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Thread: 365 happy days challenge :-)

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    365 happy days challenge :-)

    Yesterday was my birthday. So now... I am walking this planet for 50 years already in this much loved physical body with many much loved people around me. In order to honor that, I have decided to join my daughter in a 100 happy days challenge she is doing...only with the alteration of making it a 365 happy days challenge
    My daughter is doing this challenge privately at home by writing some things she liked about her day on a little peace of paper and puts it into a jarr. I love that, and think, this is incredibly cute
    For myself though I prefer to open a new thread here on the Abeforum in the "Practicing the Teachings" section. I am happy for anybody, who decides to join me.
    I guess you all know days, where you feel very good all day long, and you also know days where you feel a bit " so la la" and you most likely also know days, where you feel in a bad mood most of the day. But....and this is vital now... if you look closely, I am sure that on each and every day of your life, there is something to appreciate. And this is what I intend to focus on my new thread - and I invite everybody, who feels like it, to do the same

    Much love to each and all of you


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    Things I appreciated about my birthday:

    - I love, how cute and romantic Christian prepared a special birthday morning tray for me with coffee, croissants, candles and flowers....
    - I love, how we enjoyed celebrating my birthday here in our home together.
    - I love, how much we both feel, that it is so good to be together, to live together, to share a home.
    - I love, that my cat Smiley snuggled up to us very closely during our birthday morning celebration. We so much felt, like she really understood and shared the importance of the moment, and the loving value it contained for us.
    - I love the many "Happy Birthday" emails, text messages, phone calls and other gestures in honor of my birthday, which I received. I also love knowing, that more is on the way

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    Thank you for your invitation to join you in this thread, dear Anne!
    I am happy you enjoyed your birthday! I am happy, that you are the third daughter in two days, who talks in happines about her own daughter.

    Love Mom (Elisabetta)

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    Quote Originally Posted by footprints on my way View Post

    My daughter is doing this challenge privately at home by writing some things she liked about her day on a little peace of paper and puts it into a jarr.

    Dear footprints on my way,

    First of all, Belated Happy Birthday! Hope the love in your family keeps growing to greater heights! And wishing every day is as delightful as the birthday you just had!

    And I must say you've got a lovely daughter. Thats just beautiful! I always imagined doing that for someone I love. To be precise, I want a vintage wooden box painted pale pink, blue, green, with the title "Things I love about you! By the time you finish reading them, will be our wedding day! LoveV! " And everyday write something on a little piece of paper what I love about him and put it in it, preferably have different colored papers, a mix of pale pink, blue and other pastel shades. Ya! Thats how vivid my imagination is. And then I thought, maybe he'll think I am just weird.

    I still don't know who this person is, but I can feel him. And I think I have got glimpses of him. Your post just inspired me to maybe just do this. Whether he loves it or not, I think I will love it.

    Well! Everyday I look out for things to appreciate. For instance, just while getting out from home to office, the lovely trees and flowers that come on my way, the ever improving public transport system, the drivers, the cabs. The lovely food I eat at lunch. The lovely clients whose ideas and needs keep my business going! The finance lady at my clients office! My accountant! My colleagues who infact took me out for lunch today. My lovely friends.

    My birthday is coming up very soon too. And I just wrote yesterday that I intend to make this the best birthday ever! No wonder, I stumbled upon your beautiful post!


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    Wonderful idea! Things I appreciate about today:

    ♡ I love that we ate at my favourite diner today! I love their fries with the perfect delicious seasoning, their garlic dip that is divine and their burgers that are the best most delicious burgers I have ever eaten.

    ♡ I love that my 3 month old daughter is so clever and intelligent, strong, communicative and cute.

    ♡ I love that we spent some time with three of our best feeling friends

    ♡ I love that my boyfriend went to see some friends tonight

    ♡ I love that my daughter fel asleep perfectly and beautifully as she always does.

