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Thread: loving my now

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShazBee View Post
    That was BEAUTIFUL and MAGICAL! <3 <3 <3
    thank you ShazBee

    i am happy to love many
    not just one
    but love many
    i feel so at home loving many boys
    it feels comfortable and happy and freeing and warm
    it feels natural and giving and loving
    for me it feels like a breath of fresh air ~ to love many

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    as long as i focus on just loving
    and breathing
    then all is well

    my lover is flying in, in a couple of days to spend some time with me
    ~ just like that ~
    simple and easy

    i have to pre-pave it
    because i am not feeling excited at the moment, i am just feeling curious and a little interested
    which means that i am letting the Universe take care of the unfolding
    which means that i must pre-pave the feelings i want to experience
    it is always so much better for me when i pre-pave the feelings i want
    i always leave the events (if i do not know what is exactly going to happen) blank, and just take of the feelings i wish to experience
    and every time it always go exactly as i want - infact it always goes better !

    i will do that now
    before i bask a little in what happened last night

    i intend to be excited to see him again
    i remember the first time we met, it was curious, easy, quiet and fun
    he was a beautiful companion
    exactly as i had wished for
    quiet, of little words, beautiful ambience
    tall dark handsome - exceedingly!!
    our time together went like a dream
    i intend for this to be exactly the same
    and we had many smiles together
    this time we will have more intimate longer smiles
    our eyes will connect and our gaze will be fixed on each other's
    he will look deeply into my eyes
    and appreciatively
    it will be fun
    it will be loving
    it will be warm and inviting
    it will be heady and exciting
    he will smell soooo good
    and he will feel good
    strong, manly, warm, and his skin will be hot
    HOT! hot to the touch
    hot beside me

    we will have warmth and tenderness and gentleness

    he will be a beautiful lover
    it will be deep and intense
    swirling heady sparkling

    and we will sleep ensconced in each other
    his arms will wrap me close to him

    it will be a fun and tender rendevouz
    filled with smiles, gentleness, love, happiness
    we will be excited and happy
    like old friends
    like lovers
    celebrating our closeness
    it will be smooth easy happy warm fulfilling
    inviting delicious
    private intimate

    thank you xxx

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    i have decided to allow a few lovers into my life
    in the easiest way possible
    by feeling no attachment to any of them

    for me that is the easiest way of how things come
    even though, i sometimes feel a pull to specific boys
    and it kinda goes topsy turvy for a bit
    so i have to take it easy to loosen off that energy a little bit

    in the meantime i have no problem allowing in lovers
    and last night i was chatting to a boy whom i so absolutely adore
    me and him are lovers-to-be
    both of us have accepted that and we are excited for it to be so

    we have such a beautiful unfolding
    over the last few years we have met in out of the way places - and out of the blue, as neither of us knew the other would also be there
    we love the sight of each other, that much is for sure
    he is so physically attracted to me
    and i to him
    i love the sight of him
    he is a handsome handsome boy for sure, a head turner
    and more so i love his persona, his ambience, his quietness and his drive
    for i know what is deep inside his heart
    and i love that too
    we are cut from the same cloth him and me
    and our fires burn with the same fuel

    so we decided last night that the stars are aligning beautifully and we will be able to finally meet at last

    i am excited for this to happen !
    we have pre-paved some scenes that we will play out

    just brief thoughts and words about what would be nice
    and exciting
    finally we get to become physical lovers
    and not just lovers of the heart

    i adore him to pieces
    he was the first person i truly felt attracted to when my amazing miracle happened
    my heart melted when he shared his dream with me
    and i knew there and then that our dream was the same
    and ofcourse he fancied me as much as i did him
    it was exciting attraction

    what i love about him and me is
    the easiness of our talk
    he loves talking to me and he openly tells me his feelings
    i elicit all his attention easily
    he enjoys sharing with me
    and he so loves what i give back
    we laugh easily
    and always always always we are smiling
    i am so excited about what is to come
    and i so love what has been

    i love his voice and his accent
    it is music to my ears
    i love his eyes and the way they so softly admire me
    i love his lips and the slight curl on them
    he is such a man
    ofcourse he is definitely a boy ah ha, but really a man

    i am looking forward to our time together
    it will be blissful indeed
    so very private
    and beautiful

    i am blessed to have him as a lover
    because the first time i saw him i loved him and easily gave him my heart
    gave him my heart for eternity
    this is one of the easiest to love
    i love that he is so very easy to love
    and from the same cloth as me
    that makes him so very very very super attractive to me
    and i knew from that moment he shared his dream that we would be together always
    in our hearts
    and now, in our bed
    because i believe in his dream and i believe in him

    and unspokenly, he knows this too
    just beautiful
    just blessed
    my perfect lover

