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Thread: loving my now

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    it only matters what you think about it
    Dream your dream for the dream’s sake
    and never mind about reality or probabilities

    That’s what’s tripping you up

    because in the dream
    you can make it pure

    when you make it pure in your dreams the universe will answer it

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    it's been a while since i wrote of daily manifestations happening to me
    but yes, they still happen every single day
    i am still completely blessed by the Universe
    i am a powerful creator and am constantly delighted and loved and adored by the Universe

    just the other day i had a quiet few minutes dreaming of my no1 driftwood running beside me, and every now and again i would look up and over at him, as he is so much taller than me, oh my, and he would look at me and smile
    it felt so beautiful and so perfect and so right
    AND - i was SO HAPPY
    well, a couple days after i visualized that, i was actually running beside a boy who has the very same first name as my no1
    and who surely turned my head the first time i saw him
    i was just drawn to him perfectly
    we did a couple things together, just me and him, and we laughed and had fun and smiles and warmth, it was so beautiful
    he smiled warmly at me, and we talked and smiled and laughed and i so so so admired his handsome features and the glint in his eyes and his beautiful lips and the way they moved as he spoke to me, and his smile, oh my, such a smile of beauty and gorgeousness
    and i admired how tall he was, and his manly legs and ass in his denims, because oh wow, he is a stunner for sure and so sexy sexy sexy
    and here i am, less than a week later after my visualization, in the physical, doing exactly what i had dreamed of with my no1, only with a boy who surely turned my head and who has the same first name as him !!

    as i was beside him, i suddenly realised the bigness of it all and i knew there and then that my manifestation was incredible and mindblowing and just perfectly beautiful
    i felt completely loved and adored
    i felt so adored
    so loved

    thank you xxx

    We have never seen someone adore someone
    that the one they were adoring
    didn't adore them back.


    my purpose of life is to love ~ my true purpose is to keep my heart open
    no matter what is going on ~ I keep my heart open
    I am dust of stars
    I am the fire of the Universe...
    I am the river of infinity
    I am Source

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    perfect easy happy sharing deep deep love

    * The power of your Focus is Everything

    * I am going to have just the best time of my life
    I am going to bring my focus into something really specific
    and I am going to feel the fullness of all that I am
    as it's focused into this specific thing

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    today i received lots of money for free

    abundance showered down on me

    free parking worth 6
    free movie worth 12
    tea with 25%off .90p
    items on sale in my favourite shop 4
    activity for free worth 8
    meal for free 5
    today i received 35.90 for FREE

    just for being me ha haha
    thank you abundant Universe !

    i receive unexpected money

    sparkling energy into my accounts

    money is energy

    sparkling energy

    coming into my life

    i accept money graciously

    sparkle after sparkle after sparkle

    falling down softly on me

    sparkle after sparkle after sparkle

    the bright light of instant manifestation

    in my accounts

    coming in - just like that

    i love receiving money

    i accept money graciously

    thank you
    thank you
    thank you

    money is easy to come by

    i have more than enough money


    money is easy to come by

    Thank You

    Thank You

    Thank You

    money is love
    there is always always always enough to go around
    and it comes again and again
    easily and effortlessly to me
    i love money
    money buys happiness and fun and love and freedom and beauty and smiles and laughs and good times
    money is love and i love money
    i love love
    i love being in love

    money flows to me in my sleep
    money comes to me easily and effortlessly
    i am a money magnet
    i am a love magnet
    i am love

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    yesterday was such a fun fun fun fun fun day


    oh my god, how much fun could i squeeze into one day ?
    well it was all there yesterday
    i was in the vortex the whole time
    it was totally sublime
    i drove for miles and had the radio Off because i was just constantly looking for things to appreciate and love and i was just driving along swept up into this beautiful vortex of happiness and love and warmth
    it was incredible
    i pre-paved my day, as i normally do, but it had been a while since i had written it down in my journal like i used to do
    *note to self - write down my pre-paving - it works better that way
    and then i went about my day
    it was just so perfect and fun and beautiful
    it was filled with love and fun

