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Thread: Analogies used in the Teachings

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    The Two-headed-monster

    We really want to give you the sense of the becoming the becoming,
    the becoming, because the entire universe is established for
    eternal becoming.

    This you could accurately say, that the contrast that so many humans
    think they would like to do without, is literally the stuff that puts
    the eternalnes in eternity, because if it were not for that contrast,
    expansion would not happen and the source within you always rides
    the rocket of expansion, and stands as the culmination of all that you are.

    That which you are before you were born, that would you have become
    now that you're in this body, that which this life-experience of contrast
    has given birth to: The culmination, the leading edge-furthermost place
    of that which you have become.

    So we call this gathering the art of allowing, and what it really means is
    allowing me in my human form to be up to speed with what life
    has caused me to be.
    Allowing me to be in vibrational alignment with
    the fullness, with the wholeness of all that I am- and the better you feel,
    the closer you are to that.

    The worse you feel, the further you are from that. You can't really get very
    far from it, because even if you pinch yourself off with negative thoughts
    of doubt and worry and fear and despair for a long time, maybe even your
    whole life- even if you did that; in the moment of your reemerging back
    into non-physical, in what you call the death experience- we like to call it
    the croaking experience as we like to be as disrespectful of death as we can be,
    since there is no such thing-

    -when you withdraw your attention from this physical time-space reality
    and you re-emerged into that which you truly are, you get right up to speed
    with all that life has caused you to be, and you feel the elation of that expanded beingness. This part of the allowing workshop is about you, figuring out how to-
    day by day, moment by moment, really thought by thought, you get into
    vibrational alignment with the expanded version of you. And the reason that
    that is so important is, because if you don't stay up to speed with what life
    has caused you to become, you don't feel good. You're not living the life you
    intend to live.

    Youīr sort of -if you will forgive the bulky analogy- like a
    two-headed monster, and we just want both heads to get going in the
    same direction, when the source within you is loving you and you are
    mad at you, you're tearing yourself apart.

    When the source within you is loving that which you have called your enemy,
    and in fact would never find anyone to be enemy-like, you're (thinking they are)
    worth condemning, when the source within you is loving whoever it is you're
    focused upon, and you're hating them or fearing them-
    you're tearing yourself apart.

    When the source within you knows your worthiness and you don't,
    you're tearing yourself apart.
    When you are critical of yourself or anyone and source isn't,
    you tear yourself apart.
    When you doubt, source doesn't.
    When you fear source, doesn't.
    When you hate, source doesn't.

    In other words, the source within you is pure positive energy,
    and the closer you get to that, the better you feel. In fact, in that direction
    you feel ease. When you don't do it, you feel disease!

    So, positive motion means, me in my physical body right now-
    by virtue of whatever it is i'm giving my attention to, have found vibrational
    alignment with source energy. And under those conditions, if you hold steady,
    in those kinds of thoughts you thrive.

    But if you are consistently worried or angry or fearful, if you are watching
    CNN and believing what they're telling you- if you're holding yourself in
    vibrational alignment with the idea that you are not in control of your own
    experience, if you are being brought to a place for feeling no power-
    then you are holding yourself consistently in a vibration of "separation".

    That's too strong a word, but we want to make the point of separation
    from who you really are, and under those conditions you will not continue
    to thrive.

    And there is this wonderful buffer of time between the thought that you
    think and what actually manifest, because after all you're not only offering
    a vibration based upon what you're thinking right here this red hot minute,
    you're offering a vibration about who you really are!

    Are you getting this sort of sense of this duality?
    Your source energy, who is in a physical body and therefore allowed
    to think and expand- when you are thinking thoughts that are in alignment
    with the ways source sees it, when you're looking at life through the eyes
    of source- you love the life you see and you thrive within it.

    But if you find things to fuss and worry about, and you do it consistently-
    then you begin to activate vibrations within you that consistently do not allow
    the fullness of the energy that is really you.

    And under those conditions you don't feel so good. Now you can blame
    everyone under the sun for the negative emotion. You feel you can blame
    your mate, you can blame your children, you can blame your parents,
    you can blame your government. In fact you can blame anybody that you
    choose, but we want you to know that no one is responsible for this
    vibrational gap between you and you- other than you!

    You have total empowerment to do something about closing that gap.
    We acknowledge there are Rascals out there, that drive you nuts.
    We acknowledge that there are pieces of contrast, when you look at them
    make you feel like you want to pull all of their hair out and maybe yours, too.

    But we want you to understand that you've got to get control of your
    thoughts without demanding that they do something different!
    When they need to do something different, you're asking for a very
    conditional love. You're saying those conditions please me, but those don't-
    so those conditions that don't please me need to be changed, so that I
    can be pleased.

    And this is at the basis of most parents will-control. Isn't that the basis of
    most governmental control, or even most religious control, too?
    "Those conditions don't please me."