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    oooh i have to do a rampage about my no1 driftwood
    ooooh that beautiful boy who came into my world and lit my life on fire

    i was asking for one of my soulmates, well not the one, as i believe i have a few of them
    but i was asking for that fire that matched me
    and in he walked
    that night

    i was captivated
    my heart missed a beat
    and he took my breath away
    i could not keep my eyes off him
    and i glanced over now and again
    and thanked the Universe for bringing such a delicious specimen to me

    for i knew he was there just to delight me

    he would gaze into my eyes for well over 6 seconds
    an unbroken, unblinking stare
    and i back

    we just simply adored and appreciated each other on that physical level of deep attraction
    he knew i worshipped him
    and that was alright with him
    and i knew he was my light
    and he knew it too

    he lit me up
    like no-one ever had, or has since
    and i so want it to be like that again
    i so want those stars falling down around me, in a cloak of intense love
    in my own Universe
    as he was beside me
    god i clearly remember that day it happened
    it happened twice
    and it was surreal

    i was always so excited to see him
    every time
    and i got goosebumps every time
    and ha ha ha i went weak at the knees as well every single time

    was funny to be so taken over by his physical presence
    aaah well

    was the most beautiful movie of my love life

    and every time i want perfection - i think back to him
    and it is there

    yeah he is the one
    who always comes back to me
    more than 110% perfect in every way

    and i have him on my vision board
    just because
    because he delights me
    and he is my dream

    ~so love my dream~
    ~so love the beauty of him~
    ~love love love love love~

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    Quote Originally Posted by paradise-on-earth View Post

    Let your dream live!

    Wasnīt it a relief to let your dream live a little bit again!?
    Because you havenīt let it live, very much!
    So, thatīs the process..
    And once you do that, and you do that, and you do that...
    Maybe once a day, maybe twice a day-

    JUST FOR THE PLEASURE of the exercise, of letting your dream
    live a little bit-
    then what happens (...) THEN you get an impulse, to work on some part of it.

    from the clip Abraham Hicks ~letting your dream live

    it only matters what you think about it
    Dream your dream for the dream’s sake
    and never mind about reality or probabilities

    That’s what’s tripping you up

    because in the dream
    you can make it pure

    when you make it pure in your dreams the universe will answer it

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    your IBīs emotional scale: Beyond love
    thank you paradies-on-earth

    You get the (...) spectrum of your emotional scale.
    Itīs almost impossible for you to mentally conceive of your IBīs emotional scale!

    Because itīs LOWEST point is, what you call love!
    We like how youīve got that! Now, tune into your IB, and together, lets focus on something new, and whatīs beyond love!

    You might call it passion. You might call it exhilaration. But you KNOW it, when you feel it.

    Itīs just MORE momentum!
    Is it a higher frequency?
    Yes, itīs that, too. But itīs a higher frequency, thatīs been focused upon longer, so thereīs more MOMENTUM about it.

    What does more momentum give you?
    Think about it, in terms of your physical environment. Think of the PHYSICS, that you learned in school or didnīt learn, and are learning now: What does momentum bring to the equation?

    More movement. More getting things done.
    You wanna be a powerful creator?
    Than tune yourself to the frequency of love-

    and then, THEN turn on the juice!

    (...) leading edge creators, are you with us?- And then you decide to become more specific from that place of your connection with love-


    We canīt even find words.
    Esther calls it "the magic".
    Itīs where exhilaration is so strong, and the feeling of appreciation is unspeakable.

    And the POWER, the demonstratable power of that kind of alignment moves mountains. Moves oceans. Moves movements. Moves people, CHANGES power.