    on the way to my destination, just as i set out my car had a serious problem and i knew i had to turn around and drive straight to the garage, which i did
    the lovely man there looked at my car and said it won't be till tomorrow that they can fix it, but as he pulled the parts off he realised that yes, he could actually get the part today and fix it
    in no time there was the courier with the part my little treasure needed and within an hour it was on the road again and had cost hardly anything
    i'm not sure if it was coincidence, haahaha - ofcourse in LOA there is no such thing as coincidence haha

    but i was looking at my insta feed and happened to go to a page filled with a tiny sausage dog that had the most heart melting, heart warming pics and i just sat there laughing and melting all at once ha ha ha

    best cure for a car in for repairs - look at cute doggy pics

    so i was on the road again and arrived at my destination in good time, in such good time infact even though i was driving at peak hour on the busiest road in the country, and so i decided to go into my favourite shop and buy some things i needed and also to let the Universe guide me to anything else that i may need or like or desire

    every time i am out shopping i say to the Universe - i know you will guide me to see what i need
    and every single time i follow the subtle pull and pushes that it gives me, a slight glance over here to notice this, a turn of the head that way to notice that, an urge to go down that aisle to come upon this ! it is amazing to go shopping and be guided by the Universe, i just love it to pieces

    i have been playing my 9thing game again, nearly every day
    though i am not focusing on 9things, i think it may only be about 5 but that's okay because i am not counting and i am just having fun feeling the essence of the thing that excites me
    so i am totally living the physical viscereal pleasure of enjoying my stuff in my mind's eye as i feel it, FEEL IT ever so beautifully with me

    i saved money yesterday too, i was given some FREE stuff and omg my heart just sang !
    i had been expecting these things and when i saw them yesterday i was elated and just buzzing in complete excitement and even had some fun as i took them, one of my mates took one of the items, and pretended to do it in such a way that i couldn't see - but the glint in his eye showed me that he was lying and had stolen one of my things ah ha ha that was sooooo funny!!! we both laughed our heads off as i reached into his shirt and felt for it hehe
    and i get to keep one of the free things for myself and the other 3items i shall gift to the vibrationally right boys when i come across them and it shall be fun and exciting and delightful and slightly

    i am so excited about things, just so amazingly happy to be completely aligned and flying high again - flying high for hours and hours and hours
    doing things that i love with all my heart
    being in a place that fits me to a T and is exactly where i belong
    being with boys whom i love with all my heart
    i simply love them to the ends of the earth and back
    and i am just so happy and delighted and thankful

    i love my pre-paving
    it sets the scene for me to know that no matter what i have put out an official request for the Universe to see to it that my day is sorted
    it takes all the pressure off my shoulders for any things happening out of the blue, ofcourse there is no out of the blue, but it means that everything works to my favour
    i have taken the time to set the tone for my day and i can relax and know that all will go well

    i am so loved and adored by the Universe
    i am surrounded by boys that i love to pieces
    we have so much fun, those subtle smiles and laughs and that warmth and knowing is beyond anything that money could buy - and by that i mean - beyond anything that is not in a vibrational vicinity to receiving it lolol
    i am completely having fun and being happy and being appreciative

    truly my favourite thing on earth to do is to appreciate
    i love that with all my heart
    when i appreciate things are so very very good

    i am truly in the greatest of appreciation for this abe-forum
    and for paradise-on-earth and Hands in the Clay, whom i have learnt so much from
    and they have been only loving to me when i have been on here, going thru my step 1s lol as i try to find the ease and clarity to make my way to step 3 and 4 and now 5
    i have been living my life in step 5 for a long long time and then a few times i feel out of the airplane but that is also okay and now again - i am totally back to my step 5s
    making small contrasts in life and allowing all the goodness and love to flow to me freely and beautifully and endlessly

    i really am the happiest i have ever been
    my life is not perfect but in my dreams it is beautiful
    and for the time being that is good enough for me
    i have had mega boy contrast and for the time being the boy-sea is calm and steady and this is the way i like it the best
    i like the even handle on it, the love, the flowing love

    just happy to be happy
    just happy to appreciate
    just happy to flow love
    just happy to be love
    just happy to love

    i am LOVE
    i give LOVE
    i receive LOVE
    i am LOVE

    i LOVE me
    i am all LOVE

    thank you xxx


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