    What are the odds- do you think that this source energy, that man calls God,
    all-powerful, would really say "You need to change those conditions, so that I
    can be pleased!"?

    We want you to understand that that which man calls God, and that which
    we know is source, has got this figured out- and does not need your
    compliance, in order to feel good! -That would be a pretty limited God,
    in our opinion, if God were really to say "I want to feel good, but you are not
    pleasing me. Therefore I do not feel good, and therefore I will blow you all up!
    I will give you one more Millennium to comply, and if you continue to displease
    me- dysfunctional God that I seem to be...!!"

    And we are wanting you to understand that that which is source energy is
    always pleased, because that which is source-energy understands the whole
    cycle of things, knows the eternal expansion and knows the well-being nature
    of all that is. But you, in your physical form, you can use any excuse in the
    world to not be in vibrational alignment with who you are.

    And as you choose thoughts that source does not choose, you feel rotten.
    And then you run around in your feeling rotten, and you say "I feel rotten.
    You need to stop doing that, and you need to stop doing that, and you need
    to stop doing that...!!"

    And we say, what you are really wanting to do, is to discover the freedom
    that only comes in unconditional love the freedom that comes in aligning
    with the source within you. And looking at the world through the eyes of
    source- and when you do, you feel worthy.
    And when you do, you feel our love. And when you do, you are tuned in,
    tapped in turned on. You are the powerful creative genius that you are,
    you are the extension of source. You are the physical human embodiment
    of source- and you are then, and only then, living the life that you intended
    to live when you came forth in this.


    So you have only one choice, and that is to keep up with Who-You-Are.
    You’re like a two headed monster, and we just want you to get both heads
    going in the same direction.
    So when you say, I want it, but.. I want to
    thrive, but the economy isn’t going well, and I don’t think one person
    can make a difference…

    -What causes the beating on the body? It’s not moving through time.
    What causes the beating on the body? Expansion not allowed!!!

    So if you can find a way to ask and stay up with it, and ask and stay up
    with it, and ask and stay up with it, then you could live long in this
    physical body.

    Now you live in a Universe that insists on expansion. You can’t stop that.
    So you only have one choice and that is to keep up with who you are.

    You can’t take back you desire for your own abundance…
    You’ve gotta find a way of lining up with it.

    And it might mean ignoring or defying the reality that seems to exist,
    and getting into that Vibrational reality.

    You might have to be temporarily untruthful. You might need to be optimistic
    without justification for your optimism.

    You just have to care more about your Alignment, than you do about anyone’s
    lie-detector test.

    When you are in Alignment, you will pass that test. When you are in Alignment,
    the resources that create worlds are abundant and evident to you.
    You could
    take all of the money that exists, equally disperse it around this planet and in
    ten years it will be right back where it is. Because it gravitates to the Vibrational countenance. There’s no way you can divvy it out in terms of action.

    This is a Vibrationally-based Universe. And when you KNOW it and you begin
    to flow with the Vibration, ALL IS WELL.

    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks ~ Why do our bodies decline?

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    Too Busy to find Alignment??

    (...being too busy for finding alignment...)
    ...thatīs like saying:

    "Iīm too busy to find my car-keys.
    Thatfore Iīm going to WALK from Phoenix to SanDiego."

    SF, February ī12

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    Can you keep spinning the earth in itīs orbit?

    The energy that creates worlds is
    big-time energy!
    What kinds of action, or physics, would you all use,
    to keep your earth spinning in itīs orbit?
    We donīt think youīve come up with it yet, and we donīt
    think you ever will! You see- itīs not like that!

    So, as you begin to accept the
    POWER of focus,
    and the FUN of alignment,
    then you find yourself willing to "wait" for alignment
    before you act.

    SF, February ī12

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    The Vortex

    Earlier conversations went more like this:
    (mockingly and very fast repeating what they always say about the Vortex)-
    -and you are running around and say:
    Where is the damned door to the Vortex!!??
    I know what I wanna believe... at least Abraham -psychopaths that
    they are- say itīs there... but how do I GET to there???

    And so, we want to expand this analogy!
    So, that you can feel it and work it, even more comfortably.

    We want you to remember, that creation is about rendezvousing.
    LoA is gathering up cooperative components and putting them in the
    same vicinity. So, when you work deliberatly on getting yourself into
    this emotional place that feels good to you- everything in your grid-
    which, bit by bit by bit you carved out- now is going to rendezvous
    with you.

    And so- INSTEAD of saying "Get into your Vortex", which implies
    that itīs a place- which it isnīt!- weīr saying to you:

    Achieve alignment with everything that is there,
    and watch the universal forces help you to have
    rendezvous with person after person and experience
    after experience.

    SF, February ī12

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    The Grid

    -Well, use the word "basis".
    Think in terms of something, that is the beginning of something.
    We use it in the same way that you might use the word "foundation,
    on which you will build.

    But "grid" is a better word, because it will fill in with all kinds of things
    and when you think about a grid, sometimes you can conjure in your minds
    some structure of something.