    And we know- we can feel by visiting with you, you can feel the difference! Love feels like satisfaction. But there is way more than satisfaction, in THIS exhilaration of life, from time to time.

    San Diego Ca Workshop August 2017 from the clip
    Abraham Hicks 2017 New ~ The emotional scale of your Inner Being starts at Love (No Ads)

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    i am happy being happy

    just as simple and easy as this

    happy sitting in the sun, shining on me, warm beautiful easy quiet calm

    love the warmth of the sun
    those beautiful sparkling rays enveloping me in warmth and happiness

    love being happy
    as simple as being happy

    had a beautiful last few weeks in my life
    surrounded by boys who continually took my breath away
    just so happy to be beside them
    and admire them
    oh how i am such a good admirer of masculine beauty
    such a very good appreciator of that field
    such a beautiful easy quiet fun happy happy last few weeks
    filled with boyness
    boys around me, boys in my bed, boys kissing me, boys smiling at me,boys sitting beside me and with me
    boys looking at me transfixed - with that interested stare that is always so incredibly hot !
    oh my i LOVE that

    had a couple give me those long fixed eye contact stares as i was passing them by
    it was thrilling
    i was walking up the street, the sun was shining and 3 boys were walking towards me, well i immediately spotted the most handsome one and he already had his eyes on me (i was his only choice hahaha) and as we walked past each other his eyes never left mine ! phewwww it was smouldering hot
    i can still see him now, blonde hair, tall, handsome, playful, exciting

    and the day before i was exploring a very old place
    it was less than an hour before closing, it was in the middle of absolutely no-where, it was freezing cold and out of season to be there, and then a boy turned up and admired me for a bit, and i admired him back
    how unusual to see another person, so late just before closing at this time of year
    and then unbelievably the Universe delighted me some more
    a little while later 2 cuter ones turned up, and one caught my eye - and i definitely caught his
    they watched me as i disappeared amongst the old stones and reappeared here and there
    our gaze was fixed on each others
    it was exciting
    it ws as if they were not even interested in the place they had paid to come see and instead had their focus on me
    and at the end, just as it was closing they passed by me, and we got a good look at each other
    and so funny because they were locals, and not tourists and this was a tourist place
    i smiled because i knew the Universe was delivering me fun and happiness and excitement like i had asked for
    and again i was drawn to the blonde

    (in my life blondes are only for fun hahaha)
    (maybe i should change that belief ?)
    blondes just come to me so very easily with no resistance
    maybe because i see them as never anything serious and only playthings ahahahaha and they are completely off the hook
    brunettes really make my heart race though, they cause a sharp intake of breath every time i get their eye
    brunettes are like serious falling in love material
    maybe i should change that belief too

    this blonde was exciting and he was as excited to be close to me as i was to him
    we smiled at each other and said some playful things and laughed a little
    it was beautiful
    then a bit later i heard them roar off in their obviously souped up car, hahaha, bigger exhaust and i am sure it had some nice mags on it and had been mapped as well hehe
    hot cars and hot boys easily turn my head and make my heart race
    it was such a fun day
    oh - and did i mention that i was actually with my ~lover
    the one who flew in to see me for a couple of days
    i am not so sure what type of lover this one is infact
    if he gets a little drunk he becomes more of a lover hahaha, but other than that he is a friend who easily falls into bed
    and it was less than a week before that i had another delicious lover in my bed

    i am getting so much better at allowing lovers to come easily and freely to me
    and i love it this way
    it is fun and easy and exciting and warm and adoring and gentle and tender

    my life is busy in all the right ways and i take time to just chill and relax and sit in the sun and breathe easily
    i enjoy the quiet calm times
    i enjoy the calmness
    i enjoy the warmth
    and being happy
    satisfied with what i have
    and i dream if i need more
    to get those feelings and find the feeling place of the things i am desiring

    happy just being happy
    happy just relaxing doing things i love
    being surrounded by things i love
    just loving

    thank you xxx
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    blessed by the beautiful sun

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    Let your dream live!
    Wasnīt it a relief to let your dream live a little bit again!?

    So, thatīs the process..

