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Thread: Analogies used in the Teachings

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    King of the molehill

    When you shift your point of attraction,
    everything shifts; everything shifts. Everything shifts.
    And as it shifts from inside the vortex, it shifts for the better.

    You keep that up a little bit,
    people watching you will say "What is your magic?"
    And you'll say I stopped trying so hard,
    I discovered that effort was counterproductive,
    because the time I felt that I needed to offer the most effort
    was at the time I was offering the most resistant vibration.
    And I discovered I could not buck my own current.

    All I did was wear myself down, break myself down,
    and defeat myself and make it harder.
    -"So what did you decide to do?" They ask.
    "You decided to stop effort?
    If you stop effort, won't the world come to a screeching halt?
    -Then they really come after you!
    Well if nobody went to work then what kind of world would it be?"

    -Happier. (Audience laughter)

    But that's not what we're suggesting, we are not saying
    don't go to work; we are saying
    don't go, unless you're in the vortex.

    We are not saying don't have a meaningful conversation;
    we are saying don't have it unless you're sure you're in the vortex.
    We're not saying don't offer action;
    we are saying let action be inspired from inside the vortex
    and the action will not only will be profoundly more productive...

    ...Oh, the leverage from inside the vortex is almost incalculable!
    The effort from inside the vortex,
    the leverage from inside the vortex is huge.

    Because you have the energy that creates worlds
    flowing through you and the cooperative components are immense.
    But we are not encouraging you to offer effort from outside the vortex,
    because it backfires.

    Now there are a lot of people, in fact most everybody you know
    spends most of their time outside the vortex.
    They don't know about vibration;
    they don't know what they're emotions mean;
    they want to be positive and they try,
    they make some effort to be, but they're not really managing
    their vibrational flow very well.

    So most people are outside the vortex most of the time.
    And then they gather together in groups on the internet
    or just in neighborhoods; law of attraction
    sort of brings them in their similarities together.
    And they come up with conclusions about how they
    and everybody else should live life.

    Laws are made from that group.
    In other words, they are the ones that decide,
    they sort out the good piles from the bad piles;
    they decide what's the right way of life and what's the wrong way of life
    and we will acknowledge that among those outside-the-vortex-efforters,
    that it is evident when someone is trying and when someone isn't.

    They have diplomas. They have better paying jobs in many cases,
    they live in nicer houses in many cases.
    Those who effort; you can tell which ones are trying
    and which ones aren't in that out-of-the-vortex group.

    But friends! It's the out-of-the-vortex group!
    It's like being king of the molehill.

    It's the out-of-the-vortex group. In other words,
    the masters come from in the vortex.
    Your clarity, your inspiration, your creations, your inventions,
    your wonderful new ideas, your zest for life, iow-
    come from the inside-the-vortex group, you see.

    Boca Raton, March 2011

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    Not being in Alignment is as
    trying to drive your car without gas.
    Hook up to the power!

    (Not being lined up vibrationally/unconditionally)

    is like when you get in your car,
    and when there is no fuel in the car,
    and there is no combustion in your engine
    -you can sit there, and sort of turn the wheel all day long,
    but if you donīt have the fuel in the car,
    youīr NOT gonna go anywhere!

    You could put the battery in your contraption,
    but if the battery doesnīt have juice in it,
    you could turn the on- and off-switch all day long,
    and push all the other buttons, and NOTHING is gonna happen!

    And so what we are talking about,
    is HOOKING UP to this energy-stream!

    Doing anything and everything, to hook up to it!

    And with humans, who are so action-oriented,
    you are going about it for the most part
    in ways THAT DONīT HOOK YOU UP!
    And then, you are trying to compensate for not being hooked up,
    with action and words.
    And thatīs why you feel overwhelmed,
    and thatīs why you are frustrated,
    and thatīs why things go more SLOWLY for you.

    Atlanta, November 2015

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    Upstream and downstream,
    letting go of the oars

    “The moment you let go of the oars,
    the majority of that resistance you have

    "How can I get downstream to those things I desire faster?
    -I'll focus better. I'll try harder. I will work longer."

    But we want you to understand that those determined attitudes
    only cause you to again turn upstream.
    Once you are pointed downstream in this Current of Life,
    it is not necessary to put a motor on your boat in an attempt
    to make it go faster.

    The Current will carry you...just let go of the oars.

    When you are no longer paddling against the Current-
    when you release your oars and relax into your own natural
    Well-Being-the Current, which is ever moving
    in the direction of that which you have become and all that you want,
    will carry you toward your desires."

    Abe: The Astonishing Power of Emotions

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    The "Hot Stove",
    and the "Legal U-turn"

    When I imagine success, I feel good.
    When I imagine failure, I feel awful.

