be
    i find the feelings of what i am wanting to feel when i see my answer in my mind's eye
    no matter what the Universe brings i know that when i feel happy and satisfied and at ease then i will be receiving that sometime soon, but in the meantime just having that feeling of ease and relaxing and warmth and being surrounded in a cloak of love is more than enough to make me feel so much better

    just now for me, it's all about relief
    and about ease

    ~ i take the easy path
    i take the path of love
    i take the path of fun
    i take the path of ease
    i take the path of least resistance
    i take the path of smoothness and love and clarity and warmth and tenderness and gentleness
    i take the path of adoration and appreciation
    of love
    and happiness
    and laughter
    yes, i take the path of happiness and laughter
    i take the path of kindness and care
    i take the path of warmth and heart
    i take the path of love

    always about going down stream in an easy easy easy easy easy easy way

    happy to just glide surrounded in a cloak of love and warmth and happiness

    happy to just love
    and love and love and love and love and love
    happy to just love

    thank you

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    been doing some rampages of appreciation on my lover
    every time i relive our moments together i melt
    every time i relive the things he said to me, those things that made my heart miss a beat, i melt
    i just write things about him that i love
    i love the way he looks, the way he is
    i love the small things about him
    and i love the things he did for me
    i've been filling a few pages of him in my journal

    i've also been writing pages of appreciation for all the beautiful boys in my life
    i am so blessed to be surrounded by angels every day
    it's such a blessing to be around kind hearts and such love
    i see things that please me everywhere i go, i am always in the presence of those whom i appreciate

    but most of all
    most of all i just love thinking and remembering and dreaming about my lover
    i've had some other incredibly hot hot handsome boys come into my life in the meantime
    they have been playful and fun and very exciting!
    i have been thrilled and excited and continually delighted by them

    i've been reading threads on here that have inspired me - inspired me to write rampages of appreciations on the boys in my life, past and present
    and to ask lots of questions to the Universe
    i ask questions that excite me, and i phrase them so that the answer will be pleasing and thrilling

    i read thru a few pages of my thread as well
    it's so uplifting to be reminded about all the fun stuff and goodness in my life
    i laughed as i remembered what i was reading about, reliving those moments haha
    it was beautiful to take this trip down my happy memory lane

    this is the one who sets my heart on fire

    my lover
    his desire for me is so strong
    just imagine if he lets me in!
    just imagine if he comes for me, like he did in the beginning, all those months ago with such assuredness of his desire for me
    and sweeps me off my feet again
    just imagine if he has caught up with his expansion this time
    and we are a vibrational match
    just imagine if he tells me again that he is falling for me
    because i know he means it
    and i trust him
    just imagine if he came for me, here, like he said he will
    and i open my door and there he is, so happy to see me
    and he picks me up in his arms and lifts me up to him and kisses me
    kisses me for a long long long long time
    because we are good at kissing him and i
    we are so good at kissing and so good at intimacy
    he wraps me in his arms and kisses me for a long long time before he puts me down

    he requires that i love him
    and yes, i can do that
    i am up to speed with that
    because i know that he easily picks up his end of the bargain
    and that i am his only girl
    and his focus is on me
    i am his home and his warmth
    i am his comfort and his homecoming and his happiness and his love
    i am his breath of deep deep air as he melts into me

    still so in love with this one
    what else can i do but appreciate being in love with him
    so aware of not pining for him, like hands in the clay has said to me, and always looking at the positive aspects of him
    and making sure that my vibration is in a good feeling place
    when i write about him it's a happy feeling to me, it's a feeling of beauty and breathlessness and love and melting into his arms
    these feelings are uplifting to me
    my vibration feels positive
    (i know the feeling of yearning and angst well, so i know when i am writing where i am coming from)
    so no matter my words, as long as i am feeling that feeling place as i write then all is well and all is good

    i am so in love with loving him
    and loving the other boys in my life
    they are so easy to love
    really, my heart just blossoms like a million flowers on a fruit tree
    it opens up like the sun as the clouds part
    and it shines strongly and brightly and deeply and purely all over them

    i have learnt so much in my journey
    my life started really when i discovered abe
    my life started to be lived in such a full and beautiful way
    i am so in love with flying high in my vortex and being so doped up on love

    so doped up on love

    totally being in love and loving and flowing love is the most incredible feeling of all - so orgasmic
    it's utter heaven
    and here i am
    flowing that love
    all over my lover
    how i so do love him
    he took me higher for sure
    and flowing that love over all those other incredible incredible incredible boys in my life
    oh oh my how i so love them all
    these are the things that make my heart beat fast
    and take my breath away
    and make me fly

    my purpose of life is to love ~ my true purpose is to keep my heart open
    no matter what is going on ~ I keep my heart open
    I am dust of stars
    I am the fire of the Universe...
    I am the river of infinity
    I am Source

    love when i was in his arms
    flying ever so high
    flying ever so high
    truly it was heaven
    it was home
    home to me

    Dream your dream for the dream’s sake,
    and never mind about reality or probabilities.