    And once you do that, and you do that, and you do that...
    Maybe once a day, maybe twice a day-

    JUST FOR THE PLEASURE of the exercise of letting your dream
    live a little bit-

    it only matters what you think about it
    Dream your dream for the dream’s sake
    and never mind about reality or probabilities

    That’s what’s tripping you up

    because in the dream
    you can make it pure

    when you make it pure in your dreams the universe will answer it

    this is my dream
    a dream of love and warmth happiness tenderness and gentleness
    a dream of desire
    a dream of excitement and appreciation and happiness
    a dream of him wanting me as much as i want him

    a dream of smoothness and easiness
    a dream of love and excitement and admiration
    a dream of happiness and delight
    because he delights me so
    delights me so much
    i so love to admire this beast who has his eyes on me
    i so love to appreciate this beast who has me already in his heart

    what i love most about my dream is my desire to have him already in love with me
    i love that he adores and loves and desires me completely
    and he is the one i have chosen
    maybe a little greedy to have him so into me
    but that is what i want
    i had it before with a boy
    who was so head over heels with me
    he worshipped the ground i walked on, for many many years
    and he was totally into me
    i was his goddess
    and i want this again
    with one of my choosing

    i also want it to be easy
    and smooth
    and natural
    and fun
    i want it to be healthy so that i will easily maintain my alignment around him
    because if i become focused on him so much and start to fall in love i may lost my steady alignment
    so i have to have it easy
    have to have it come easy to me
    i want him to be irrisistible to me
    and to be mine
    all mine
    i want to appreciate him often
    and just be happy to know that there is someone whom i love
    who is in love with me also

    that feels beautiful and exciting and thrilling
    and a tiny bit scary
    a little wobble right there
    because i have had this before and maintaining my alignment is my main priority in all this
    so i will talk myself into it being alright

    he will actually totally adore me, just like that other one did years ago
    and yes, this one will be so incredibly handsome
    he will more than take my breath away
    and he will be head over heels in love with me
    and everything about me
    because i am his vortex girl
    and he wanted something just a little bit more special on his plate
    and i came along to satisfy him

    that makes it alright
    he will be strong and secure and centered
    he will be happy and devoted and honest
    he will be open and friendly and warm
    he will be giving and kind and generous
    i can never be too much for him
    he can never get enough of me
    the more he gets the more he wants
    the more he sees the more he looks and admires
    the more he has the more he adores

    he will be the man i truly want
    i will admire him
    and yes worship him haha
    my kinda worshipping
    i will be his breath of fresh air and his energy and his zest for life
    he will be my god of war my air and my blood and my heartbeat
    he will be the fire always burning inside of me

    together we are beautiful
    we radiate serenity
    happiness and adoration
    we are beautiful together

    he is in awe of me
    i am more than he has ever wished for
    and i take his breath away

    this is how i want it to be
    this is my dream
    i am letting my dream live a little bit

    i want a man so in love with me yet still aligned
    and i want the same as well
    i want that even keel of happiness and respect and admiration
    i want this level of tenderness and gentleness
    and respect and kindness

    this is my dream
    and i love my dream
    i have had snippets of my dream as i go along
    and now
    it would be nice to have my actual dream
    as i am living it now, writing it down, feeling it, adoring it, loving it
    so that is my order in

    beautiful quiet kind respectful caring tender gentle happy centered fun exciting thrilling passionate warm good good hearted beautiful handsome breathtaking heartmelting funny playful good considerate caring

    thank you
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    ~ a dream that is alive is life ~

    Abraham Hicks youtube - Letting Your Dream Live

    ~ i promise myself to live my dreams as if i have them now ~
    * * * ** * * * * ** * * * ** * * * * *

    Let your dream live!
    Wasnīt it a relief to let your dream live a little bit again!?

    So, thatīs the process..

    And once you do that, and you do that, and you do that...
    Maybe once a day, maybe twice a day-

    JUST FOR THE PLEASURE of the exercise of letting your dream
    live a little bit-

    it only matters what you think about it
    Dream your dream for the dream’s sake
    and never mind about reality or probabilities

    That’s what’s tripping you up

    because in the dream
    you can make it pure

    when you make it pure in your dreams the universe will answer it

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