    Now, why would I feel awful, when I contemplate failure?
    ‘Cause I don’t want failure,
    because my Inner Being sees me as a successful Being.
    So, when I have images of failure that I’m focused upon,
    of course, you’re going to feel fear.

    That’s like saying,
    “Why does my hand hurt when I put it on the hot stove?”

    We say, because the stove’s hot.
    You say, “Yeah, but why does it hurt
    when I put my hand on the hot stove?”
    We say, well, because the stove is hot.
    You say, “Yeah, but why does it hurt
    when I put my hand on the hot stove?”

    It’s the same thing.
    “Why do I feel negative emotion when I contemplate failure?”
    Because your Guidance System is saying to you,
    when possible, make a legal u-turn.

    It’s good that you feel fear of failure.
    You’re not supposed to ever feel celebratory
    in the anticipation of failure. You see?

    Well, we’re just scratching the surface of it,
    but don’t you think that’s a remarkable revelation?
    And aren't you proud of yourself
    that when you contemplate failure,
    that your Guidance System is working the way it is supposed to?

    So, if you don’t want to feel fear—
    don’t think about failure.

    Do you have the power to think
    about something other than failure? Of course you do,
    you do it all the time.
    You see, so, do you hear what you’re saying? You’re saying,

    “Something must be wrong with me,
    because every time I think about failure, I feel bad.
    I've got this fear that comes up in me when I think about failure.”

    And we say, and there’s something wrong with that?
    It’s good. It’s good that you feel that emotion,
    when you think that thought,
    because that thought is so contrary to who you are and what you want,
    and what your Source Energy knows about you.

    So, there’s nothing wrong with you."

    Abraham Hicks, 24/4 2005

    Sometimes a person will say, “I am too sensitive.”
    And we say, it’s like someone saying, “My hands are really sensitive
    and it’s painful for me to put them on the hot stove.”

    And we say, we don’t think
    sensitivity is your problem

    We think, we think your problem is:
    you’ve got your hands on the stove,
    you see.

    (...) You have POWER NOW.
    So just think about your hand on the stove
    and just laugh about it and say,
    “I can take my hand off the stove.”

    And as you practice this just a little bit,
    you’ll feel your CONFIDENCE come.

    Boulder, CO- 6/15/02

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    Is momentum a Down-hill-spiral or Up-hill-spiral?
    (The strapped down Rocket)

    THIS MOMENTUM -this is not a downward-slide, that you are upon,
    this is an onward slide,
    this is the Universe, lining everything up, to give you everything
    that you want!

    But where you are standing within it,
    and almost everybody would understand it-
    you are pulling in such opposition that it FEELS to you,
    that the momentum is going in the opposite direction-

    because youīr taking score of current manifestations
    instead of understanding the power of the momentum!

    It would be a little bit like,
    if you would be garnering the empathise, that you where going to
    shoot something far far far out into space- but so far,
    the rocket hasnīt been launched.
    So, itīs just sitting there- in a resistant state!

    Iow, it wants to go, but they got it all strapped down,
    and so it looks like itīs going to tear the whole launchpad up,
    if somebody wonīt cut it loose and let it GO-

    and THATīs what we want you to focus on, here!
    This momentum, that feels like downward-spiral,
    is NOT a downward-spiral.
    Itīs an upward-spiral, that you are not flowing with, yet.

    Thatīs all that it is.

    Abraham Hicks

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    Drugs against wobble

    “What are you drinking?”
    “Wobble-free juice.”
    “Really! Wobble-free juice?”
    “Well, no. It just covers up the wobble.
    It’ makes me unaware of the wobble. It makes me unaware of the wobble.”
    “Well, does it help?”

    “At first. At first it helps. But eventually my life goes to pieces.”
    “And so, what do you do then?”
    “I just drink more. I drink more. I shop more.
    I do more things to try to fill the void, the wobble void.
    I try to fill the void with action and behavior.”

    “How’s that working out?”
    “Not that well, but I keep believing that eventually I’ll find something
    that will soothe the pain, the pain of my disconnect from the Source Who-Is-Me.”

    There’s nothing that soothes that.
    You just gotta stop the wobble.

    And when you get good at that – in time – there’ll be very few wobbles.

    Seattle July 2014

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    Desirerīs Remorse

    At the last seminar, we were talking about buyer’s remorse,
    and how… now this ties in perfectly with the conversations
    that we’ve already had here.

    So, let’s say that you are on that high-flying Disc,
    that you are tuned in, tapped in, turned on, you’re feeling good,
    and in that state of Alignment.

    Source incrementally, knows what it’s amassed to,
    knows what it’s evolved to, knows what’s in your
    vibrational reality.