    ♡ I love that I am allowing myself to enjoy some Nutella tonight

    ♡ I love this evening where I can do what ever I desire to, I am enjoying my "me" time.

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    Great idea, Anne!
    I love that our mom (Elisabetta ) joined in on this thread.

    I love that I got to talk to you today, Anne.

    I love that my daughter is thriving since the beginning of this school year.

    And I am happy that I have found a wonderful cleaning service and that the cleaning lady came in for the first time today. She did a very good job and seems to be a really nice person

    I love that my 21 year old son wants to join me in a two days meditation and yoga retreat I've been planning to attend with two girlfriends.

    Thanks for the reminder to appreciate my day, Anne!!

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    Wow! I love that your whole family loves appreciating! Universe I WANT THAT TOO!

    I love that the name of the thread called me and I stumbled into happy energy!

    I love that I had a new idea about money come into my space today!

    I love the feeling of becoming submerged again into the world of books and stories!

    thank you for inviting us to play, Anne!

    Much Love, Juhi

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    Dear Anne...,

    first, belated happy birthday to you...! For the next year I wish you lots of joy and happy moments...and always lots of wonderful people to support and surround you....

    Wonderful thread! I really like to join you , I'm doing this writing about positive things in my life nearly every day and I love it...

    So why not do it in the community of so much wonderful inspiring people...

    I really appreciate this wonderful day with so great autum weather and wonderful sunshine...we call it "Kaiserwetter"...:-)

    I had a beautiful time with a customer of mine while i was going with her for a walk and we both enjoyed the beautiful weather so much...

    I met some very friendly, nice people as I was on my way to finding new customers and distributing my flyers on several places...

    I received a wonderful humorous SMS from my boyfriend who is also a little sad that we don't meet this weekend because of his sickness but will definitly next friday...

    I had a wonderful dinner with tasty spaghetti and a glace of wine...yummi...

    And this is just the beginning of a wonderful weekend....

    Love, Ulrike

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    dear Anne :Happy Birthday: , for inviting me to your thread , I have always loved your posts here on the forum

    yes, we have so much to love and appreciate and I love to have this chance to focus on 385 days of happiness, one day at a time

    I love that I woke up refreshed and happy today and I plan to keep this momentum going

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    Happy Belated Birthday, Anne, and many thanks for inviting me to join in on this thread! My own 50th birthday will be coming up next April, so we are very close to the same age! It's almost 2:00 AM here in California, USA, but I am a night owl, so I'm often still on the computer at this time! So, I'll write about some things I appreciate from my life "today" even though, technically, "today" is actually "yesterday" now!

    I love that you and your mother and sister can all talk about and practice Abraham's teachings together;that's wonderful!

    I love that even though I'm still a newbie on this forum and have only posted a few times so far, I was invited to join this thread!

    I love that 8 different people have already posted on this thread before me and that I get to join in and meet all of you!

    I love that I have discovered a way to set my computer on top of some boxes and books on my desk so that it's standing up high enough that I can read the Abe Forum and type posts while walking in place for exercise at the same time, right now!

    I love that I just got our lovely pink Christmas tree and all its decorations out of our storage unit today and will be able to set it up this weekend!

    I love that we are enjoying nice, warm, sunny weather here right now!

    I love that I just finished one of my journals today and started a brand-new one with a sparkly pink cover!

    I love that when I felt OOTV a while ago, I successfully followed Abe's advice and didn't talk about it, which kept the negative feelings from getting bigger, and now, writing down the things I appreciate about today is making me feel better!

    Well, I'll stop here for now so that I can get to sleep before it gets too much later, but this is a good start! Thanks again for inviting me to join this thread!

    P.S. LoveV!, I love the vividness and clarity of your vision of the vintage wooden "love box!" It's such a lovely idea, and, even though what's most important is that YOU love it, maybe one of the "things I love about you" items you could write down about this person and put in the box could be "I love that you will understand and love this box idea as much as I do when I tell you about it!"

    Thanks Everyone ,

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