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Thread: Analogies used in the Teachings

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    Esther, driving her Audi R8 car- being FOCUSSED.
    Or: "Do you ever want to be normal, again?"

    HS is frustrated that his manifestations don´t show up anymore
    in the way he expected it.

    (Don´t take score too much of the manifestation you where looking for...)
    -But what we want you to keep, is the score,
    of how good I felt, today.
    How much fun I had, today.
    How many wonderful conversations I had, today.

    How often I saw today the universe, yielding to me in some significant way,
    that wasn´t even on my goal-list, or on my things-to-do-today-list.

    Because, we wanted to say to you- as a sort of basis to this conversation,
    (...) you all are doing a whole lot, VIBRATIONALLY!
    This are interesting times for humanity.
    Because, you have SO MUCH feedback from so many places.
    The energy is really moving fast!

    So- when you get a little out of balance, you get a big result,
    from being a bit out of balance!

    Esther bought a FAST little car. A really fast little car.
    It´s ridiculously fast, there is no speed-limit in the world,
    that allows it
    (- only Germany without speed-limit on the Autobahn, insert of POE-).
    She´s gotta go to some other planet to really drive it, the way she wants to.
    (story about Tracy asking Esther what she was thinking,
    and Esther reminding her of Abe endlessly telling the story of her,
    asking Jerry for "this beautiful car, that would make her happy for the afternoon".
    What does Tracy think that Esther was talking about- a station-wagon???)

    So, this is a VERY fast car.
    The odometer
    says 220 mp/h. It goes 0-60 in 4 seconds.
    So- when you are going fast- YOU WANT TO BE FOCUSSED!

    (...) He
    (a border-policeman) asked: "How fast will this go?"
    And Esther said
    (with a resignated voice): "60. maybe 65.
    The odometer says 220, but- I will have no way of knowing that."
    And they said: "Do it! Do it do it, do it, DO IT!!!!"

    -You WANT to go fast! You really do!
    But you want to go fast- IN CONTROL.
    You want to be in synch with the leverage of this energy!

    So you opened yourself to this very high powered, very fast,
    very high leveraged, very high frequency energy.
    And when you do, it´s prudent to be in alignment with it-
    OR you have a rough ride, sometimes.
    But as you step back... you just have to ask yourself continually
    this question, "Would I rather go slow?"
    -Would you?

    Do you think Esther can ever drive a normal car, again?
    -We don´t!
    We don´t see why she ever would want a "normal" car again.
    And you not ever want to be a "normal" person again, either.

    (...) Just sit down. Sit down. When you bump into something,
    just sit down and regroup.
    And that really is the message that we´r offering, these days.
    Because, when you´r bumping into things and then responding to the things
    that you´r bumping into, it´s better to just get as general as you can,
    in your statements.

    Which means-
    really go back to an emotional statement of what you where looking for."

    From SanFrancisco July 28, 2012

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    Be like an Actor.
    Or: "Who are you?"

    "EVERYONE is an actor in that sense,
    that they get to project whatever vibration they choose to project.

    And here you are, doing it deliberately, intentionally,
    in a broad range of attitudes and moods and experiences,
    and life-experience- and in EVERY case, you are an actor, doing that.
    So you are not jeopardizing what your vibrational being, or point of attraction is,

    but if everybody, who is listening in, would understand:

    That deliberate creation is just EXACTLY THAT.

    Understand the role you want to play.
    And find it´s vibrational, emotional basis- FIRST,
    and then, practice that, so that THAT is who you are!

    When you are a character in a presentation-
    wether it´s on a stage, or in a movie, or in a commercial,
    when you are an actor with other actors around you, they are responding
    to who you are.
    Because you are emanating who you are,
    and it would be illogical for them to not react to who you actually are!

    Well, this is the way how the whole Universe is reacting to you!
    (...) SO you just need to decide: Am I a prosperous person, standing here
    in this role, that the Universe is reacting to?
    Am I a revered and respected coworker, in this environment or one
    that gets picked upon?

    WHO AM I?
    Who am I?

    (...) YOU set the tone.
    (...) You really are the center of your Universe! You are!"

    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks ~ Define who you want to be and stay in character

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    Rascals are Angels in Disguise

    "Those rascals that look like
    they've got you pinned to the ground,
    who seem to be keeping you from things that you want
    are actually angels in disguise
    who are causing you to have greater clarity
    about what you want.

    But holding them as the culprits in your judgment
    keeps you away, from the stuff you deserve."


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    Contrast is our Fuel

    You knew, that even in the Sweet-spot, a little contrast
    would show itself to you.
    But you saw that as THE ETERNAL FUEL,
    that would keep things going!

    Not as a big falling back, into some sort of strong negativity!

    So, if you can accept that contrast IS the fuel,
    that keeps you being the eternal being that you are,
    then it´s ALL good!

    When something unwanted happens, you say:
    "Oh, good! More fuel! More fuel, to help me
    continue to be the eternal being that I was born to be."

    2016-10-08 in Stamford

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    Speeding (again )

    Having more contrast is beneficial.
    Having SMALL contrast is beneficial, because the focusing power
    makes up the difference. Did we say it yet in a way that you can hear it?

    -You want to be specific.
    It feels terrible to sift through contrast and not know your power.
    It feels delightful to sift through contrast when you do know it!

    Watch the people that get behind the fast moving machines.
    Don't they just love to explore their ability to control those vehicles
    at higher and higher rates of speed?
    Now many people would say, "It would be a whole lot smarter
    if you slowed way down."