    So, you’re bipping along, no resistance in your experience,
    and you receive a manifestation
    that we’re going to call that inspired thought
    about that – perfect Alignment –

    because, that thought and what’s in your Vortex
    – are in perfect Alignment.

    So, you make the decision, but the question is:
    were you – and it’s alright in any case, don’t worry about anything –
    were you chronically enough on that high-flying Disc,
    were you chronically enough, had you chronically enough,
    often enough, were you chronically enough in this
    vibrational atmosphere to allow that dream, that intention,
    to unfold?

    -Or was that a moment of Alignment and, therefore,
    a Moment of inspiration that you could not maintain?
    This is really a good question.

    It’s sort of what we’re talking about
    when we see, that sometimes you take action too soon.
    Because you really want – we love you very much,
    you know what that means –
    you really want the action that you’re taking,
    to lead you to the feeling that you’re wanting.

    We want the feeling that you’ve accomplished,
    to inspire you to the action that will explode the feeling
    into more.
    Can you feel the difference?

    It felt like the next logical step.

    We don’t doubt that for a moment.
    And nothing has gone wrong,
    except that in this moment,
    as you are expressing to us, there is some
    buyer’s remorse going on.

    And so, as we were visiting about this subject a few days ago
    with a lovely group like you, we said to them,
    “We don’t want you to have desire’s remorse.”
    Desire’s remorse…!

    That’s what it feels like.

    And what is that?
    That’s a desire, that I’m not maintaining the frequency of.
    That’s a desire that…
    “I’m letting the reality that I’m observing now
    control my vibrational atmosphere.
    So, as I allow the variety that I’m observing to control
    my vibrational atmosphere,
    I’m not up to speed with my own desire,” -you see?

    And that is the only thing that has gone wrong.

    You didn’t make a mistake.
    You were absolutely right.
    You were inspired to it.
    You just didn’t stay up to frequency.

    MARCH 15, 2014 SEDONA, AZ

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    "Go pee in the bushes" (very funny segment!)

    (to a HS who repeatedly comes back to the topic
    of wanting to go to a bathroom)

    Here is the quote of the day, maybe of the year-
    maybe even of the body of work from Abraham.
    HERE is the quote of the day:

    When you care about the receptive mode,
    as much as you do about peeing- youīve GOT IT.
    -Itīs no more important than that, itīs no more difficult!

    My last thing is, when you talk about plan B
    (as Abe have said before,
    taking care about the topic before it becomes urgent, and having plan B- as "peeing in the bushes")
    -Peeing in the bushes...

    And also, when you think about it, there is ALWAYS a way
    that you can relief yourself, isnīt there?!
    Unless you care about... rules... laws... all those other things,
    that make that analogy very good!

    (talks about his career, he will persevere... even if itīs not comfortable)
    I often question how long...

    Thatīs not OUR message! Our message is, go pee in the bushes!
    Our message is: FIND A WAY!

    (telling a sweet story about source, who told J and E to pee- before they got
    locked in a traffic jam on a bridge for 8 hrs.) After HS leaves, Abe yell after him:

    Go to the bathroom! Go directly to the bathroom! Donīt sit back down!
    There is nobody out there, now!
    There is nobody out there, now!
    There is nobody out there, now! Go, go, GO!!!

    -When heīll come back, weīll say to him:

    2015-09-26 Chicago

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    Maybe the following is not exactly an analogy, but it is a VERY good reminder...

    The Big But

    My question is about everybody’s big but.
    Ummm, I mean, the but is really what brings life through us,
    is what we are living for…

    It’s part of the contrast that launches the rocket but
    would you say that those buts, in the way that you mean those buts,
    are usually forking off in the wrong direction?

    Right, that’s what I’m trying to get a sense of, in other words…

    You need a *but”…

    To draw the life through us, is the goal here to make our buts smaller?

    (wild audience laughter) We’ve finally gone mainstream.
    How to get rid of your big but while you are forking off in the right direction.
    We are ready for television.
    (more wild audience laughter)

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    Momentum of the Monsterbus

    (when you are trained ITV), your momentum will be enough
    to overcome it
    (the tiny negative things that you throw on your trail).
    Iow, youīr going fast enough that you can overcome it.

    Esther knows this, too. You can go through, about any pile.
    Get enough speed and momentum... girths...
    she loved the monsterbus, for that reason.
    She knew she could run over anybody who was in her way.
    (big laughter)

    And they all seemed to know it, too!
    She was looking into the rear-view-mirror, when she was entering,
    and they all just cleared a path for her. They knew!

    from the wonderful clip
    Abraham Hicks 2015 ペ How to deal with the Unpleasant

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