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Thread: New Abraham Book!

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    Quote Originally Posted by lauralight View Post
    "Thought into things" is Emmett Fox's phrase I believe.
    I'd love to know about the Abraham thoughts to things book too. EVen though the phrase may have come from someone else, in a few late 2014 Abraham seminars they mentioned that they were writing a new book with Esther with that title. Haven't heard anything about it lately though. Anyone?

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    wich book are you talking about? xx greetz
    Quote Originally Posted by suncat11 View Post
    P13 "Early Morning Momentum" and the 17 Second Process!!!!
    Wow Wow Wow!!!!
    I don't know why this short chapter on a process I am already familiar with has made such an IMPACT - perfect Vibrational match for me here and now I am guessing!!!

    Love Love Love this sweet little book!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mickey148 View Post
    wich book are you talking about? xx greetz
    suncat11 was commenting on the book that's shown in the OP of this thread.

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    One of the concepts that resonated with me was what a wonderful thing all the contrast is for us. "You can't teach what you don't know."

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    YEP, You cannot have a FULL understanding of what JOY actually IS, without experiencing contrast.

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    I love contrast to appreciate and welcome the good stuff...

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