    And they would say, "Yeah but its way more fun!"
    And others would say, "Oh, but it's so risky."
    And they would say, "Not for me. It's not risky for me."

    It's not risky for someone who knows what they are doing.
    It's not risky for someone whose played this game before.
    It's not risky for someone who's moved up little by little,
    and gained control of what they are doing.

    So how do you decide what is better - to drive fast or to drive slow?
    And we say you kinda got to mind your own business,
    and just do what you feel like doing today.
    And if you are afraid to drive fast, don't drive fast.
    And if you you are BORED if you drive slow,
    speed it up.

    Abraham LIVE Albuquerque, NM - March 10, 2012

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    Money flows as the Niagara River-
    and you all show up with your teaspoons

    Esther heard a very wealthy man, Ted Turner, saying,
    “The world is awash in money.”
    And he knew it as he spoke it.
    It is his experience, everywhere he turns.

    He gave a billion dollars to the United Nations.
    Money is flowing to him and through him,
    more than he could ever, in this lifetime and a hundred others,
    figure out what to do with on a personal basis.

    “The world is awash in money!”
    And as Esther heard him say that, she knew he knew that.
    And she thought, “I know that, too.
    He knows it so clearly, that now I know it.”

    It was something about the intensity with which he spoke it,
    that, in that moment, Esther knew it.
    And then, for the next month,
    she must have said that to Jerry 5,000 times.
    “The world is awash in money.”

    It was a titillating thought to her,
    because she, like you, had seen where so many people
    had pinched themselves off from Well-being,
    that she’d come to believe that the world was not awash in money.
    She had come to believe that only a few had it,
    and they had it stashed back there somewhere
    where others could not get it.
    She thought that there was a lopsided thing…

    The world is awash in money!
    Do you hear what that means?
    It is awash in money.
    It is flowing for everyone.
    It is like Niagara Falls.
    And most of you are showing up with your teaspoons.

    There is no shortage of anything.
    Those who believe there is shortage,
    hold themselves over in this place where they disallow the Energy
    from flowing to them.
    And so, in their resistance, they have it not.
    And then they say, “I am proof that there is shortage.
    And that man over there that is awash in money is the reason
    I don’t have any.”

    He has nothing to do with your shortage.
    He is evidence that there is an abundance.


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    Touchstones of Wellbeing

    "If we were in your physical shoes, all of you, we would be looking
    for touchstones of well being everywhere we go.
    And we would stuff our pockets full of them.
    We would remember childhood blissful memories.
    We would remember things about our children.
    We would remember beautiful places.
    We would remember compliments that someone offered.
    We would remember heightened places of ecstasy.
    We would remember high points of our life experience.
    We would remember first kisses and first loves.

    We would just fill our pockets full.
    We would start a box, we would call it my box of good things,
    my touchstones of the well being of my life.
    We would get a great big box and any time we thought of something,
    we would write it down, we would throw it in a box.

    Or we would put souvenirs in the box.
    In the same way that young girls have hope chests,
    we would have a chest, we would have a garage, we would have
    vaults full of touchstones of well being."

    Portland, Oregon, 5/20/00

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    The Vortex and how it works

    The Law of Attraction Assembles all cooperative Relationships...
    So here is this Vortex of becoming—a Vortex that contains all of the requests,
    all of the amended requests—each and every detail of each and every asking
    that has emanated from you—and the Law of Attraction is responding to that.

    Envision this swirling, swirling, swirling Vortex
    and the power of attraction that is amassed, as the Law of Attraction
    responds to this pure, nonresisted, focused desire.

    The Vortex is literally drawing in all things necessary for the completion
    of every request it contains. All cooperative components are being summoned
    and are coming for the completion of these creations, for the answering
    of these questions, for the solutions to these problems.

    Excerpted from: The Vortex on August 31, 2009

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    You are a loving CREATOR, in a well stocked kitchen.

    "You did not say, as you made the decision
    to come forth into this physical environment,

    “I’ll go, but get all the kinks worked​ out
    before I get there.”

    You did not say,
    “I want world peace,
    which means everybody’s happy,
    I want all economies to be running smoothly,
    and I want all disease off the face of the earth,
    then I’ll go.”

    You said,
    “Let me at it. I will enjoy this contrast,
    and I will learn to find my vibrational place within it.
    And I will attract to me,
    from this well-stocked kitchen,
    that’s got some of everything,
    I will attract the ingredients
    that I choose to make the pie that I will call my life.”

    You didn’t say, “Fix it, and then I’ll go,”
    nor did you say to any other person,
    “You have to be a certain way
    so that I can flow my Energy of love to you.”

    You said, “I have the capacity to love,
    and I have the ability to choose
    positive aspects over negative aspects.

    I don’t care how many negative aspects you choose
    to show me. I am a lover.”

    And when you discover that, you are liberated.
    When you believe that they’ve got to get it all perfect
    in order for you to feel good,
    you’re in big trouble,
    because there’s somebody
    not doing something to please you, around every corner.

    And the more you focus upon it,
    the more of them will show up
    to show you that they’re doing something
    that does not please you, you see."

    - Abe 03/12/94

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    The toaster

    So, you go to your kitchen to make some toast.
    You get out your toaster, you get out your bread,
    you take it out of the wrapper, you put the slices in,
    you push down the lever,

    -but you didn´t bother to plug the toaster in.

    So you´ve gone through most of the motions that is
    accurate, but you did NOT connect to the electricity, FIRST.
    And that´s what happens so often- you jump into action,
    when you´r not clearly connected to the current!

    Abraham Hicks 2017 ~ When You Must Take Action Immediately PRACTICAL NEW

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