    That’s what’s tripping you up,
    because in the dream you can make it pure,
    and when you make it pure in your dreams the universe will answer it.


    i release all resistance to love and allow them to come easily into my life

    thank you xxxxx

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    happy to just love
    happy to just love and adore and dream and appreciate and love and adore
    happy to love and dream
    happy to dream and dream and love and love my dream
    happy to love
    just love
    love and love and love and love

    i have been busy doing pages and pages of rampages of appreciation for my lover
    and oh my god, i have found myself just so happy
    happy and flying high
    flying high in my vortex
    feeling so in love with him
    ~or who ever he is~
    just loving him, his inner being, the essence of him
    oh god, he is just such a dream
    i am so in love with loving him
    it feels incredibly divine!

    just writing pages of appreciations for my lover has made me feel so incredibly wonderful and happy and relaxed and appreciative and unconditionally loving
    towards him
    towards everything
    towards being in lover

    i know that it's okay for me to be in love
    i know that everything will be fine for me
    i know that my man will make me handle it smoothly and easily and i will keep my alignment
    he will be a perfect match for me
    happy easy loving kind gentle caring adoring appreciative gentle tender warm hearted and so beautiful
    beautiful inside and out

    all will be well
    it's safe to just love and adore and love

    how much do i love my man
    being in his arms makes me just melt
    melt so much
    just remembering him holding me in his arms makes me absolutely melt
    this is what i love so much
    this makes my heart melt totally
    i am so in love with him
    no matter what

    no matter what it is okay to love him
    no matter what i can give him my whole heart
    no matter what i am in love loving him
    what is perfect? perfect for me?
    being happy being in love is perfect for me
    being happy just being happy is perfect
    loving him is perfect

    been spending alot of time feeling him with me
    feeling him with me
    closing my eyes and feeeeeling him ~with~ me
    wrapped up in his arms
    his heat warming my body
    his heart beating on me
    his breath on me

    every second spent loving him
    every second spent loving his presence is a gift
    a gift to cherish
    such an honour to love him
    such a privilege to love him
    to be here on earth amongst these incredible beasts
    lol, these -boys haha
    such delicious beasts

    and to love!
    oh my god!
    the feeling of loving is really so indescribable haha, what a word!
    but true!
    that feeling of loving
    loving so deeply, so purely, so fully
    so totally
    is just amazing
    and to flow my love onto him, onto my lover
    is THE best feeling ever!
    so in love with him

    finally after all these months i have just come to this place of just loving him totally with ALL my heart
    giving in totally to just loving him completely
    i give in
    i give in to his pull
    i give in to the hold he has on me
    i give in to him totally
    i give in completely
    and let love just ~ just ~ flow

    i let love flow
    from my heart to his

    i don't know the future but i know my now - and now - now i love him totally completely and absolutely

    i love him
    my man
    my man

    We have never seen someone adore someone
    that the one they were adoring
    didn't adore them back.


    ~ the most beautiful sentiments ever ~

    If nothing is more important to you than that you feel good,
    you can form a fantasy about someone who is in your life

    and they will begin to modify to meet your fantasy,
    because Law of Attraction
    is a very powerful thing.


    love love love

    love totally
    love absolutely
    love fully
    love completely
    love eternally

    and i choose to love him
    this beast
    this gorgeous imperfect being
    this man who has turned my head and my heart
    so in love with him
    such a beautiful man
    and such a privilege to be able to use him as my focus to love myself into absolute bliss

    blissful loving you mr handsome as f*@k essence boy
    blissful to just love
    love and adore you

    so in love

    thank you
    thank you
    thank you stars for bringing me here to this magnificent planet
    to play and enjoy all these tasty magnificent beasts
    loved up

    Dream your dream for the dream’s sake,
    and never mind about reality or probabilities.

    That’s what’s tripping you up,
    because in the dream you can make it pure,
    and when you make it pure in your dreams the universe will answer it.


    so doped up on love

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