    IOW, some "beginning point" is really the point of the grid:
    Itīs a beginning point.
    The reason that it is a particularly perfect word is because, when you live
    in this vibrational world, everything is perceptual, anyway.

    And always there is the beginning- IOW, it is easy for you to imagine
    an electrical grid or an electronic grid.
    IOW, the word grid is not something that is foreign to you.
    -Yes? What does the word grid imply to you?

    Space- where I place things, where they all come together...

    So- you figured it out!
    But the difference in the grid that we are talking about is that- and we
    come round to that often- nonphysical is not talking your language.
    Nonphysical is offering vibrational language.

    And to you, until the vibrational language fills in, you donīt have the
    kind of full experience that you want. IOW, you are translating vibration
    through your physical senses into meaningful things.
    So there is a vibrational grid, that exists before you see anything.

    There is a vibrational grid, that makes "blue" blue and "red" red.
    There is a vibrational grid that is at the basis of what you hear and smell.
    There is a vibrational grid that is present- iow, the vibrational grid of one
    fragrance is different than the one of an other.

    These are the vibrational bases, you see.
    So there is a vibrational grid that is present before ANYTHING that you
    experience in the terms of manifestation. When you look at the reality,
    the wholenes- this vibrational grid is immense.

    In fact, it is so immense, that it is incomprehensible in physical format.
    Because, you cannot comprehend all of the components of the grid
    simultaneously from your more pointed format. You have come into the
    specifics of this time space reality -even the time and space that you call
    this time and space, is because an emotional grid has been laid and you
    are all participating in and are filling in the details of.

    The fact that you exist in your physical form and that you are interacting
    with people, that you are interacting with the sights and sounds and tastes
    and touches of your world are causing you to further ask for more, and to
    further fill in the grid.

    IOW, WE are- in essence- like a vibrational grid, that you are precisely
    filling in. Although thatīs not competely accurate, because we are out here
    on the leading edge with you. As you are exploring the details of what you
    are living, you come with more precision about what you want.

    And everytime you come with more precision about it- you put a component
    of it into this Vortex that now- it would be better to call it a vibrational grid!
    IOW- you are putting it there.

    The reason we talk about the Vortex in the way that we do, is because
    THAT is the grid that holds the basis of all things that you consider to be
    good, from the beginning of all time, you see.

    SF, February ī12

    The Vortex is the grid of the wanted.
    But there is a Grid to EVERYTHING (wanted and unwanted).

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    Analogies, Rochelle what a smart component you isolated in the Teachings. Genius focuser you are !

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    So agreed!

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    When TITITO, you hold your place in the midst of Chaos!

    Abe tell the story of Esther driving in a heavy rainstorm, and because of her high position in the monsterbus, she could see over all the mist from the tires. Busses and trucks have better visibility under those conditions. Esther said:

    "-I feel invincible!"
    She could see clearly- she just felt INVINCIBLE!
    And we said to her: You are. But others arenīt! SLOW DOWN.

    She was TITITO! She slowed, and in that moment, cars in front of her
    started banging into each other, and banging into the guard-rails,

    banging into each other, and banging into the guard-rails, banging
    into each other, and banging into the guard-rails,
    cars spinning-
    and she just drove through them.

    Now, what weīr getting at (...)
    is that when you are tuned in, you are able
    to hold your place in the midst of chaos.

    And for Esther that doesnīt mean teaching them all how to drive in
    the rain. It didnīt mean explaining to all of them that the roads where
    really slick and there was oil (...) If her wellbeing was dependent on
    what any of them would have been doing, there would not have been
    any wellbeing!

    And we want you to hold that image in your mind.
    If you take the time to get tuned in, you can sail through
    life-experience, you can sail through economics... donīt get all warded
    up in the temporary contrast that is NECESSARY for the outcome that
    you REALLY ARE looking for!

    Often there is upheavel before there is clarity!

    Sacramento 2017-02-18, from the clip
    Abraham Hicks 2017 - Stop blaming others for the way you feel - Part 1

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    Perfect analogy to explain the POLR...

    Here’s the question we want to put to you, we think this will really make sense to you.
    You could go to the best restaurant in town and order what you usually like to eat and have a fabulous meal.

    Or you could go to the worst restaurant in town and try to teach them while you are there how to fix your food the way you like it.
    [Laughter then wild applause.]


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    The Eagerness to get our hands into the clay!

    Have you ever sat, try it some time, it will teach you everything you need to know about creation...

    Get some really bright, gooey, colorful clay, lots of different colors and put them in clumps on a table and invite four or five or ten children in and then have them sit over there while you play with the clay.
    (tons of laughter)

    And say to them “I don’t want you to play. I want you to watch me play.
    (laughter) I am the creator of this stuff, you just sit over there.” -And they will be antsy; they would gather together in force and tie you up if they could! (laughter)

    Because they are wanting so much they cannot wait to get their hands in the clay!


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